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10 Seafood Restaurants in Batam That Serve Fresh Fishes & Crabs For Group Dining With A View

Seafood restaurants in Batam

In Batam, nothing brings families and friends together like a sumptuous seafood feast. From freshwater fishes such as the region’s trademark gouramis to more universal staples like crabs, you never have to walk far to find quality seafood on the island.

While the variety’s good, the sheer number of options does mean that finding the cream of the crop can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to avoid overpriced tourist traps. For a proper pescatarian feast, these 10 seafood restaurants in Batam serve fresh fishes and crabs for group dining.

1. de’Sampan BBQ & Seafood – laid-back local favorite tucked inside a residential area

de’sampan bbq and seafood batam
Fresh fishes ready to be cooked, laid out on de’Sampan’s canoe-shaped table.
Image credit: @sigitwd

Nestled in the row of shophouses in a sleepy residential area, de’Sampan BBQ & Seafood might not look very inviting. And yet, from Friday night onwards, the place is almost always jam-packed with locals and workers from nearby Batam Center looking for the one thing they know they’ll find here – fresh, quality seafood.

The word sampan is Indonesian for canoe and in a very on-brand move, diners here get to pick whichever frozen fish, prawns, or crabs they like from the canoe-shaped table as in a wet market. The food is then cooked in the open-air grill out back while in the meantime, you can whet your appetite with some Otak-otak or fish cake provided at the table.

de’sampan bbq and seafood batam mackerel
De’Sampan’s Grilled Mackarel, often known here as Saba
Image credit: @sigitwd

The headliner here is of course the Grilled Mackerel with yellow turmeric-based dressing that when paired with de’Sampan’s own sambal is just heavenly. We also recommend trying out the Grilled Eggplant and the local delicacy Grilled Stinkbean, known here as petai, that also goes down well with the sambal.

de’sampan bbq and seafood batam seating
de’Sampan’s laid-back atmosphere and location are what makes it popular for after-work dinners
Image credit: @nofri_wandra

While it might not have the scenic locale of the more touristy areas such as Barelang or Nongsa, you get more affordable prices in exchange. Even after you’ve stuffed yourself full with a seafood banquet worthy of a C-Level exec, you’re going to be billed around just Rp. 150,000, (~USD10.69) per person.

Address: Jl. Ruko Greenland Jl. Raja M Tahir No.2, Tlk. Tering, Kec. Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29461
Opening hours: 5PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 812 7730 080

2. Ikan Bakar Acia – affordable charcoal-grilled fish in an open-air setting

ikan bakar acia
Ginger Grilled Fish with Acia’s signature herb-infused dressing
Image credit: @eaterries

At night, the streets around Nagoya spark to life as many streetside food stalls pop up offering quality food at affordable prices. It’s hard to choose our pick of the litter but Ikan Bakar Acia, or Acia Grilled Fish, definitely belongs in the conversation.

ikan bakar acia otak otak
Otak-otak, or Indonesian fishcake, wrapped in banana leaves
Image credit:

As the name implies, Acia’s specialty is their Ginger Grilled Fish, served with greenish herb-infused dressing that adds flavor without overwhelming the fish. Their grilling expertise also extends to the Otak-otak and we highly recommend trying them out as an entree to the grilled fish main course.

ikan bakar acia nagoya batam
Acia’s joint in Nagoya is located next to dozens of other street food stalls
Image credit: Latchaiah

Aside from Acia itself, what’s great about eating by the streets of Nagoya is there are plenty of other stalls around if you’d like to try out other dishes. With this being a mostly local hangout, prices are pretty great with an average of around Rp. 100,000 (~USD7.13) but fair warning, vendors only accept cash payments.

Address: Komplek Batam Park, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444
Opening hours: 11.30AM-11.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 812 7002 807

3. Pantai Restaurant – classy joint serving Peranakan-influenced seafood cuisines

pantai restaurant batam
Wok-fried Mud Crab with black pepper sauce
Image credit: @montigoresorts

Located inside Montigo Resorts in the quiet seaside enclave Nongsa Beach, the ambiance in Pantai Restaurant is just as unparalleled as the food. The restaurant is styled after traditional wooden fishery platforms known as kelong, giving a rustic vibe to the luxurious restaurant.

pantai restaurant batam fish
Pantai’s signature Nyonya Style Steamed Fish
Image credit: Pantai Restaurant

