Artist Angki Purbandono’s instant noodle art

When it comes to art, the sky’s the limit. Artists are constantly pushing boundaries – such as by using ordinary objects to help us see everyday life in a new way – and that includes using instant noodles such as Indomie that you can find in almost every Indonesian household. 

Using scanography, which is similar to photography, to create highly detailed noodle and food dioramas with the help of a scanner, Angki Purbandono has created art such as Batman and The Noodles that features the caped crusader mysteriously entangled in instant noodles.

Batman wrestles with instant noodles 

Batman and The Noodles (2020) by Angki Purbandono
Batman and The Noodles (2020) by Angki Purbandono
Image credit: @angki_pu

Angki Purbandono, who’s known for his scan art, is from Yogyakarta, a cultural hotspot in Indonesia. His technique of choice results in images that show the smallest details often missed in conventional photographs. 

His piece Batman and The Noodles (2020) features a toy figurine of the DC comic superhero wrestling with instant noodles against a pitch-black background, which draws even more attention to the main subject of the image.

Batman and The Noodles will be among the many pieces of artwork featured in this year’s online version of Art Jakarta (19th October-15th December 2020), an annual art fair normally held at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Superman Is Dead (2010) by Angki Purbandono
Superman Is Dead (2010) by Angki Purbandono
Image credit: @angki_pu

Batman’s not the only superhero that Angki’s used in his art. In 2010, he made a piece entitled Superman Is Dead, which features a barely visible Superman action figure swallowed by instant noodles. 

Part of a series called Noodle Theory, the piece is meant to convey the negative health effects – particularly on some people with asthma – of monosodium glutamate or MSG, a key ingredient in instant noodles.

Angki further stated that such flavor enhancers also contain extracts that aren’t suitable for those on plant-based diets, and . . . superheroes, such as the Superman figurine who fell victim to the noodles in the artwork.

Unique anchovy and octopus scan art by the artist 

Be Nice! (2012)
Be Nice! (2012) by Angki Purbandono
Image adapted from: The Artling

Angki’s body of work doesn’t only encompass noodles and superhero figurines. He has also used the common cooking ingredient anchovies, as seen in his 2012 piece entitled Be Nice! In this image, a toy in the shape of a woman appears to be scolding the four small fish. 

Octopus (2012)
Octopus (2012) by Angki Purbandono
Image adapted from: The Artling

Octopus (2012), an octopus with an eye-catching sunflower for a head, will make you a little bit confused as to how you should feel as it gives off a mix of eerie and playful energy.

To see more of Angki’s work, click here

Instant noodle art by a local artist

As Angki Purbandono proves, artists can use many everyday objects to create something that people can reflect on. With the help of technology – including common electronic devices such as scanners – they can materialize their unique ideas. Through noodle art, a clear message can still be conveyed to art enthusiasts.

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Cover image adapted from: @angki_pu and @angki_pu

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