Dufan in Jakarta reopens with new health and hygiene protocols

Dunia Fantasi Ancol, or simply referred to as Dufan, is Jakarta’s most iconic amusement park. But amusement parks, where people not only sit side by side in rides, but also have to stand in long lines for their favorite rides, are not exactly the kind of place to visit during an outbreak like COVID-19 as the virus spreads between people easily.

As a result, Dufan had to close for around three months. But since more and more businesses in Jakarta are now slowly reopening to the public, this park followed suit on Saturday, 20th June 2020. However, to have fun at Dufan, visitors will have to follow the strict health and hygiene guidelines that are now in place.

Fun with hygiene and safety limits at Dufan during the pandemic

Visitor wears face mask, poses with Dufan mascots
Image credit: @infodufan

Despite the loosening of large-scale social restrictions in Jakarta, we shouldn’t forget that no matter how much we miss having fun like the old pre-COVID-19 days, we’re still battling a pandemic. We still have to practice physical distancing and good hygiene.

Visitor uses no-contact ticketing system
Image credit: @infodufan

So it should come to no surprise that Dufan will run the park differently for a while. For example, while Dufan is known as a family-friendly place, for now, children under 5 and adults over 50 are prohibited from entering

Those within the allowed age range can enter with face masks on and tickets that can be purchased online at www.ancol.com.

A limited number of rides are open

Visitors go on a ride with physicial distancing measures
Image credit: @infodufan

In an effort to limit the number of visitors coming to the park, not all rides are operating as usual. You can check out this list to see which rides you can go on – these include Kora-Kora, which is a pirate ship that swings back and forth, and Biang Lala, Dufan’s very own ferris wheel that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

Dufan staff provides hand sanitizers to visitors
Image credit: @infodufan

As responsible Dufan-goers, don’t forget to maintain a safe distance from other visitors while waiting for your turn to go on a ride. Staff members will also be ready with hand sanitizers, so do clean your hands with these before and after every ride.

Ragunan Zoo and TMII have also reopened

Ragunan Zoo
Ragunan Zoo
Image credit: @nugrahasepta_

Apart from Dufan, Taman Margasatwa Ragunan, or Ragunan Zoo, as well as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) have also reopened with health guidelines in place.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Image credit: @renny.christiananasrullah

Like Dufan, these places are only taking visitor reservations online for now, so be sure to visit Ragunan Zoo’s website and TMII’s website to purchase your ticket in advance.

It should be noted that Ragunan Zoo will only accept local visitors – that is, those who have Jakarta ID cards – for the time being. So those of you who are from other parts of Indonesia will have to wait a while until you can see the cute animals there.

Stay safe when visiting tourist attractions 

Whether you’re going to book a ticket for Dufan, Ragunan Zoo, or TMII, please keep your health and that of the people around you in mind. Wear a face mask, don’t stand too close to other visitors, and wash your hands or clean them thoroughly with hand sanitizer.

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Cover image adapted from: @infodufan and @infodufan

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