Jakarta extends PSBB until 4th June 2020

The last announcement regarding Jakarta’s large-scale social restrictions, or better known as PSBB, feels like ages ago when it was, in fact, not long before the first day of Ramadan. Jakartans are already approaching the end of the second round of PSBB, which is scheduled to end on 22nd May 2020. 

But since the number of COVID-19 cases have only continued to rise throughout the month, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan confirmed on Tuesday, 19th May 2020, that social restrictions in Jakarta will be extended another 2 weeks, until 4th June 2020.

Social restrictions to continue, so as to curb COVID-19 infections

COVID-19 updates as of 19th May 2020
COVID-19 updates as of 19th May 2020
Image credit: covid19.go.id

With more than 6,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jakarta alone, Governor Anies is in no rush to lift social restrictions. Even with PSBB in place, there have been over 40,000 violations recorded by the Jakarta Transportation Agency, as reported by the Jakarta Globe.

Governor Anies Baswedan
Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan
Image credit: metro.tempo.co

Extending PSBB within the city while also being stricter about mudik – or the annual tradition of going back to one’s hometown for Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, which is only a few days away – will hopefully slow down further spread of COVID-19.

Physical distancing on the commuter linePhysical distancing on the commuter line
Image credit: @douglasarie_12

Governor Anies hinted at the possibility of this being the final PSBB extension, provided that Jakartans comply with physical distancing measures, according to CNBC Indonesia.

Minimize activities outside your home

It’s understandable that the urge to go out, even if it’s just to make a quick stop at the nearest convenience store, is almost impossible to bear at this point. The fact that those celebrating Eid Al-Fitr will have to do so at home, and possibly away from their families is also hard.

But it’s best to stay at home as much as possible for the time being, to slow down the spread of the virus, and to make sure that PSBB is not extended again.

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