The food in Pantai mostly follows the Peranakan style of cuisine, showcased in their signature Nyonya Style Steamed Fish. Compared to Chinese steamed fish, this dish has much more of a kick thanks to the addition of ginger and turmeric and goes well no matter if you’re picking the grouper, sea bass, or snapper available in the restaurant.

pantai restaurant batam seating
The ambiance is modeled after offshore wooden platforms known as kelong
Image credit: Pantai Restaurant

Also of note is the Wok-fried Mud Crab, available in a variety of sauces ranging from black pepper to salted egg. Prices are seasonal but with the ambience and the rather extravagant plating, expect to spend at least Rp. 350,000 (~USD25.23) per pax.

nongsa sunset from pantai restaurant batam
Enjoy Nongsa’s gorgeous sunset while you work up your appetite
Image credit: Bryan

If you’re thinking of going, make sure to come early in the evening and choose to sit in one of the outdoor tables available. Nongsa is famous for its sunset views and that moment when the sun falls over the horizon as Singapore’s city skyline lights up the night is quite a sight to behold.

Address: Ruko Greenland Batam Center, Tlk. Tering, Kec. Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 6PM-10PM | Sat–Sun 12PM-3PM
Telephone: 778 776 8888

4. Barelang Seafood Restaurant – fresh seafood with a view of the scenic Barelang Bridge

barelang seafood restaurant
Steamed Gong Gong, a local delicacy found in Batam and the surrounding Riau Islands region
Image credit: @jennythevampy_2812

Other than being one of Batam’s best-known landmarks, the Barelang Bridge is also famous for having some of the region’s best seafood joints. The aptly named kelong-to-table Barelang Seafood Restaurant is one of them, where you can personally pick which fish you want cooked from the on-site fishery.

barelang seafood restaurant fish
The Cantonese-style Steamed Fish, here with a sea bass but also available with a grouper
Image credit: @thegrumpycavemansg

The gold standard here is the Steamed Fish, cooked Cantonese style and properly served with soy sauce. Another local favorite is the Steamed Gong Gong, a sea snail delicacy found all over Batam and the surrounding islands with a chewy texture not unlike calamari.

barelang seafood restaurant view
The restaurant’s offshore kelong provides the best vantage point to see the first of the six bridges that make up the Barelang Bridge
Image credit: @marselindapuspita

For the best Barelang experience, pick a table in one of the semi-outdoor rooms and enjoy the area’s pleasant breeze while you wait for your food. While there are several indoor tables available, the semi-outdoor tables with Barelang’s seaside breeze aren’t something you’d want to miss out on, especially after your long drive from the city center.

barelang seafood restaurant kelong
You can personally pick any fish you want cooked in the restaurant’s kelong fishery
Image credit: @batamphonegrapher

Despite the touristy area, we’re happy to report that Barelang Seafood’s price falls on the reasonable side with an average of around Rp. 250,000 (~USD17.83) per pax.

Address: Jalan Trans Barelang City, Tembesi, Kec. Sagulung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29472
Opening hours: 10.30PM-6.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 812 77559191

5. Kopak Jaya 007 Kelong Seafood Restaurant – kelong-style joint with great sunset view

kopak jaya 007 kelong seafood restaurant
Seafood spread with hepos, crabs, clams, squids, prawns, and gong gongs
Image credit: @niadias

We don’t know where Kopak Jaya 007 got their name from but if we have to guess, it’s probably because of their killer combination of the food and the view. This kelong-style restaurant is a couple hundred meters before Barelang Bridge with a great view of the bridge on one side and the sunset on the other.

kopak jaya 007 kelong seafood restaurant fish
Sour & Spicy Fish is a local favourite found all over Batam and the Riau Islands
Image credit: @kopakjaya007

Thankfully, the food is equally excellent and we recommend trying out the Sour & Spicy Fish, a favorite around Batam and the surrounding islands. They also have a bit of a reputation for their salted egg dishes, with the Salted Egg Flower Crab and Salted Egg Cuttlefish getting rave mentions.

kopak jaya 007 kelong seafood restaurant view
One of the photo spots in Kopak Jaya, with Barelang Bridge just visible in the background
Image credit: @thynatan

While Kopak Jaya looks somewhat rustic, it’s actually a young establishment that first opened in 2016 and it shows. There’s a touch of contemporary to the property, with a couple of photo spots and a romantic bridge that lights up at night, and it shares a space with a small coffee shop if you’re looking for a place to chill after dinner.

kopak jaya 007 kelong seafood restaurant at night
After dinner, take some pictures on Kopak’s scenic bridge
Image credit: @kopakjaya007

Kopak Jaya luckily doesn’t charge extra for the ambience, with an average of around Rp. 200,000 (~USD14.28) per diner.

