Indomie releases funny Ramadan-edition packaging

On 24th April 2020, Muslims all over the world welcomed the beginning of Ramadan. Fasting during a pandemic is sure to be a new experience for many, and it comes with its own challenges. 

It isn’t unusual for restaurants in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia to cover their storefronts with additional curtains during the Muslim holy month. But since most people aren’t out and about as much now, and are basically glued to their gadgets more than ever, images of food shared on social media might make the tummy rumble.

So Indomie, the world-famous instant noodle brand, came up with a unique Ramadan campaign to show respect to those who are fasting.

Update: Ramadan-edition Indomie has been spotted in Jakarta stores again in 2021 – so get your hands on one to share in the joy of the season!

Indomie’s sense of humor shines through its Ramadan campaign

Indomie Ramadan edition - Mie Goreng
Image credit: @modynz

The five-in-one special Ramadan packs for the Mie Goreng and Ayam Bawang, however, feature an empty plate and an empty bowl respectively – forgoing one of the brand’s most iconic things: delicious noodles. It’s a bold marketing move that also shows Indomie’s sense of humor.

Indomie Ramadan edition - Ayam Bawang
Image credit: @barangbarunih

These limited editions are only available in stores across Java, but those who live in other regions of Indonesia can order them via online shops.

ramadan indomie 2021
Ramadan-edition Indomie available in stores in 2021
Image credit: Mentari Sandiastri

Excited netizens react

Netizens flocked to Indomie’s Instagram page to comment on the commercial, in which an actor is preparing invisible noodles. The ad closes with a message to practice fasting at home.

Indomie comment 1
Image credit: @indomie

Before seeing the ad on the company’s official Instagram page, user @pastelzzx_ had thought that the product was a meme. Another Instagram user @nadeafr joked that it would be a true plot twist if there were really no noodles in the package.

Indomie comment 2
Image credit: @indomie

@salmanhtr chimed in with a very Internet-era gag: “The noodles are wireless.”

Indomie comment 3
Image credit: @indomie

In the second part of the commercial, which takes place during iftar, or the evening meal after sunset, the same actor is seen cooking noodles for real this time, and popping up with a plateful of noodles. 

Indomie comment 4
Image credit: @indomie

Users @fel._okto praised Indomie for being creative, while @ntnys was glad that the noodles finally appeared.

Indomie comment 5
Image credit:

Eat your Ramadan-edition Indomie noodles at home

Since these products are available only for a limited amount of time, noodle fans can get themselves a Ramadan-edition Indomie pack for iftar if they’re fasting. We’re also glad that Indonesians haven’t lost their sense of humor after being cooped up at home for so long. 

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Cover image adapted from: Mentari Sandiastri and @modynz

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