Tlaga Singha River Country Club in Bali

We’d never miss a chance to drop by any of Bali’s world-class beach clubs but the experience of sipping cocktails with the DJ playing in the background does get old after a while. For those in the mood for a change of scenery, drop by the new Tlaga Singha River Country Club, nestled in the hilly rainforest of Gianyar.

With a two-tiered swimming pool and a hidden semi-indoor pool bar complete with an Instagram-worthy lighting installation, we’d go as far as saying that we won’t mind skipping a night of Seminyak’s gorgeous sunset for this kind of ambiance.

Hidden pool bar with Instagram-worthy lighting installation

tlaga singha river country club bali - outdoor pool
The upper pool has a club-shaped sunken seating area and a row of poolside cabanas
Image credit: @ariartha03

See enough pools, and you’ll begin to think that there’s not much left that can wow you anymore – but we admit Tlaga Singha managed to knock it out of the park. The upper swimming pool, while perfectly comfortable, won’t be raising any eyebrows anytime soon but it’s once you descend the stairway that leads to the lower pool when jaws will start to drop.

tlaga singha river country club bali - indoor pool
The hanging lights will make you want to constantly look up
Image credit: @michjie

The first thing that caught our eye is definitely the magnificent hanging lights, with numerous rectangular tubes extending from the ceiling, resembling an artsy stalactite installation.

tlaga singha river country club bali - bar
The sunken pool bar sits at the edge of the pool
Image credit: @katyaklassen

This hidden grotto is also where Tlaga Singha’s indoor pool bar dishes out their cocktails, and there are also some seats nearby if you want to admire the ceiling but don’t feel like dipping in the water just yet.

tlaga singha river country club bali - indoor pool
The cavern-like opening is just as marvellous from the outside
Image credit: @nh_mertawan

Once you’re ready to take in the sun, simply swim though the cavern-like openings to the outdoor section of the lower pool that opens up directly to the surrounding greenery.

tlaga singha river country club bali - pool
There are also floaties to rent if you want to have fun with the kids
Image credit: @tlagasingha

The vibe here is much more low-key compared to Bali’s numerous beach clubs and as a country club, there’re more amenities to be enjoyed in the premises than just the pool.

All-in-one destination with a restaurant and a spa

tlaga singha river country club bali - pool floating dining
It’s not Bali if you’re not having a floating brunch at the pool
Image credit: Tlaga Singha

While you can enjoy a floating brunch at the pool, Tlaga Singha also has a dedicated restaurant serving both buffet and ala carte meals.

tlaga singha river country club bali - restaurant
The club’s open-air restaurant is right above the two-tier pool
Image credit: @arhiesaraswati

The menu ranges from Balinese classics such as Ayam Sambal Matah (Rp. 95,000, ~USD6.58), or chicken with Balinese raw chili sauce, to more global offerings such as the Club Sandwich (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.46).

For those looking for proper downtime, the club also provides in-house spa services, including a traditional Balinese Boreh (Rp. 450,000, ~USD31.18 per hour) massage. Named after the aromatic boreh paste made from a mix of spices used for the massage, this traditional ritual was invented by local farmers wanting to relax their weary bones after a hard day’s work.

tlaga singha river country club bali - outdoors
While pool access isn’t free, entrance to Tlaga Singha itself is
Image credit: @agus_eka_putra_kadek

Unlike typical country clubs, we love how there’s no restrictive members-only policy in place at Tlaga Singha. Entrance, aside from pool access, is completely free but there are budget-friendly packages available that bundle food and beverages together if you’re looking to make the best use of your time in the club.

These vary from time to time, so check their homepage for the latest daytime entry deals.

Tlaga Singha is a new country club just minutes away from Bali Zoo

Unlike raunchy beach clubs and their no-kids policies, the range of facilities and tranquility in Tlaga Singha makes it an ideal family-friendly destination.

Located just down the road from the Bali Zoo, it’s the perfect place for your family to unwind after a trip through the animal kingdom.

Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu, Singapadu, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from @michjie and Tlaga Singha

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