Woman paints bowl of noodles on her face

Fandoms are often great sources of creativity, and the instant noodle fandom in Indonesia is no exception. We’re huge fans of our instant noodles, and while Indomie is internationally known, there are many local contenders such as Mie Sedaap and Sarimi that also get their fair share of love.

One would think that the highest form of appreciation for a bowl of noodles is to eat it, but an Indonesian member of Dunia Mie Instan, a public Facebook group for instant noodle aficionados, proves that you can also express your love by painting a bowl of noodles on your face.

When your love for noodles is written all over your face

Face paint noodles - girls paints noodles on face
Netizen paints bowl of noodles on her face
Image credit:
Mega S 

Mega S, a member of Dunia Mie Instan, which currently has almost 50,000 members, uploaded a post that contains a photo of her face and a bowl of noodles. The picture of the bowl of noodles makes sense – this is, after all, an instant noodle fan page

Face paint noodles - bowl of noodles
Mega’s actual bowl of noodles 
Image credit: Mega S 

It is the selfie that bumps up her fandom cred, as it shows a highly detailed hand-painted bowl of noodles – complete with chopsticks poking out of the sea of mie – on her face. Mega even painted on Boncabe, a popular brand of chilli flakes often sprinkled on various types of meals, to heighten the visual effect.

Face paint noodles - facebook post
Mega’s caption for the two photos
Image credit: Mega S 

She wrote a short introduction to her photos, which can be translated into: “I love eating noodles with Boncabe so much that I face painted a bowl of mie and put actual Boncabe on my face. I swear it’s so hot but I like it.”

Her post currently has over 1,000 likes and more than 100 comments, showing the noodle community’s admiration for her creativity.

There’s a fandom for everything on the Internet

Face paint noodles - meme 1
Image credit: Dilah

Other posts you can find on the group’s feed include countless photos of members’ bowl of noodles as well as memes. Dilah, for example, shared a “label yourself” type of meme that she claimed to have found on Google.

There are nine noodle personalities to choose from; including “Aesthetic Club” for fancy foodies who plate their affordable mie as if it were straight out of a hotel restaurant, and “No Nasi No Life” (no rice, no life) for carb cravers who load noodles and rice onto the same plate.

Some other hilarious ones include “Teriakan Lambung” (The Stomach’s Wail) for people who overdo the chilli sauce and “Sakit Tapi Tak Berdarah” (in pain but not bleeding) for hungry noodle lovers who miss the strainer as their noodles, or “sadmie”, fall into the sink, and end up wasting what would have been a good bowl.

Face paint noodles - meme 2
Image credit: Marsa Mat

Another member, Marsa Mat, posted their own Indomie graph that ranks different flavors on a 5-level tier system with “god tier” at the top and “s*it tier” at the bottom. Indomie’s classic Soto Mie flavor and the relatively new Mie Goreng Ayam Geprek flavors occupy the highest tier, though there are members who disagree.

Indonesian woman paints bowl of noodles on her face, fans post instant mie memes

Facebook groups such as Dunia Mie Instan prove that even instant noodles can bring people together and make them happy. Fandoms might sometimes be portrayed as toxic communities, but they certainly don’t have to be. Creativity and social connection can also blossom in such places.

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Cover image adapted from: Mega S 

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