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8 Jakarta Home Bakeries Where You Can Order Delicious Bread & Support Local Bakers

Jakarta home bakeries for bread lovers

Bread can be challenging to make on your own, so when there are skillful home bakers who are able to make mouthwatering vegan buns, Lebanese pastries, and garlic rolls, you can’t help but be amazed.

Fans of bread who want to add wholesome and fresh homemade bread and pastries to their breakfast menu will want to check out the 8 Jakarta home bakeries below. Not only will you get delicious treats, but you’ll also support local bakers during these trying times.

Don’t forget to check the instructions on how to order items from these Jakarta home bakeries, so that they’ll have ample time to prepare the food and arrange deliveries.

1. Elevate Bakery – vegan homemade bread that looks like works of art

Jakarta home bakeries - Elevate Bakery 3Monkey Bread
Image credit: @elevatebakery

Beautifully crafted loaves that look like edible pieces of art make Elevate Bakery unique. Spice up your breakfast menu with any of the 6 different flavors of Plain Bread: pandan, charcoal, ube, chocolate, pink dragon, and turmeric pumpkin.

You can cut up to 15 slices for each loaf, which costs Rp. 55,000 (~USD4). Their Coconut Water Bread (Rp. 55,000, ~USD4) is also worth a try if you’re looking for a subtle, yet refreshing aftertaste.

Jakarta home bakeries - Elevate Bakery 2Pandan Chocolate Swirl Pull-a-part Bread
Image credit: @elevatebakery

People on special diets might want to go for the Pull-a-part Bread (Rp. 85,000,~USD6), which looks like a crown of interconnected small soft buns with a pillow-like texture. There are seven flavors on offer, and you get to choose from vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free options.

Jakarta home bakeries - Elevate Bakery 1
Plain bread loaves
Image credit: @elevatebakery

The intricately-designed Monkey Bread (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.50), is a chewy cinnamon sugar bread that’s perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. For the full menu and price list, click here

To give the bakers time to prep your bread, place your order 2 to 3 days in advance via Whatsapp at 08531233338. Deliveries are made within Jakarta from Monday to Saturday, from 9AM to 3PM. Tokopedia users can also head over to the app or website.


2. Knotted Dough Bakery – artisanal Swedish-inspired cinnamon rolls

Jakarta home bakeries - Knotted Dough Bakery 1Kannelbullar
Image credit: @knotteddough

Knotted Dough Bakery specializes in kannelbullar (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.40), a classic Swedish cinnamon roll that’s buttery but doesn’t taste heavy. It’s a perfect complement for coffee or tea.

Jakarta home bakeries - Knotted Dough Bakery 2Eton Mess and Pistachio Cream Donuts
Image credit: @knotteddough

Aside from their signature item, Knotted Dough Bakery also offers Nutella and Hazelnut Babka Buns (Rp. 40,000, ~USD3), which will leave you with a full and happy tummy as they are quite big and rich with chocolate. You can also try their Chocolate Chip Cookies (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1), and donuts, which are available in two flavors: Eton Mess and Pistachio Cream (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3).

Get in touch with the bakers through Whatsapp at least 3 days in advance. 


3. Ketagihan PL Kalibata – decadent banana pastries dressed with chocolate sprinkles or shredded cheese

Jakarta home bakeries - Ketagihan PL Kalibata 1Molen Unyil and Pisang Lilit Premium
Image credit: @ketagihanpl_kalibata

Bananas are nutritious, tasty, and convenient. Their natural sweetness doesn’t only make them a much-loved healthy snack, but they can also become ideal fillings for Pisang Lilit or Pisang Molen, a popular Indonesian pastry.

Ketagihan PL Kalibata has a variety of such banana pastries. Pisang Lilit Premium (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.40), which is a banana-filled flaky pastry that looks like an elongated pie. Those who prefer bite-sized snacks should try Molen Unyil (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.40). Toppings include chocolate sprinkles and shredded cheese.

Jakarta home bakeries - Ketagihan PL Kalibata 2
Banana Pastry
Image credit: @ketagihanpl_kalibata

The other banana pastry item on the menu is simply called Banana Pastry (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3), which is dressed with shredded cheese. The pastry follows the shape of a halved banana, making it look like a crescent moon.

Place your order two days in advance through WhatsApp, or search for Tanamo Coffee on GrabFood to satisfy a sudden craving. 


4. Bombolognee – Italian-style fried buns filled with cream

Jakarta home bakeries - Bombolognee 1Regular-sized Bomboloni
Image credit:

Fried food is a common comfort food, and sweet treats in this category like donuts often come to mind. A popular fritter in Italy that’s popular in Indonesia too is bombolone, which is a fried bun with a sweet filling. Bombolognee is the bakery to check out if you’re craving for a sugar bomb.

Bombolognee has two types of soft bombolone on their menu: Mini Bomboloni (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4), which comes in sets of 10 of whichever two flavors are available, and Regular-sized Bomboloni (Rp. 10,000, ~USD0.70). Note that to order the regular-sized fried buns, you’ll need to purchase at least 5 pieces.

