Ali Kopi introduces alcohol-free Kopi Baileys

Es kopi susu (iced coffee with milk) that’s usually mixed with palm sugar, or gula aren, has enjoyed a steady popularity among coffee lovers. Many coffee shops offer their own spin on es kopi susu, making it challenging to stand out among the crowd if you’re not already a household brand such as Tuku or Kopi Kenangan.

But that isn’t fazing Ali Kopi, a local coffee chain that has branches in Jakarta and Palembang, that’s offering us a new drink – alcohol-free Kopi Baileys.

A Bailey’s drink that everyone can enjoy

Ali Kopi Kopi Baileys - Promo post
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Although Ali Kopi has its own regular iced coffee – named Iced Kopi Ali (Rp. 20,000, ~USD1.37) – those looking for a more fragrant and creamier aftertaste should try the Kopi Baileys, which is also listed as Irish Coffee (Rp. 25,000, ~USD1.72) on the menu.

The name Baileys, a famous cream liqueur from Ireland, may at first raise eyebrows among coffee drinkers who don’t consume alcohol. But Ali Kopi wants everyone to be able to enjoy this drink, so they use a non-alcoholic variant of the creamer in the mix.

It’s a win-win situation, as curious customers will get to try a drink that exudes Baileys’ signature sweet fragrance with a dollop of whipped cream without having to change their habits.

The quest to stand out from the crowd

Ali Kopi Kopi Baileys - Es Kopi Bang
Es Kopi Bang
Image credit: @alikopiroastery

This isn’t Ali Kopi’s first time offering us an unusual kopi concoction. In addition to introducing alcohol-free Irish Coffee or Kopi Baileys, the coffee chain also went viral earlier this year when they introduced Es Kopi Bang (Rp. 20,000, ~USD1.37), an iced coffee that uses kecap (sweet soy sauce) instead of sugar.

This unique drink is the result of Ali Kopi’s collaboration with big kecap brand, Kecap Bango, whose sauce is normally mixed with mie or bubur Mayan. Es Kopi Bang has a subtle savory aftertaste that may catch es kopi connoisseurs off guard, but it’s a true novelty that continues to attract attention. 

Indonesian coffee shops keep offering us new drink combos

There’s nothing new under the sun, but innovation is often the result of combining already existing and even very familiar things. We often come across the evidence in the Indonesian food and beverage industry – Ali Kopi’s drinks being some of the tasty examples. 

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Cover image adapted from: Ali Kopi and @alikopiroastery

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