Cycling spots around Jakarta

Gone are the days when Jakarta’s cyclists had to watch out for brutally aggressive Metromini bus drivers when making their way around the city. It’s a bit overdue but Jakarta has become a much friendlier city for cyclists, with pockets of two-wheel heaven popping up all over town.

Whether it’s to show off your shiny new foldable bike or just to get some exercise to stay fit during the pandemic, these 8 cycling spots around Jakarta are definitely worth checking out.

1. Pantai Indah Kapuk – seaside bike ride with glorious sunset views

cycling spots PIK
Early morning views from Golf Island, which is open to the public
Image credit: @kedhoing

First a culinary heaven and now also a scenic seaside bike lane, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in North Jakarta really does have it all. You might be treated to the fragrant aroma of recently caught fish coming from the nearby fishing port of Muara Angke, but we feel that’s a small price to pay for the views.

cycling spots PIK2
The bike path in Pantai Maju
Image credit: @agungsedayugroupofficial

The main draw of the area is the entire 7KM periphery of the artificial Golf Island, named Pantai Maju, dedicated for pedestrians and cyclists. This huge, wide open space with clear blue skies is a far cry from the murky haze of downtown Jakarta and is quickly becoming a favorite among locals seeking cycling spots.

cycling spots PIK sunset
Sunset as viewed from Golf Island
Image credit: @henny.tandiono

Do note that as the island’s located right by the ocean, the sun can get pretty intense and we recommend visiting the area in the early morning or late afternoon. All for the better as that would leave you perfectly timed to catch some lovely sunrise or sunset views with your SO.

cycling spots PIK night market
The Food Street night market
Image credit: @andrean_26

For refreshment, the Food Street night market has plenty to offer if you’re sticking around after sundown, with prices ranging from Rp. 10,000-Rp. 50,000 (~USD0.68-USD3.40). As is usual with night markets, the place can get pretty crowded but some of the shops do offer takeouts.

cycling spots PIK Tzu Chi
The Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation building
Image credit: @punyaldo

If you’ve got the time, cross over the southern bridge and check out the picturesque Tzu Chi Foundation building. Head in a little deeper and you’ll arrive at the Mangrove Ecotourism Park (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1.02), a mangrove conservation area that features a walk on a scenic wooden bridge over the mangrove swamp.

PIK has its own bus stop served by a TransJakarta feeder bus, but it tends to get a little crowded. As an alternative, you can take the TransJakarta Corridor 9 bus to the Pluit Village mall and hop on your bicycle for the rest of the way.

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2. Alam Sutera – living up to its “best town for bikes” moniker

cycling spots alam sutera loop
Passing through the residential streets in Alam Sutera Loop
Image credit: @yosia002

Being named the best town for bikes in Indonesia isn’t actually a high bar to clear but for Jakarta residents, it’s good that Alam Sutera is proving to be worthy of that name. One bike route, affectionately named the Alam Sutera Loop, has become a favorite among local bike enthusiasts thanks to a dedicated bike lane and relatively light traffic.

The route typically starts at the Living World shopping mall and immediately heads south through the quiet, leafy residential streets of Alam Sutera. Eventually, it loops back north once again through the Alam Sutera Sports Center before returning to the mall.

cycling spots alam sutera
Cuan Yu, a coffee shop in the market that’s open from 7AM
Image credit: @shando_soendoro

The route is particularly popular for casual morning bike rides, with the Pasar 8 market across the mall providing several breakfast options. Prices range from Rp. 20,000-Rp. 40,000 (~USD1.36 – USD2.72) but Muslims need to be aware that there are several non-halal eateries in the area.

cycling spots IKEA alam sutera
In front of IKEA Alam Sutera
Image credit: @mkwahyudi

As the loop is quite short, clocking in at around 4KM, try putting in more laps or extending the trip all the way up north to IKEA Alam Sutera. The area around the furniture store is a pretty popular spot among locals with cars often parked along the road on Sunday mornings.

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3. Bogor Botanical Gardens – the president’s favorite cycling spot

cycling spots bogor botanical garden
Image credit:

Being elected president has various perks, but the one thing we’re most envious about President Jokowi is that he literally has the entire Bogor Botanical Garden as his backyard. Located right next to the Presidential Palace, this is where the president likes to pop up every now and then to show off his bicycle skills.

cycling spots garden
The Presidential Palace as seen from inside the garden
Image credit: @ayuzati0601

With smooth, paved roads and bustling plant life as far as the eye can see, it’s common to see families cycling together within the garden’s 87 hectares of lush greenery. As motor vehicles aren’t allowed inside the garden, newbies can also try to find a less populated area here to polish up their biking tricks.

Individual tickets are priced at an affordable Rp. 15,000, (~USD1.02) with hourly bike rentals set at the same price point. In line with health protocols, tickets can only be bought online here.

cycling spots mexico garden
The Garden of Mexico located inside the complex
Image credit:

While Bogor is about 55KM away from Jakarta, the garden is within walking distance of the Bogor commuter line station. Folding bike owners are also in luck as these bikes can be carried into commuter trains.

Do note that Bogor is known for its frequent rainfall so you might want to check the weather forecast first before making the trip.

