8 Water Villas In Indonesia That Resemble The Maldives & Bora-Bora For A Floating Vacay

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Water villas in Indonesia

Water villas are usually synonymous with the Maldives or Bora-Bora, but flying there for a well-deserved break is now a pipe dream due to the pandemic, besides the high price tag.

However, vacations in Indonesia’s floating water villas surrounded by underwater life, beaches, and scenic mountains can be had for a fraction of the cost of visas, airfare, and accommodation for a similar trip abroad.

Book any of these 8 water villas in Indonesia with breathtaking views for your next destressing trip closer to home.

Do note that all prices may vary with seasonal promotions and villa packages offered.

1. Pulo Cinta Eco Resort – private ocean villas with snorkeling opps

pulo cinta eco resort in sulawesi
Image credit: Pulo Cinta

Located on a private island on the gulf of Tomini in Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Pulo Cinta Eco Resort is said to resemble overwater bungalows in the Maldives. The villas, mainly made from hardwood, provide endless views of the Molucca Sea from their private sun decks, and their wooden stairs take you directly to crystal clear waters.

pulo cinta eco resort
Image credit: @pulocinta

With easy access to the sea, you can enjoy snorkeling to your heart’s content, as the resort provides free snorkeling gear. Scuba diving and fishing are also popular activities that can also be done at the resort, but it is advised to bring your own diving suit and fishing equipment.

pulo cinta diver
Image credit: @pulocinta

The secluded location of the island makes it a perfect spot for honeymooners and couples to get some quality time.

pulo cinta hut
Image credit: @pulocinta

From the comfort of your villa, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of gazing at the stars and admiring breathtaking views of sunrises and sunsets.

pulo cinta beach dining
Image credit: @pulocinta

The resort also has an in-house beach restaurant where you can treat your partner to a romantic meal just steps away from your villa.

All of the 15 villas in the resort are connected to a lobby by the beach via a wooden ramp in the shape of a heart. Living up to its name Pulo Cinta, which literally means “love island”, the island’s romantic history started when it was used as a trading port by the Dutch and was crowded with ships and people from abroad. During a war, a young prince of Gorontalo met the daughter of a Dutch trader, and their forbidden love blossomed at this island. This became the inspiration for the resort’s heart-shaped island and its name.

The one-bedroom villa (from Rp. 2,200,000, ~ USD154.17 per night) includes breakfast for a relaxing trip with that special someone.

Getting there: The closest airport to the resort is the Jalaluddin Airport in Gorontalo. Upon arrival at the airport, you will need to take a 2-hour car ride to Boalemo Harbour. You’ll then need to take a 25-minute boat ride to finally reach the resort. The resort provides free airport pick-up and boat rides for guests staying for 2 nights or more.

Address: Patoameme, Botumoito, Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo
Telephone: 853 7751 7927

2. Ora Beach Resort- stilt huts in Maluku with beach and hill access

ora beach resort
Image credit: @orabeachresort

If you are someone who can’t choose between beaches and mountains, Ora Beach Resort is for you. The cottages are built on the shallow waters of the island, located in between wide cliffs and the Ceram Sea that make it easy to go snorkeling, canoeing, and hiking.

ora beach resort swimmers
Image credit: @husni.saleh

You can go snorkeling at the nearby Pulau Tujuh for Rp.1,500,000 (~USD106) by renting a boat from the resort on a tour that includes the guidance of a staff member. It is certainly worth the one-hour boat ride as you’ll be welcomed with views of colourful reefs and a vast variety of underwater creatures.

hatupia rock cliffs in indonesia
Image credit: goldenrama

If snorkeling is not your thing, you can still enjoy the stunning reefs by canoeing by the Hatupia Rock Cliffs. Only a 15-minute ride by speed boat from Ora Beach, the cliffs and caves make for Instagrammable backdrops, so don’t forget your camera and poses.

mount roulessy near ora beach in indonesia
Image credit: @adrianloa

Hike Mount Roulessy for a picturesque view of Ora Beach that made Condé Nast Traveler‘s list of top 30 beaches this year. A 5-minute car ride from the Saleman Village, Mount Roulessy is an easy hike even for amateur hikers, as it only takes 25-30 minutes to reach the summit.

ora beach resort view
Image credit: @v.pattiasina

You’ll be staying in floating cottages designed to resemble traditional Maluku houses. Sago leaves and wood are used to make their Ambonese-style roofs. The water villa stays from Rp.1,350,000 (~USD 95.63) per night do not include meals, or you can opt for the 3-day 2-night package from Rp. 7,372,000 (~USD517.14) that includes transport to the island, meals and tours.

Getting there: You’ll need to cross from Tulehu Harbour to Amahai Harbour via speedboat, for approximately two hours. Tickets for the speedboat start from Rp.160,000 (~USD11.35). Upon your arrival at Amahai Harbour, you’ll take another 3-hour car journey to Saleman Village before you hop onto a small boat for 20 minutes to finally reach the resort.

