Indonesian movie theaters to reopen on 29th July 2020

Movie theaters are extremely popular in Indonesia. They’re not only readily available, but they’re also quite affordable – with tickets in Jakarta ranging from Rp. 35,000 (~USD2.40) to Rp. 75,000 (~USD5) during weekdays, depending on the location. 

However, the pandemic has forced theaters to postpone operations, and many Indonesians have had to resort to other forms of entertainment that’s accessible from home – Netflix being one of them.

While COVID-19 has not gone away, Gabungan Pengelola Bioskop Seluruh Indonesia (GPBSI), an Indonesian movie theater management association that includes giants such as XXI and CGV, has recently announced that it’s currently preparing health measures before opening theater doors to movie fans on 29th July 2020.

Movie fans can soon enjoy the big screen, but must take extra precautions

Indonesian cinemas to reopen on 29th July - woman at a movie theater
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Movie fans may be excited by the prospect of heading to see new movies on the big screen after months of consuming entertainment from their computers or phones, but the experience will be different as we still have to still take our health and that of others into account.

As with other businesses that have reopened to date, movie theaters are required to follow the guidelines specified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also launched a national campaign by the name of Indonesia Care, which is based on the aforementioned guidelines.

Indonesian cinemas to reopen on 29th July - Indonesia care press conferenceMinister Wishnutama Kusubandio (center) at Indonesia Care press conference on 10th July 2020
Image credit: Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

The Indonesia Care campaign aims to maintain a safe environment in restaurants, tourist attractions, shops, gyms, and other public facilities. Such places, including cinemas, must make sure that they operate at 50% of their usual capacity, disinfect their facilities at least three times a day, provide handwashing necessities, check visitor and worker temperatures, require the use of face masks, enable proper physical distancing, and more.

XXI’s specific protocols in place

Indonesian cinemas to reopen on 29th July - XXI guidelnes 1
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XXI’s theaters are among the chains of Indonesian movie theaters to reopen that are included in the GPBSI. Customers can refer to its infographics detailing its health measures on their Instagram page, so that they know what to do and expect at its theaters once 29th July comes round.

Indonesian cinemas to reopen on 29th July - XXI guidelines 2
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Movie-goers will be strongly encouraged to use online services to purchase tickets and snacks, and they will also be required to maintain a safe distance from others in the studio. Other measures include wearing face masks when queuing, sitting in the waiting area, or going to the toilet

Make sure you study up on the guidelines before deciding to go to your favorite theater

There’s still plenty of time for you to prepare so be sure to keep yourself updated on the guidelines prepared by favorite movie theaters such as XXI, CGV, and Cinépolis through their social media accounts. Watching a movie with so many restrictions might not be ideal, but let’s keep our collective wellbeing in mind.

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