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4. University of Indonesia Depok – bike-friendly leafy campus grounds

cycling spots universitas indonesia
UI’s Kenanga Lake with the rectorate building in the background
Image credit: @dikadikopi

Take one step into the Depok campus of the famed University of Indonesia and you’ll quickly realize why students all over Indonesia constantly vie for a spot in the university. The place is just that lovely, with wide lanes, greenery, and water features.

cycling spots UI
The tree-lined road of the northern loop
Image credit: @jang_asep

For cyclists, the campus ground can be divided into two loops. The main southern loop goes through and around the various faculties and buildings of the university while the greener northern loop goes around the campus’ forest.

cycling spots UI Depok
The seating area outside of the Central Library building
Image credit: @bramastaredy

If you’re looking to bolster your Instagram game, the Central Library building ranks as one of the most scenic spots on campus. There are plenty of seating areas located just outside the building by Lake Kenanga that should make for the perfect spot for a pitstop.

cycling spots UI wood
Sitting in front of UI Wood
Image credit: @farobi89

Also of note is the famed UI Wood – what students call the famous university logo formed by grass hedges and a plaque located at the edge of campus grounds. Reaching the spot for a photo op requires a short walk through the woods but it is possible to go there using a bicycle. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school activities have been put on hold but the campus grounds are still open to the public. You can easily get there as the university has its own commuter train station.

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5. Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex – crowd favorite in the heart of Jakarta

cycling spots GBK
Inside GBK’s designated green space
Image credit: @frosidin

Located right next to Jakarta’s CBD, the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Sports Complex remains the default option for Jakarta cyclists. With MRT and TransJakarta buses passing through the complex, it’s also the one that’s easiest to reach.

cycling spots gelora bung karno
The forest pathway with the main stadium visible in the background
Image credit: @alanadriw

During the current PSBB transition phase, the main stadium ring road is reserved for pedestrians only. But we’re more partial to the winding tree-lined pathways around the main stadium that make better cycling spots than the main ring road anyway, as the ring road is where crowds tend to gather.

cycling spots gbk sports complex
Amphitheatre at Hutan Kota GBK
Image credit: @temantaman.jkt

There are plenty of retail spaces and stalls around GBK if you’re looking for refreshments. Grab some food and drinks and head over to the amphitheatre on the Hutan Kota GBK where you’ll find plenty of seating areas for a picnic with a lovely view of the city’s skyline.

In line with health protocols, GBK management has added several regulations for visitors which you can check here.

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6. Ancol Dreamland – cycling through an ecological tourism park

cycling spots Ancol
Image credit: @ancoltamanimpian

The Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta has long been the gold standard for family-friendly attractions among Jakartans. Even if you’re not in the mood for theme parks, the area still holds plenty of appeal for cyclists.

cycling spots allianz ecopark
A lake inside the Allianz Ecopark
Image credit: @alexsoelistyo

Chief among them is the Allianz Ecopark, a revitalized public green space complete with tree-lined pathways and scenic wooden bridges. The Ecopark was actually built by converting a former golf course, but you never would have figured it out without knowing that, seeing how the area looks like now.

cycling spots ancol dreamland
Sunset on Ancol’s Love Bridge
Image credit: @lawrencebudiarto

Outside the Ecopark, you can also enjoy a scenic bike ride on white sandy beaches or on the piers littered around the complex. If you’re on the hunt for a romantic setting, the heart-shaped Love Bridge is a favorite among couples wanting to catch a view of the gorgeous sunset.

In line with COVID-19 protocols, individual tickets are available online at Rp. 25,000 (~USD1.71) with a daily visitor limit. There’re parking fees for private cars but you can sidestep this as Ancol has its own TransJakarta bus and commuter train stations.

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7. Ragunan Zoo – a ride through the animal kingdom

cycling spots ragunan
Image credit:

Stepping into the Ragunan Zoo feels like being instantly transported to the lush, tropical jungles of Sumatra, but with the helpful addition of paved roads. This makes the zoo wholly unique as it is the only place where you can spot one of Indonesia’s famed komodo dragons from your bicycle.

cycling spots ragunan zoo
The viewing platform that overlooks the primates’ enclosure
Image credit:

Once you’re there, make sure to drop by the Schmutzer Primate Center. Here, the orangutans and other primates live in a wide-open space that closely resembles their natural habitats.

For the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors have to reserve a spot a day before and abide by additional regulations listed here. The zoo offers hourly bike rentals for Rp. 10,000 (~USD0.68) and the zoo has its own TransJakarta bus station where you can lug your own folding bike.

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8. Hutan Kota Kemayoran – newly revitalized green space in North Jakarta

cycling spots hutan kota kemayoran
Image credit:

Just a stone throw’s away from the Jakarta International Expo complex is the lush, hidden gem of Hutan Kota Kemayoran. This recently revitalized green space first opened its doors in late 2019 and is still considerably less crowded than the other cycling spots on this list.

cycling spots hutan kota
Seating area under Gerbang Kemayoran
Image credit: @danyfirmansyah_

Here, the bike path winds through the thick forest and through gaps in the trees, you can just spot the picturesque lake sitting in the middle of the forest. If you want to take a breather, the rows of curved poles that make up the Gerbang Kemayoran make a popular hangout spot for locals.

cycling spots kemayoran
A view of the Kemayoran Athletes Village
Image credit: @temantaman.jkt

Once you’re done, don’t forget to head to the other side of the lake with a deck where you can enjoy a view of the colorful buildings making up the Kemayoran Athletes Village.

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Cycling spots in Jakarta

From glorious ocean views and lush, calming greenery, scenic bike routes and cycling spots are aplenty around Jakarta.

If you’re looking to grab some fresh air away from Jakarta’s countless shopping malls, add these cycling spots to your to-do list.

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