Jakarta home bakeries - Bombolognee 2Mini Bomboloni
Image credit:

The selection of flavors include vanilla rum, chocolate rum, strawberry crème, original cream cheese, salted caramel, and cremè matcha. All ingredients are halal, and rum essence is used so those who don’t consume alcohol can also enjoy the bombolone.

Order at least a day in advance via WhatsApp. You can also arrange to pick up the treats yourself.


5. Wen’s Roti – wholesome homemade soft buns

Jakarta home bakeries - Wen's Roti 1Image credit: @wensroti

Wen’s Roti delivers fresh soft buns that are ideal for a quick breakfast or a light snack in between meals. They fall somewhere between bread and dessert as they are sweeter compared to regular loaves.

You can choose between sweet fillings such as chocolate and banana, or savory ones such as cheese and ayam kecap (sweet soy chicken). Each bun costs Rp. 10,000 (~USD0.70) to Rp. 12,000 (~USD0.80).

Jakarta home bakeries - Wen's Roti 2Chocolate and Cheese Roti Sobek
Image credit: @wensroti

In addition to individual buns, there’s also roti sobek, a large soft bread that you can “tear” (sobek) apart. The roti sobek flavors available are Chocolate and Cheese (Rp. 90,000, ~USD6) and Garlic Cream Cheese (Rp. 130,000, ~USD9).

If soft buns are up your alley, you can order anytime from Monday to Saturday through WhatsApp or Tokopedia. 


6. Mami Makes – appetizing Lebanese pastries and dessert

Jakarta home bakeries - Mami Makes 1Shabiyet
Image credit: @mami.makes

Bakeries that boast a variety of Lebanese pastries and desserts are still a rarity in Jakarta, so if you’ve never tried them before, take a peek at Mami Makes’ menu.

One of the halal bakery’s superstar items is shabiyet, a cream-filled flaky pastry with a layer of crushed pistachios on top and a drizzle of syrup. It’s sold in boxes of 2 (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3) and 4 (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5). 

Jakarta home bakeries - Mami Makes 2Cheese kunafeh
Image credit: @mami.makes

Chocolate lovers may want to try the Ovo Le Fleur, which are crispy pastries filled with Ovomaltine. A box of 2 goes for Rp. 35,000 (~USD2.40) and 4 for Rp. 65,000 (~USD4.50).

Other must-try pastries are the chewy Lotus Biscoff Pastry (Rp. 38,000, ~USD2.60 and Rp. 68,000, ~USD4.70) and Cheese Kunafeh (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5), a traditional Lebanese soft cake.

Go to Shopee, Tokopedia, or DiRumahAja to order. Alternatively, you can also send the owner a message through WhatsApp. If you want your pastries and dessert to be delivered the following day, be sure to order before 5PM.


7. Pink Buns – Portuguese egg tarts and cream cheese-doused cinnamon buns

Jakarta home bakeries - Pink Buns 1Portuguese Egg Tarts
Image credit: @pinkbuns.jkt

The combination of crunchy pastry and creamy vanilla custard that dissolves in your mouth makes Portuguese Egg Tarts one of Pink Buns’ best-selling items. They come in sets of six (Rp. 90,000, ~USD6) and twelve (Rp. 120,000, ~USD8).

Jakarta home bakeries - Pink Buns 2
Cinnamon buns with cream cheese
Image credit: @pinkbuns.jkt

Pink Buns also specializes in cinnamon buns, and what makes them special is that they’re doused with either Nutella or cream cheese. The cinnamon buns come in sets of 4. You can choose between a Nutella box (Rp. 145,000, ~USD10), a Cream Cheese box (Rp. 125,000, ~USD8.70), and Mixed box (Rp. 135,000, ~USD9.40).

To get your hands on either an egg tart set or a cinnamon bun box, contact Pink Buns through Whatsapp or go to Tokopedia. 


8. Umai Kitchen – buttery garlic cheese buns and brownies

Jakarta home bakeries - Umai Kitchin 1Garlic Cheese Buns
Image credit: @umai.kitchin

The Garlic Cheese Buns are Umai Kitchen’s signature bread that’s great for those who love flavorful, buttery snacks. 

These pastries with cheese fillings that’ll melt in your mouth are Rp. 30,000 (~USD2.05) each, but you can get a better deal if you get a box of 2 (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.50) or 4 (Rp. 95,000, ~USD6.60).

Jakarta home bakeries - Umai Kitchin 2Lotus Biscoff Brownies
Image credit: @umai.kitchin

Umai Kitchen also specializes in brownies, and offers four flavors: double chocolate (starts from Rp. 75,000, ~USD5), peanut butter (Rp. 80,000, ~USD5.50), Lotus Biscoff (Rp. 85,000, ~USD6), and cheese (Rp. 80,000, ~USD5.50). These brownies make good birthday gifts as you can request a box and personalized greeting card to go with your order.

DM them on  Instagram to order these savory and sweet delights.


Jakarta home bakeries for bread lovers

Share this list of 8 Jakarta home bakeries with fellow bread enthusiasts who are eager to spice up their breakfast or late afternoon snack menu. Follow the bakeries’ social media accounts to keep yourself updated with the latest pre-order (also called PO among home bakeries and cooks) details, and perhaps even newly added items.

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Cover image adapted from: @pinkbuns.jkt, @umai.kitchin, and @elevatebakery

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