Reusable masks by Indonesian brands

The scarcity of masks in Indonesia has become more critical as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia continues to rise. As various communities have started crowdfunding programs to provide masks and PPE to hospitals, the need to reserve disposable and surgical masks for both frontliners and essential service sector, grocery, and food industry workers has become clearer. 

For the rest of us, , it’s a good idea to protect ourselves and those around us by using reusable alternatives. Local fashion brands have been coming up with reusable fabric masks that are trendy to boot.  

Indonesian fashion brands’ eco-friendly masks

Several Indonesian fashion brands have started to produce trendy reusable masks which are equipped with filter slots for additional layers of fabric or tissue paper. They’re especially useful in preventing us from touching our faces when we have to go on a quick grocery run.

Binzu - Indonesian brands make reusable masks 1
Image credit: @bybinzu

Binzu is one of the brands that have been attracting attention. Made with a Japanese dyeing technique called shibori, this cotton mask has two layers of fabric. It’s colored using natural indigo dye and each mask has a unique pattern because it is dyed by hand.

Binzu - Indonesian brands make reusable masks 2
Image credit: @bybinzu

Pre-order your very own Binzu Indigo Mask on 15th April 2020 (refer to the second slide in the link) via the brand’s website. Each costs Rp. 49,000 (~USD3.12).

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Image credit: @wearphoebe

Phoebe by Putri Mudita has also joined the local fashion world’s effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 by releasing their Aphrodite line of couture masks that are made of duchess satin. 

You can choose from three colorways: black, navy, and rose gold. Each mask is available at Rp. 99,000 (~USD6.30), and you can place your order via WhatsApp or Shopee

Phoebe - Sukkha Citta - Indonesian brands make reusable masks 2
Image credit: @wearphoebe

The 4th batch will be available starting 22nd April 2020, so be sure to follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Free DIY mask template, raw cotton and Tencel masks, and supporting seamstresses

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Recently, Sukkha Citta shared their DIY mask template on their blog. The post was met with excitement as it provided clear step-by-step instructions on how to craft your very own mask. 

But despite being confined to our homes, not all of us can become seamstresses overnight. Getting materials and tools might also prove to be a bit tricky. So in response to such issues, the brand announced that they are accepting orders at cost price for three-layered raw cotton masks. 

Sukkha Citta - Indonesian brands make reusable masks 2
The inner layer is made of naturally dyed soft Tencel fibers
Image credit: @sukkhacitta

Each purchase will help the seamstresses behind the beautiful products of Sukkha Citta during this difficult work-from-home period.

One mask costs Rp. 135,000 (~USD8.59) and can be ordered through the website. Your order will be shipped on 25th April 2020, and you’ll receive your special reusable mask that comes with a layer of naturally dyed soft Tencel for extra comfort.

Keep your hands and face clean

Even if you use a trendy face mask, it’s important that you still wash your hands properly and avoid touching your face. Think about the medical workers who work hard in the healthcare facilities. Let’s try to lessen their burden by keeping ourselves and those around us safe.

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