Critical 11 recreational complex in Bandung

With plenty of natural attractions to be found uphill in the Lembang resort area, it’s no surprise that most Bandungites tend to flee up north once the weekend rolls in. But, if you’re interested in going against the grain, the outdoor recreational complex Critical 11 close to the city center offers up an excellent alternative.

Sitting right next to the Husein Sastranegara International Airport, this burgeoning hangout spot is a nirvana for plane-spotters. With plenty of F&B options, a basketball court, a CrossFit gym, and regular live music performances, there’re more than enough distractions to keep you occupied for a whole day.

Outdoor space by an airplane runway

critical 11 bandung - exterior
With propeller ornaments hanging by the entrance, Critical 11 leans pretty hard on the aviation theme
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“Critical eleven” is actually a term referring to the most crucial period for pilots, the two eleven minutes around takeoff and landing where accidents most often happen. Hence, it’s no wonder the complex has a pretty strong aviation theme going on, with visitors being handed a ‘boarding pass’ when entering the venue.

critical 11 bandung - planespotting
The complex gives you a clear view of any airplanes flying in and out of the airport
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This is most obvious from the location, where there’s nothing but a single fence separating the runway and Critical 11 so your view won’t be obstructed. In fact, they’ve kindly provided several beanbag cabanas and a small balcony from where you can watch commercial jets and smaller turboprop planes flying in and out of the airport.

critical 11 bandung - seats
While waiting for more planes to appear on the horizon, you could always relax on the beanbag tents they’ve set up by the runway
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Even if you’re done plane-spotting, we wager you wouldn’t be so eager to leave the venue. Critical 11 is designed around what we think is an abandoned building and the resulting industrial vibe is pretty neat, if we do say so ourselves, with plenty of corners spread around the complex that would make for a great photo subject.

critical 11 bandung - shops
One of our favorite spots in the complex is this corner around the Kopi Toko Djawa coffee shop
Image credit: @enggarparamita

This being a wide, open space, you won’t have any problems maintaining social distancing rules either, as there’s more than enough room for everyone. Of course, this also means that when the sun is out in full force, things can get a little sweaty down here, even if Bandung’s climate is generally milder compared to most of Indonesia.

Luckily, with gelatos and es kopi susu being served in the complex, you don’t have to look hard for something to help cool you off.

Burgers, gelatos, and coffee all in one spot

critical 11 bandung - aerial view
You can find plenty to snack on in the stalls around the basketball court
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The tenants in Critical 11 are divided between small, permanent shops, food trucks, and other pop-up stalls, so expect to see some variations here and there.

critical 11 bandung - mimiteh
If you prefer something creamy and savory with your drink, Mimiteh’s cheese teas should be up your alley
Image credit: @mimitehindonesia

One of the most prominent F&B tenants here is Kopi Toko Djawa, occupying one of our favorite outdoor spots in the complex. If you’re not much of a caffeine fan, the various cheese teas of Mimiteh might be more to your liking.

critical 11 bandung - ziato gelato
Sunglasses and a gelato cone are a must if you’re visiting in the afternoon
Image credit: @ziatogelato.bandung

For a truly refreshing treat though, we recommend heading to Ziato Gelato’s and trying out the more unique flavors they serve, including the Pineapple Basil sorbet and Toffee Caramel. If you prefer to stick with the classics, they do serve a pretty mean Pistacchio and we’re also a fan of the Earl Grey flavor.

critical 11 bandung - restaurant
If the generous amount of red meat isn’t enough to sway you, Got Beef also has a cute dining space of its own in Critical 11
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When you find yourself craving for a more fulfilling meal, drop by Got Beef, Bandung’s very own hamburger specialist. Their signature Dope Smoke (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.45) is rather special in that in addition to the beef patty, they add smoked beef brisket to the pile in an all-out red meat frontal assault.

Recreational complex with a CrossFit gym and a basketball court

critical 11 bandung - basketball court
If there’s no pick-up game going on, Alipjon’s mural makes for a rather fetching backdrop
Image credit: @fauzulhaq

As this a recreational complex, sports and fitness facilities are also prominent within Critical 11. The basketball court, which features murals from noted street artist Alipjon, acts as the centerpiece, with tables and stadium seats set up around the court for spectators.

critical 11 bandung - crossfit
Wanderlust is pretty well-equipped and their classes are almost never empty
Image credit: @wanderlustfitness_bandung

The arguably biggest space meanwhile, is reserved for Wanderlust Fitness, a community of CrossFit enthusiasts with daily classes on weekday evenings. CrossFit routines can get pretty intense and not for the faint of heart but if you’re interested, Wanderlust offers 1-day trial passes for Rp. 100,000 (~USD6.91).

critical 11 bandung - tattoo shop
Deadhead also accepts custom tattoo designs if you have something specific in mind
Image credit: @deadhead.tattoostudio

Recently, they’ve expanded their lifestyle tenants with the addition of Deadhead Tattoo Studio. If you’re ever interested in getting your body inked, Deadhead’s all-female tattoo artists are definitely worth checking out but note that they work by appointment only.

Critical 11 is a unique recreational complex by an airport

 As most flights coming in and out of the airport happen before 6PM, plane spotters might want to arrive early as the evening entertainment is typically taken over by live music performances. Still, with Critical 11’s laid-back vibe providing a perfect venue for your weekend outings, we’re sure you won’t mind spending a whole day inside the complex.

Address: Jl. Pajajaran Jl. Pajajaran Dalam No.148, Husein Sastranegara, Kec. Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40174
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10AM-10PM, Sat–Sun 8AM-10PM
Entrance fee: Rp. 10,000 (~USD0.69) on weekdays and Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.39) on weekends and public holidays

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