KFC Naughty by Nature and Swallow release limited-edition sandals

Ramadan means nightly trips to the masjid for tarawih to nourish your soul, and trips to the masjid mean the never-ending struggle to find comfortable sandals to wear while praying that no one will steal them – we all know how rampant sandal theft can get in a crowded masjid, even during the holiest month of the year.

Enter the good old sandal jepit Swallow – but please don’t raise your eyebrows just yet. We’re not talking about those plain, nondescript sandals that you can easily lose in a sea of similar footwear at the masjid. We know you want to aim higher.

Say hello to Swallow’s latest limited-edition green and brown sandals, released in collaboration with – wait for it – KFC Naughty by Nature.

Nobody asked for KFC-themed sandals, yet here they are

kfc naughty by nature x swallow - 1
Image credit: KFC Naughty by Nature

We’re pretty sure that KFC-themed sandals were not on anyone’s wish list this Ramadan, but they certainly are a surprise that we can live with.

kfc naughty by nature x swallow - 2
Image credit: KFC Naughty by Nature

The sandals are the latest surprise pulled by KFC Naughty by Nature, marketed as the fried chicken giant’s healthier alternative – complete with a salad bar.

kfc naughty by nature in south jakarta
KFC Naughty by Nature in Senopati, South Jakarta
Image credit: KFC Naughty by Nature

Understandably, many got weirded out when its sole outlet first opened in Senopati, South Jakarta in October 2020, questioning why anyone would get their healthy food fix at a restaurant whose name is pretty much synonymous with fried chicken.

Nevertheless, it has grown to become one of Senopati’s hottest hangouts since with its open kitchen concept and music station.

These are not the first KFC-related footwear

Remarkably, KFC Naughty by Nature x Swallow sandals are not the first KFC-related footwear released. The honor belongs to KFC Crocs, a collaboration between KFC and the iconic clog brand.

kfc crocs
Image credit: Crocs

Unlike the Swallow sandals, which sport a simple design that includes KFC Naughty by Nature’s logo, KFC Crocs do not shy away from displaying the fast-food chain’s signature fried chicken in the design, complete with fried chicken-shaped – and scented – Jibbitz charms.

We like to think it’s a good thing that the Swallow sandals do not in any way resemble or smell like a fried chicken, considering its release during a month where Muslims fast during the day.

KFC Naughty by Nature and Swallow release limited-edition sandals

Now that you’re ready to flex these limited-edition sandals for your next trip to the masjid, you can preorder a pair on Tokopedia or make a purchase at KFC Naughty by Nature’s outlet in Senopati for Rp. 88,000 (~USD6.03).

Just don’t forget to pray harder that no one will steal them while you’re doing tarawih, because chances are it will be quite difficult to find a replacement as these sandals are – in case we haven’t made it clear – limited editions.

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Cover image adapted from KFC Naughty by Nature

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