Address: Kampung Tua Tiangwangkang, Kec. Sagulung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29472
Opening hours: 10AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 812 1378007

6. Cita Rasa Seafood – fresh seafood with a rustic fishing village atmosphere

cita rasa seafood restaurant
Image credit: @gndhmsyh

Just 20 minutes away from the Galang Refugee Camp in the southern regions of Batam, Cita Rasa Seafood is the place to go if you’re feeling famished after your visit. This hidden gem of a restaurant boasts a pretty scenic view of Batam’s more untouched beauty and a pleasantly rustic fishing village atmosphere.

cita rasa seafood restaurant fish
Blackpepper Hepo, or slipper lobster, is one of Cita Rasa’s specialties
Image credit: @aldoperkasa

One of the more famous offerings here is the Blackpepper Hepo, a close cousin of the crayfish that’s sometimes referred to as slipper lobster. The black pepper seasoning is in fact so good that we recommend going for the Blackpepper Crab as well just to have more of the good stuff.

cita rasa seafood restaurant kelong
Cita Rasa sits in the middle of what looks like a traditional fishing hamlet
Image credit: @theodore_vmm

As with Barelang Seafood, they have their own kelong fishery out back where you can scoop up your choice of fish by yourself. Cita Rasa even goes the extra mile in pursuit of authenticity, with tables sitting on top of the very same wooden platforms accompanied by a view of the nearby mangrove forest.

cita rasa seafood restaurant visitors
True to its surroundings, Cita Rasa’s ambience is authentically rustic
Image credit: @yenn_chenn

As can be expected from the rural setting, prices fall on the lower end with an average of around Rp. 150,000 (~USD10.69) per pax. Do note that if you’re staying in downtown Batam, you might want to consider the taxi fare before dining here.

Address: Dapur Enam, Sembulang, Galang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29481
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10AM-5PM | Sat–Sun 10AM-6PM
Telephone: 812 77559191

7. Rezeki Seafood – grilled fish stuffed with chili and wrapped in banana leaves

rezeki seafood batam
In terms of flavor, Rezeki’s Chili Crab leans on the sweeter side
Image credit: @fendykusuma

For travelers flying out of Batam, Rezeki Seafood about 15 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport is often their final pit stop before they leave the island and it’s small wonder why. The quality of the food in Rezeki, which has been in business since the 80s, has been a constant bright spot even as the island rapidly transforms over the last few decades.

rezeki seafood batam fish
In Rezeki, the fish is grilled while wrapped in banana leaves
Image credit: Rezeki Seafood

Their specialty is the Chili Crab, doused in their trademark Rezeki chili sauce, unique for the added hint of sweetness that helps balance the overall flavor. We also particularly like their Grilled Fish, stuffed with chili and wrapped in banana leaves before being grilled, making for a rather flavorful and aromatic dish.

rezeki seafood batam view
Rezeki sits on what used to be a jetty
Image credit: @wani_putra_melayu

While it’s located deep in a kampung rural area, Rezeki is pretty tourist-friendly, with menus in English and Chinese in addition to the standard Indonesian. Prices are also on the reasonable side, with an average of around Rp. 250,000 (~USD17.83) per pax.

Address: Pantai Batu Besar, Jl.Haji Muhammad Saleh, RT 002/RW 001, Pulau Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 778 761180

8. Sei Enam Seafood – fresh seafood in a comfortable round table setting

sei enam seafood batam
For the best result, we recommend ordering the Signature Chili Crab with the Fried Mantao
Image credit: @mellisagram.27

Originally a modest, family-run seafood joint in neighboring Bintan, Sei Enam Seafood now ranks as one of the best places to get fresh seafood in Batam. The restaurant is located just down the road from the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya temple with rotating round tables set up just the way a proper Chinese restaurant should be.

sei enam seafood batam crab
Sei Enam’s Whitepepper Crab stands out from the garden-variety black pepper crabs
Image credit: janetchin33

The star of the show here is the Signature Chili Crab and while the default setting leans on the sweet side, you can always ask them to tone it down if you want some more heat. Also of note is the Whitepepper Hepo and Whitepepper Crab, slightly milder than the usual blackpepper variety but no less tasty to our palates.

sei enam seafood batam table
If you’ve grown tired of the kelong-style joints, Sei Enam is a nice change of pace
Image credit: @duwicahya1689

While the ambiance might not be as impressive as the kelong-style restaurants and their scenic ocean views, it’s also much more well-maintained. There’s little worry of nasty surprises when opening the bathroom doors and no need to prepare insect repellant before your dinner.

