Bali beaches reopen with health protocols

Bali, home to world-famous beaches and unique sites, is getting ready for a gradual increase in touristic activities after months of COVID-19 social-restrictions. Hotels in the region have been implementing health and hygiene measures in efforts to prevent the virus transmission, but great caution still needs to be taken as Bali has reported a total of 2,358 confirmed cases as of 14th July 2020.

As the open-air nature of beaches is believed to have a lower risk, Bali beaches have now reopened. However, the number of visitors will still be limited in the initial phases.

Bali beaches begin to welcome a limited number of visitors

Bali beaches reopen - Sanur
Image credit: @putu_sabada_kusuma

Last Thursday (July 9) marked the reopening day of Bali beaches, and all visitors are expected to stick to the new health measures in place. As reported by The Jakarta Post, local COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson I Dewa Gede Rai announced that while visitors can now go to beaches, the number of visitors at any one time will be limited.

The number of visitors allowed on the beach will be determined by the length of the coast of each beach. Sanur Beach, for instance, is 3KM long, and only 75 people are allowed to be in specific points along the beach at a time. This is to ensure that beach goers can maintain a safe distance from one another.

Bali beaches reopen - guards in Kuta
Guards in Kuta
Image credit: CNN Indonesia

There are several entry points along each beach, where a guard will keep count of the number of visitors. While on the beach, visitors are required to stay at least 2M away from each other.

Staying safe on the beach

Bali beaches reopen - Seminyak
Image credit: @art_of_sun

Visitors are required to carry hand sanitizers and encouraged to wash their hands frequently so that on top of maintaining a safe distance from others, they can also keep their hands clean.

Bali beaches reopen - Surfers in Kuta
Surfers in Kuta
Image credit: CNN Indonesia

Activities such as flying kites, which is a popular beach activity in Bali, are still prohibited, though surfing and swimming are allowed.

Tourists will be allowed into Bali in three waves

Bali beaches reopen - visitors in Kuta
Image credit: CNN Indonesia

To prevent overcrowding and the possibility of creating new clusters, Bali is welcoming tourists in three phases. Tourist destinations have been open to local visitors since 9th July 2020, which will be followed by domestic tourists who are allowed in starting from 31st July.

The last group to be able to enter Bali will be international tourists, who will be allowed in from 11th September, and the situation will be constantly monitored to ensure the safety of both locals and tourists.

Stay tuned here for further updates on the local, domestic, and international tourism changes in Indonesia.

Take care of your health if you decide to spend a day at the beach

Residents of Bali will still need to take good care of their health when at the beach, even if these open areas may not involve as many risks as indoor spaces. As Bali beaches reopen to visitors, always practice physical distancing and have hand sanitizer and masks with you. 

Until the number of COVID-19 cases significantly decrease, let’s stay on the safe side even though it might not give us the beach experience we normally envision in our minds.

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