Address: Saleman, North West Seram, Central Maluku, Maluku
Telephone: 812 4889 6616

3. Misool Eco Resort – dive in waters with protected sea life

misool eco resort
Image credit: @misool.resort

Misool Eco Resort is a private island resort tucked in remote Raja Ampat, and is also known as one of the best diving spots in Indonesia, with a serene sanctuary for baby sharks and mantas that allows marine biodiversity to flourish.

raja ampat
Image credit: @misool.resort

You can imagine the wide number of underwater creatures flourishing here because in 2005, the resort prohibited all fishing practices to protect underwater life. The total marine protected area surrounding the resort is twice the size of Singapore.

diving at misool eco resort
Image credit: @misool.resort and @taro.smith

You can minimize your carbon footprint by staying at this eco-resort’s water cottages built on wooden stilts and made solely from natural materials such as hardwood and grass. The resort relies on solar power to reduce its electricity usage.

misool eco resort accommodation
Image credit: @misool.resort

The cottages feature built-in verandas with a hammock, perfect for reading your favourite book on a lazy afternoon whilst enjoying the gentle tropical breeze. The reception is just a few fin kicks away from the cottage.

The resort offers dives at its stunning house reef from USD64, diving courses from USD450, and guided snorkelling trips twice a day from USD30.

snorkeling in indonesia
Image credit: @misool.resort and @sabinegt

Apart from diving and snorkeling, you can visit the ancient petroglyph lagoons where you can witness rock paintings by ancient tribes estimated to be between 3,000 to 5,000 years old. Located in a cave, the lagoons are accessible by a small boat from the resort.

petroglyph lagoons near misool resort
Image credit: @misool.resort

Stays at the water villas start at USD3,100 for two for 8 nights, and include airport pick-up, breakfast, a 15-minute massage after a dive, and free use of kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.

misool eco resort west papua
Image credit: @misool.resort

Getting there: Take a flight to Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong City, West Papua. Upon arrival in Sorong, a four-hour boat ride awaits you from Rakyat Port to take you directly to the resort.

Address: Yellu, South Misool, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98483

4. Andreas Resort – within easy reach of Sumatra and Java

andreas resort indonesia
Image credit: @andreasresort

Strategically located in between Sumatra and Java, Andreas Resort on Pahawang Island attracts local tourists for its resemblance to Bora-Bora and its proximity to Indonesia’s two major islands.

Its water cottages built on the Java Sea provide two types of ethnic-style rooms. The Lombok room inspired by traditional Bale rooms in Aceh, North Sumatra, are roomy cave-like cottages with pointy roofs, while the Manado room is a 2-story cottage that’ll fit families or larger groups.

andreas resort cottages
Image credit: @andreasresort

Unlike other water villas, this one has a floor bed in all its cottages. Each cottage also features a wide sun deck with enough space to lounge around, have your meals, or enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset.

andreas resort sunset
Image credit: @andreasresort

Snorkeling is the most popular activity at the resort. There are a few snorkeling spots around the resort but the best way to experience this activity is through package tours including accommodation, meals, and activities, starting at Rp. 2,550,000 (~USD 178.74) for a two-day, one-night stay for two.

snorkeling at andreas resort
Image credit: @andreasresort and @vianrivai

If you’ve had enough of snorkeling, you can choose to relax on Pahawang Beach at the coast of the resort or opt for lunch by the beach (from Rp. 150,000, ~USD 10.66) for a variety of fresh seafood with local spices.

andreas resort beach dining
Image credit: @andreasresort

Getting there: Take a flight to Raden Inten II Airport in Bandar Lampung, then get to Dermaga 4 Ketapang pier and take a speed boat ride that’ll take 30 minutes to an hour to reach Andreas Resort.

Address: Pahawang Island, Punduh Pidada, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung 35453
Telephone: 089631585852

5. Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa – stilted kampung huts on water

kampung sampireun resort and spa
Image credit: Garuttrip

If you are looking for a more traditional experience but also want that Maldives feel of living over the waters, Kampung Sampireun is the perfect resort. It’s located in the Ciparay Village on the outskirts of Bandung, known for its waterfalls, rice paddies, and breathtaking views of mountains. Each village-style bungalow is built on the coast of the lake and surrounded by forests.

kampung sampireun room
Image credit: Kampung Sampireun Resort

Just like a traditional Sundanese hut, each bungalow is made entirely from bamboo, wood, and palm sugar fibers, but also fitted with modern comforts of king size beds and air conditioners. Rates start at Rp. 758,000 (~USD 53.14) a night.

kampung sampireun boat
Image credit: Theodorus S

You’ll get to row around the resort on a private canoe while enjoying the nature surrounding you.

batik garut
Image credit: Batik Garut

After taking in all the scenic views you can opt for a city tour (Rp. 600,000,~USD 42.60) provided by the resort. The city tour takes you to Garut City, a 3-hour car journey from the resort, where you will visit a batik gallery, leather factory gallery, and a traditional snack store.

Getting there: From the Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung, you’ll need to rent a car to get to the resort, which will take approximately 2.5 hours. From Jakarta, the resort is a 4-hour journey by car.

