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Hijabers-Only Thermal Bath & Pool Set To Open In Former Limestone Mine In Gresik, East Java

Hijabers-only thermal bath & pool in Gresik

It’s not easy for Muslim women to enjoy a dip in a public pool or visit a Japanese-style thermal bath because of clothing restrictions and contact with crowds of people, including men.

Now, they can do so in Gresik, East Java, where a thermal bath and swimming pool has been made for Muslim women to swim outdoors in peace while enjoying the limestone structures and scenery of Gresik.

Men and children are prohibited from entering

hijabers only bath pool 1
Image credit: Pokdarwis Pelangi Setigi

The thermal bath and swimming pool can be found in the tourist complex of Setigi in Gresik, East Java. This is the first syariah thermal bath and swimming pool in Indonesia that is made solely for hijabers.

hijabers only bath pool 2
Image credit: Mutim

For only Rp.10,000 (~USD 0.69), Muslim women will be able to enjoy bathing and swimming in an outdoor cave-like structure made from limestone, accompanied by views of Setigi’s rivers and gardens. This new attraction can be accessed in the coming weeks, before the holy month of Ramadan begins.

Hijab-friendly swimwear will be provided for purchase on site

hijabers only bath pool 3
Image credit: Mutim

Although this attraction site caters to hijab-wearing Muslim women, it also welcomes Muslim women who are not veiled, to enjoy the services – although you would have to put on a hijab to do so.

Hijab-friendly swimwear such as a one-piece suit covering the hair to toes, or leggings and loose long-sleeved shirts are available for purchase at the site.

The facility hopes to encourage young Muslim women to practice wearing the hijab, and aims to be a place for hijabers to enjoy swimming or bathing without having to worry about huge crowds of people, including men and young boys.

Constructed in a former limestone mine

hijabers only bath pool - gresik east java limestone mine
Image credit: @gresiktourism

Setigi tourist complex is constructed in an area that was formerly a limestone mine where local villagers used to work to extract limestone. However, due to the large size of the land, the local government decided to use it to house tourist attractions such as this.

gresik east java - mushroom rocks
Formerly a factory, Bukit Jamur in Gresik is now a great spot to get an Instagram picture, with its mushroom-like rock formations.
Image credit: @mampirgresik

Currently, only 1.5 hectares of the 5-hectare land have been used to build various tourist attraction sites, such as Bukit Jamur, a hill surrounded by mushroom-like stones, and Goa Pancawarna, a cave with colorful lights.

gresik east java - colorful caves bath
Goa Pancawarna has 5 colored lights, derived from its name panca which means 5 in Javanese. 
Image credit: @wisatasetigi

More land will be transformed into tourist attractions, as the location is home to views of the beautiful natural surroundings of Gresik, with its instagrammable limestone ruins and pre-wedding shoot-worthy miniature castles.

gresik east java - castle photo spot
Image credit: @lia_cipiet

A new Halal tourist attraction spot

This hijab-only swimming pool – the first to cater to hijabers – is a Muslim-friendly destination for families and young Muslims to enjoy activities free from worry.

We hope to see more inclusive tourist attractions in Indonesia like this in the future.

Address: Jl. Tuban-Gresik No.33-88, Area Sawah, Wotan, Kec. Panceng, Kabupaten Gresik, Jawa Timur 61156
Opening hours: 7AM-5PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: Mutim and @gresiktourism

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