KFC Naughty by Nature salad bar

In September this year, KFC Indonesia went viral for their contemporary donut-like twist on traditional Indonesian snack kue pukis, with toppings such as Oreo cookie crumbs and double chocolate, but it seems that they still have another trick up their sleeve.

This weekend, the fast food brand is opening a new concept restaurant with an unexpected twist – a focus on healthier food. KFC’s Naughty by Nature, opening on Friday 16th October, is an upscale salad bar nestled in the hip, leafy neighborhood of Senopati in South Jakarta where superfoods such as kale sit next to the brand’s trademark Original Recipe chicken.

Original Recipe chicken with a side of kale and brussels sprouts

naughty by nature kfc salad chicken
Hot Crispy Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw
Image credit: @naughtybynaturekfc

The gist behind Naughty by Nature is so simple that we’re a bit surprised it took KFC this long to come up with the idea. Diners get to choose up to 3 side dishes to pair with KFC’s trademark chicken acting as the protein.

cold salads naughty by nature kfc
Selection of cold salads in Naughty by Nature
Image credit: @naughtybynaturekfc

Aside from the regular Original Recipe and Hot Crispy Chicken, you can also opt for the healthier Grilled Chicken. The selection of side dishes is surprisingly varied as well, ranging from cold salads like the Kale Caesar with kale, boiled egg, and avocado and baked dishes such as the Zucchini Gratin.

baked roasted naughty by nature kfc
Baked and roasted side dishes in Naughty by Nature
Image credit: @naughtybynaturekfc

We’re not entirely sure how the concept will work as part of the pleasure of eating KFC is the sensation of holding the chicken with your bare hands and eating it directly. Still, our loyalty to KFC’s chicken means we’re still looking forward to trying it out.

In keeping with the elevated experience, Naughty by Nature also has a very different aesthetic compared to its parent.

Naughty by Nature’s greener, more down-to-earth aesthetic

green vibe naughty by nature kfc
Vibe in Naughty by Nature’s indoor area
Image credit: @naughtybynaturekfc

At a glance, the vibe of the place can easily be mistaken for the upscale restaurants along Senopati and not something from KFC. In line with the salad bar concept, Naughty by Nature trades KFC’s usual red and Colonel Sanders’ welcoming smile for a more down-to-earth shade of green.

kitchen staff naughty by nature kfc
Kitchen staff at Naughty by Nature
Image credit: Behind the Seam Studio

As one of the hippest areas in Jakarta, Senopati’s food scene isn’t lacking in either quantity or quality. We’re especially interested to see how Naughty by Nature measures up with some of the area’s healthier options, such as the vegetarian restaurant Bluezone.

KFC Indonesia opens a new salad bar concept, Naughty by Nature

It speaks to how much Indonesians love KFC that the country is the only place in the world where Naughty by Nature exists to date. Even when we’re on a diet, it’s always the image of KFC’s chicken that brings out our feelings of longing – but thanks to by Naughty by Nature’s balanced meal options, we no longer have to feel that way anymore.

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Cover image adapted from @naughtybynaturekfc, @naughtybynaturekfc

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