Address: Jl. Raya Samarang Kamojang Sukakarya Samarang Garut Jawa Barat, Sukakarya, Kec. Samarang, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat 44151
Telephone: 542393

6. Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort- traditional water huts on the outskirts of Bandung

kamojang green hotel and resort
Image credit: @fitria.rahmaw

From the 6 lush hectares of Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort, you can relish the crisp fresh air, as all the villas are built on a lake overlooking mountains. The huts at the resort resemble traditional Indonesian ones, but also provide modern amenities such as televisions and air conditioners.

kamojang green resort accommodation
Image credit: 1001malam

You can row a canoe to get to your bungalow or stop by the resort restaurant, where you’ll be treated to Sundanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines with views of the entire resort and Mount Guntur volcano as a backdrop.

kamojang green villas
Image credit: @kamojanggreenhotel_official

An array of on-site activities can be enjoyed at the resort including cycling, canoeing, and swimming. However, if you are looking for activities outside the resort, you can rent a car to go to the Kamojang Crater on Mount Guntur.

kamojang crater
Image credit: @kamojangexplore

A 30-minute ride from the resort, the crater is known for emitting steam that’s said to improve the skin. Entrance to the crater is Rp. 5,000 (~USD0.36) per person and Rp. 10,000 (~USD 0.71) per vehicle.

The lake bungalow stays start at Rp. 2,700,000 (~USD 192.53) per night, and advanced bookings are recommended as there are only 35 bungalows on site.

kamojang green hotel
Image credit: @kamojanggreenhotel_official

Getting there: From Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung, it takes 90 minutes to reach the resort by car. If you are travelling from Jakarta, it takes approximately 4 hours by car.

Address: Jalan Raya Kamojang No.KM.3, Samarang, Kec. Samarang, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat 44161

7. Pulau Ayer Resorts & Cottages – just 30 minutes from Jakarta

pulau ayer resort in pulau seribu
Image credit: Pulau Seribu Resorts

Located on the Java Sea and part of Pulau Seribu (The Thousand Islands), Pulau Ayer Resort and Cottages on Ayer Island is only a 30-minute boat ride from Jakarta, making it one of the closest islands to the capital. This makes it a convenient getaway to escape the busy city.

All of the villas are built on water and are inspired by ethnic huts from Papua with a modern touch. Mainly built from dark wood, and surrounded by the Java Sea, the beautiful ocean view and quiet atmosphere make the huts a great place to recharge in.

pulau ayer resorts
Image credit: @roykeyohanes

However, if you are looking to let off some steam on the water, the resort provides water sports such as banana boat rides and jet skis. Some activities may include additional charges but bicycles and volleyballs are provided for free.

pulau ayer resorts kayaking
Image credit: Daftar Tour

Packages inclusive of meals, accommodation, and a speed boat round trip from Ancol start from the 2-day, 1-night packages from Rp. 1,040,000 (~USD73.84) per person, or the 3-day, 2-night packages from Rp. 1,880,000 (~USD134.07) per person.

Getting there: The only way to get to the resort is by speed boat. Rides take 25-30 minutes and start from the pier in Ancol, North Jakarta.

Address: Anyer, Jl. K.H. Samanhudi No. 47-49, Pulau Untung Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu Selatan, Pulau Untungjawa, Kepulauan Seribu
Telephone: 3852004

8. Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa by Astadala – floating breakfasts in a lagoon

villa seminyak estate and spa
Image credit: @villaseminyakestate

If you’re looking for something luxurious but still want to enjoy Bali’s natural beauty, you can opt for Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa by Astadala. The resorts’ lagoon villas (from Rp. 518,000, ~USD36.31/night) offer direct access to a beautiful 60m lagoon-inspired pool so you can take a dip any time, or try the villa’s in-house floating breakfasts.

pura petitenget
Image credit: Bali Luxury Villas

Only a 5-minute car ride to Seminyak beach, the resort’s central location makes it easy to find activities and enjoy Seminyak’s hip nightlife. You can start your day by visiting a traditional Balinese temple, Pura Petitenget, that’s only 11 minutes by car from the villa. It features majestic Balinese stone carvings and offers wide spaces for you to sit back and take in the peaceful vibes.

If you choose to do water sports or other outdoor activities, you can choose to take tour packages that include pick-up and drop-off service from your villa. Some of them include a Bali snorkeling tour at Blue Lagoon (from Rp. 494,147, ~USD35) per person or Bali ATV beach activities from Rp. 694,000 (~USD49.16) per person.

banana boat in bali
Image credit: Seminyak Bali Villas

After a day full of activities, you can sit back and relax at the hotel spa, Lagoon Spa Seminyak, offering a wide range of Balinese massages, foot baths, and facial treatments starting at Rp. 637,000 (~USD44.64) for 1.5 hours.

Getting there: This water villa resort is a 25-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali.

Address: Jl. Nakula Gg. Baik-Baik, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Telephone: 735566
Website | Lagoon Spa Seminyak website

Water villas in Indonesia to book for your next getaway

Pictures certainly do not do justice for these 8 beautiful resorts with water villas in Indonesia where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Indonesia’s nature for a fraction of the cost. Living the Maldives dream may be achievable after all.

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