Es kopi susu in Jakarta

Es Kopi Susu, or iced coffee with milk and creamer, has been on the rise in Jakarta since Tuku’s huge success. Since the introduction of gula aren, or palm sugar, into mainstream beverages, coffee shops and even a major convenience store have been competing with each other to produce the most unique caffeinated drink that’s also affordable.  

Here are some tasty and cheap es kopi susu drinks you should try, especially if you’re a self-proclaimed caffeine junkie on a budget. All are available on your favorite delivery service app.

1. Tuku – the OG es kopi drink

es kopi susu tetangga tuku
Image credit: @fennfey

Tuku is the joint that started the whole trend of iced coffee with milk and gula aren, or palm sugar with its extremely popular Es Kopi Susu Tetangga, which is creamy without making the coffee coffee lose its strong punch. 

It’s only Rp. 18,000 (~USD1.29), which has since become the standard price of this type of iced coffee. For an extra kick, get an additional shot of espresso for Rp. 4,000 (~USD0.29)


2. Kopi Kenangan – Es Kopi Kenangan Mantan and other drinks with funny names

es kopi kenangan mantan kopi kenangan
Image credit: @noovilie

Kopi Kenangan is a huge chain with outlets all over Jakarta. It’s known for its tasty drinks that have ridiculously funny names. The bestseller, Es Kopi Kenangan Mantan, loosely translates into “memories of an ex (lover).” Another drink is hilariously called Kopi Lupakan Dia, which means “forget him/her.”

A regular size costs Rp. 18,000 (~USD1.29), but a large size is also on offer for Rp. 24,000 (~USD1.72). If you want a more festive drink, you can add grass jelly or boba for an additional Rp. 5,000 (~USD0.36)


3. Diskusi Kopi – Es Kopilihanku in a convenient bottle

kopilihanku diskusi kopi
Image credit: @diskusikopi.ruangberbagi

Diskusi Kopi’s Kopilihanku strikes a nice balance between bitter and sweet. The coffee is strong, but it doesn’t overpower the other components of the drink.

The drink’s name derives from kopi (coffee) and pilihanku or “my choice.” Sold in cute, glass bottles, it costs Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.43). Not only is this es kopi good and affordable, it’s also easy to carry. 


4. Mana – milky Es Kopi 18K

es kopi 18k mana
Image credit: @mrluffy

Mana offers a wide range of coffee, but its budget coffee is no less tasty. Ironically called Es Kopi 18K even if it costs Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.43). Its name is a cheeky nod to what has become the usual selling price for es kopi susu.

Like the more popular iced coffee drinks, it also contains palm sugar. The highlight of Mana’s version is that it leaves a smooth taste on your tongue and is also easy on the stomach, as it’s not too creamy.


5. Kopi Sana – choose a syrup for Es Kopi Susu SANA

es kopi susu SANA
Image credit: @renee.arist

Kopi Sana’s Es Kopi Susu SANA is ideal for those who want to taste the coffee more than the milk. It costs Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.43).

Though the drink already contains palm sugar, for an extra Rp. 5,000 (USD $0.36) you can choose from hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla syrup to make your iced coffee just a tad more fragrant.


6. Sagaleh – coconut sugar in Es Kopi Susu

es kopi susu sagaleh
Image credit: @sagaleh

Try Sagaleh’s signature Es Kopi Susu. It’s Rp. 19,000 (~USD1.36) and the concoction of coffee, milk, and creamer will unite lovers of strong coffee and milky coffee alike. 

Sagaleh takes pride in its signature coffee beans and use of gula jawa (sugar made from coconuts) instead of palm sugar. Ice cubes are packed separately for deliveries so that the iced coffee mixture doesn’t get watered down.


7. Diskaz Labor House – high-on-caffeine Es Kopi Pekerja

es kopi pekerja diskaz labor house
Image credit: @diskaz.laborhouse

Es Kopi Susu Pekerja, pekerja meaning “worker,” is on brand considering that it’s sold at a coffee shop called Diskaz Labor House.  

For Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.43), you’ll get to enjoy a strong iced coffee with a creamy texture that’ll also keep you wired enough to meet all your deadlines.


8. Family Mart – Es Kopi Susu Keluarga, on every street corner

es kopi susu keluarga family mart
Image credit: @aisyacinintya

Family Mart is where we normally buy snacks, but it also makes a mean iced coffee with palm called Es Kopi Susu Keluarga. The name alone makes you think of home – since “keluarga” means family in Indonesian – and it even tastes like a homemade drink.

It’s only Rp. 12,000 (~USD0.86), so it’s friendly on the pocket, and since Family Mart is everywhere, it’s easy to get.


Affordable and tasty es kopi susu

Delicious coffee drinks aren’t always overpriced, so don’t let yourself get stuck to a pricey coffee routine. Try some of our recommended affordable es kopi susu and you’ll think twice about spending more than Rp. 40,000 (~USD2.88) on the next cup of coffee you get before starting your day at work.

Tip: You can also adjust the sugar levels of all these drinks to your liking – less sugar, more sugar, or no sugar.

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Cover image adapted from @fennfey, @noovilie, @diskaz.laborhouse, and @diskusikopi.ruangberbagi

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