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10 Indonesian Snacks You Ate As A Kid That You Can Still Get At Supermarkets, Convenience Stores & Online Shops

Indonesian snacks from your childhood that are still around

We were all kids once, and there aren’t many things that can pull us into our sweetest childhood memories as quickly as our childhood Indonesian snacks and sweets can. Apart from the flavors, even the packaging and bright colors are enough to make adults nostalgic for the good old days.

Sadly not all of the best Indonesian snacks from our childhood are still around, but we’ve compiled a list of those that have made it into 2022 – ranging from Beng-Beng to Chiki. You can get these snacks at supermarkets, convenience stores, or online shops.

1. Taro   

Taro net Indonesian snack 1
Image credit: @mustfree

Available in various sizes, Taro is a savory snack that still tastes as good as it did when we were kids. With flavors such as BBQ Potato, Seaweed, and Italian Pizza, you’ll be tempted to get some for old time’s sake the moment you walk into a convenience store or supermarket and catch a glimpse of the signature green bags.

Taro net Indonesian snack 2
Image credit: @hera.www

These chips serve as an ideal light emergency snack between meals, or even as a side to go along with lunch or dinner.

2. Jetz

Jetzt Indonesian snack
Image credit: @cemilanku_uenak

Jetz isn’t as easy to find as Taro, but several convenience stores such as AlfaMart are bound to stock up on some of these goodies.

They come in classic spicy flavors and the sweet chocolate version for those who have a sweet tooth. The savory flavors usually come in big bags that are perfect for parties, while the sweet ones come in small bags.

3. Chiki

Chiki Indonesian snack
Image credit: @devysofiani 

Cheetos is well-known in Indonesia, but the OG cheese snack is Chiki. The friendly chick on the small package is bound to stir some childhood memories of begging your mom to get you a bag of these wholesome cheese balls.

They used to be sold in small warungs (kiosks) within school premises, and although they’re not as widely available these days, you can still find them in cheese, chicken, and chocolate flavors in select convenience stores.

4. Astor

Astor Indonesian snack 1
Image adapted from: Bukalapak

Astor wafers look like paper straws, and some people actually do like to use them as edible straws when drinking a milkshake or chocolate milk – cafes even use them as ice-cream toppings.

Astor Indonesian snack 2
Image credit:

Even so, they can be enjoyed on their own because the chocolate paste and the wafer’s texture is a perfect balance of crunchiness and flakiness, and the next thing you know, you’ll have gobbled up half a package.

5. Choki Choki

Choki Choki Indonesian snack 1
Image credit: @muhamadzulhairy

Choki Choki was that one chocolate snack that kids could not say no to. As good as chocolate flavored snacks generally are, Choki Choki is different in that it’s straight to the point – it’s simply chocolate paste in a slim plastic package that makes the snack easy to nibble on.

Choki-choki Indonesian snack 2
Image adapted from: Ebay

Various innovations have been made over the years – including one that’s a mix of milk and white chocolate – but the original one is tough to beat.

6. Beng-Beng

Beng-Beng Indonesian snack 1
Image credit: @eatbychicilia

Beng-Beng is one of the old school snacks that has truly stood the test of time. It’s not hard to come by and it’s also a delicious affordable alternative to imported chocolate bars such as Snickers.

Beng-Beng Indonesian snack 2
Image credit: Fathan Yuda

It used to be available in only one size, but there are currently jumbo bars and mini ones sold in party packs – perfect to stash in your office drawer in case you desperately need a sugar rush in the middle of a hectic workday.

7. Nyam Nyam

Nyam Nyam Indonesian Snack 1
Image credit:

Nyam Nyam is loved not only for its taste, but also for the fun of eating it. The Rice Crispy version comes in a tub that contains a rich chocolate dip as well as crunchy rice crispy treats. You scoop up some chocolate and let the crispies stick to the chocolate. The textures will definitely start a party in your mouth.

Nyam Nyam Indonesian snack 2
Image credit: Shopee

Nyam Nyam might not be the most practical snack, but it’s bound to bring about some flashbacks.

8. Yupi

Yupi Indonesian candy 1
Image credit: Tokopedia

There are many variations of Yupi gummy candies, but the Gummi Lunch edition is a childhood staple – the type of candy you’ll find in birthday party goodie bags.

Yupi Indonesian candy 2
Image adapted from: @mariedelandre

These chewy candies come in the shapes of popular fast foods such as pizza, hamburgers, fries, and hotdogs. One of the best ways to eat them is to pull them apart and savor each and every little piece.

9. Kopiko

Kopiko Indonesian candy 1
Image credit: @agensinarr

As kids, we were probably curious about adult snacks and beverages. Coffee might be a bit too bitter for kids to genuinely enjoy, but Kopiko, the classic coffee candy, is sweet enough to be palatable for little ones. In a way, it’s one of the sweets that made you feel that you’d earned a spot at the grown-up table.

Kopiko Indonesian candy 2
Image credit:

There used to only be one flavor, but now a cappuccino one is also available, along with a line of instant coffee drinks.

10. Inaco Jelly 

Inaco Jelly - indonesian snacks
Image credit: @jajanan.ys

Inaco Jelly, like Choki Choki, is another snack that you’d normally get in goodie bags. Available in sweet, fruity flavors such as lychee, orange, and melon, this jelly snack remains popular until today.

The texture of the jelly itself and the added chewiness of the coconut jelly in the center make this a refreshing snack with a bite to it.

Indonesian snacks from your childhood that are still around

We all deserve to delight ourselves with a throwback treat every now and then, especially since adulting can get pretty exhausting. So stop by a supermarket or convenience store and get some – or all – of your favorite childhood snacks.

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Cover image adapted from: @devysofiani, @eatbychicilia, Ebay, and Lazada

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