Despite the comfortable setting, prices are more than acceptable with an average of around Rp. 250,000 (~USD17.83) per pax.

Address: Komplek Ruko Mahkota Raya, Jl. Raja H. Fisabilillah No.2, Kec. Batam Kota, Kepulauan Riau 29461
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 853 60096888

9. Love Seafood Piayu – lavish seafood steamboat fit for royalty

love seafood piayu batam
The Spicy Steamboat variant comes with a red, hot broth
Image credit: @riyantisihotang

First impressions are important and Love Seafood Piayu knocks it out of the park as a massive knee-level fish tank greets diners at the entrance. Only the restaurant staff are allowed to scoop up the fish from the tank but we find enough comfort in knowing that only the freshest of seafood is served here.

love seafood piayu batam tank
With a knee-high fish tank located at the entrance, there’s no questioning the freshness of the seafood served in Love Seafood
Image credit: @loveseafoodpiayulaut

If that’s not impressive enough, try ordering their trademark Seafood Steamboat with all the steamed crabs, prawns, clams, and gong gong you’ll ever want in a lifetime. The steamboat is available in mini, regular, and jumbo size and there’s even a spicier version if you feel like working up a sweat.

love seafood piayu batam view
While waiting for your food, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Tanjung Piayu, or Cape Piayu, outside
Image credit: @umpayy

The dining area is divided into two, the main building with a semi-outdoor dining area and a more private, air-conditioned room, and the kelong-style area by the sea. It is a bit out of the way, located in the Tanjung Piayu kampung area but there’s another Love Seafood joint in downtown Batam Center if you don’t mind giving up the lovely view.

Even with the opulent meal, prices for Love Seafood are more than reasonable, with an average of Rp. 200,000 (~USD14.27) per diner.

Address: Kampung Tua Tanjung Piayu Laut RT.02/RW.10 Sei Beduk, Kabil, Kecamatan Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 823 61117775

10. Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant – glitzy seafood joint on a promenade with live music

harbour bay seafood restaurant view
The sunset views around the Harbour Bay seaside promenade area deserve an A+
Image credit: Erma H

With plenty of dining options along the seaside promenade, and several seafood joints mixed in, you’ll never run out of options in Harbour Bay by the ferry terminal. Our pick though, goes to the simply named Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant with fantastic sunset views and live music performances on the weekends.

harbour bay seafood restaurant crab
The Blackpepper Crab regularly draws raves for the sauce
Image credit: Pan J

The go-to menu item here is the Blackpepper Crab with the sauce in particular being a highlight. We’re also a fan of the Salted Egg Prawns, which are less creamy than the usual but just as appetizing.

harbour bay seafood restaurant food
Harbour Bay Seafood’s Salted Egg Prawns are of the dry variety
Image credit: Lian Tiong G

Harbour Bay Seafood actually underwent a revamp last year to a new location that now has a covered outdoor area. The new place is actually nicer, if slightly smaller, with more of a classy ambience than the old one.

harbour bay seafood restaurant
The outdoor patio has a roofed section to help you shelter from the weather
Image credit: @harbourbayseafoodrestaurant

Keeping in mind the ambience and the location, prices are pleasantly affordable, with an average of around Rp. 200,000 (~USD14.28) per pax.

Address: The Promenade Blok 8E, Harbour Bay Downtown Jl. Duyung Sei Jodoh, Sungai Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 741 5188

Seafood restaurants in Batam for group dining

With fresh and tasty crabs available all over the island, it’s no surprise why seafood restaurants in Batam regularly draw diners from neighbouring Singapore.

Do note that prices are typically omitted from the menus of these restaurants and we recommend confirming with the staff first before placing your orders.

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Cover image adapted from @mellisagram.27 and @riyantisihotang

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