Bali is set to welcome tourists in July 2021

Bali, the island of the gods, may be all set to welcome foreign tourists in the beginning of July this year, as COVID-19 vaccinations pick up pace in Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. 

With almost all of the tourism and healthcare front-line workers in Indonesia fully vaccinated, the general public in Bali can now begin to get their jabs.

A travel corridor will be established

Ngurah Rai International Airport
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In hopes to reinvigorate the local economy, President Joko Widodo has given the green light for Bali to re-open to tourists in July. However, at the moment, only Bali’s green zones including Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Sanur are allowed to open for tourists to stay.

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The term “green zone” refers to areas that have little to no COVID-19 cases. The government is focusing on speeding up vaccinations in the “green zone” areas so tourists can safely stay in those areas.

Only tourists from a few countries may enter Bali

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A few restrictions will still be in place for tourists entering Bali, and to ensure safe travel, the local government and the Ministry of Tourism will be establishing a “travel corridor arrangement” with several countries. Qualifying countries will be those who have been successful in containing the spread of COVID-19, have high vaccination rates, and which can reciprocate the benefits. 

Although the official list of tourist restrictions and countries has not been disclosed yet, in a media briefing, the minister of tourism Sandiaga Uno gave examples of a few countries whose citizens are eligible to travel to Bali – including the Netherlands, China, the UAE, and Singapore.

The race to vaccinate Indonesians continues

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So far 10.5 million Indonesians have been fully vaccinated, which is equivalent to 3.8% of our population. Nationwide vaccinations that began in April have been going on as per the government’s schedule. 

Major provinces such as Jakarta and Bali are accelerating vaccine distribution to attain herd immunity, which will give Indonesia the confidence to re-open its borders. Currently, only 300,000 people in Bali have received their jabs, and around 3 million people are required to get their vaccinations to achieve herd immunity in Bali. 

The vaccination race continues as Indonesia is expecting more vaccine deliveries in the coming weeks.

Bali welcomes tourists, seeking economic recovery through tourism

The small island of Bali that heavily relies on tourism for its source of income, and typically contributes to around 40%-50% of tourism revenue in Indonesia, has been greatly affected by the pandemic. 

Though this has led to many businesses shutting down, locals losing their jobs, and foreigners leaving Bali, authorities are keen on getting businesses in Bali to be back up and running. 

We hope Bali can re-open in July and travel can resume safely, and that Indonesia can slowly allow many more countries to come and visit Bali. 

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