Starbucks Indonesia’s plant-based menu

Plant-based food options have landed in Starbucks Indonesia, soon after the global coffee chain launched plant-based options in other stores across Asia throughout 2020. Now, Indonesian Starbucks fans can experience their plant-based food menu that’s specially made and only available in Indonesia.

The menu incorporates plant-based meat from Green Butcher, an Indonesian plant-based meat startup known for its ready-to-cook plant-based frozen foods, as the main ingredient.

Three plant-based food options

starbucks and greenbutcher indonesia
The three new plant-based food items available at Starbucks Indonesia
Image credit: @greenbutcherfoods

Starbucks’ new plant-based menu items – Plant-Based Sloppy Joe Sandwich (Rp. 52,000, ~USD3.69), Plant-Based Wellington Pocket (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.98), and Plant-Based Focaccia Bread (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.98) – are recreated around the regular food favorites available in Starbucks Indonesia.

The Wellington Pocket, for example, uses the same type of pastry that is found in puff pastries from their regular menu.

starbucks indonesia meatless food
Plant-Based Wellington Pocket (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.98)
Image credit: Starbucks

The only difference is this meat-free menu uses beefless chunks and patties from Green Butcher made out of soy protein and mushrooms, which makes it an innovative addition but still tastes familiar to those who frequently order from Starbucks Indonesia’s food menu.

starbucks indonesia plant-based food
Plant-Based Focaccia Bread (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.98)
Image credit: Starbucks

Customers can purchase the new plant-based menu through delivery and in-stores in select Starbucks locations in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bogor, and Bali.

Netizens point out that the plant-based menu isn’t vegan-friendly yet

Although Starbucks Indonesia’s plant-based menu launch may be driven by their commitment to reduce diners’ carbon footprint, it doesn’t accommodate certain healthier dietary options such as vegan diets, for example, that are becoming increasingly popular among Indonesians.

So it was not a surprise that vegans and those with dairy-free diets were disappointed that egg and milk are used in the menu items, despite their initial excitement.

starbucks indonesia plant-based menu comment 1
Image adapted from: @starbucksindonesia

On Starbucks Indonesia’s Instagram post, user @gabybali expressed that she wasn’t fully sold on the idea. Her comment in Bahasa Indonesia can be translated as, “Plant-based food but contains eggs and milk? What does this mean? [I] want to buy, but am unsure.”

But other Instagram users quickly acknowledged that although plant-based foods primarily contain plant products, they does not necessarily eliminate animal products.

starbucks indonesia plant-based menu comment 2
Image adapted from: @starbucksindonesia

Among those commenting was Green Butcher’s co-founder, Helga Angelina, who reached out to @gabybali. She clarified that while eggs and milk are used, the menu does cater to vegetarians, and conveyed her hope that Starbucks “will have at least 1 vegan option” available on the menu. The plant-based startup Green Butcher currently only supplies the patties and mock meats used in the menu.

starbucks indonesia plant-based menu comment 3
Image adapted from: @starbucksindonesia

Since the new menu items were launched on 1st February 2021, Instagram users who tried the food have attested to its great taste in the comments. Instagram user @efaustina commented that the Wellington Pocket was her favorite, and that it was delicious and a must-try.

Dairy-free drinks at Starbucks Indonesia

starbucks indonesia almond milk
Image credit: @starbucksindonesia

Aside from the plant-based food offerings, Starbucks has added almond milk to their existing choices of dairy and soy milk, giving us an alternative to customize our favorite drinks with. The availability of soy milk in Starbucks Indonesia since 2019 has made Starbucks more accessible for vegans and lactose-intolerant diners.

But the strong taste and soy-related health concerns for some people increased the demand for almond milk on Starbucks’ menu as it is known to be creamier and blends well with coffee drinks. This also comes after Starbucks’ seasonal beverage, the Almond Milk Hazelnut Latte which was launched in September 2020, became a customer favorite.

Plant-based choices in Starbucks Indonesia

While vegans may have to wait a while longer to enjoy a fully vegan menu, the plant-based menu is a great opportunity for all types of diners to give plant-based options a try.

Judging by positive reviews on taste and the meat-like texture of the mock meat, we’re definitely going to have the plant-based options in our next Starbucks order.

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