Boba desserts and snacks in Jakarta  

The bubble tea craze has swept many of us Jakartans off our feet, and if you thought the delicious madness of boba wouldn’t grow into something even more mind-blowing, think again. We’ve found a whole range of boba desserts and dishes that spans from sweet to savoury.

From desserts like Boba Milk Tea Cake and Boba Ice Cream to unexpected finds like Boba Ramen and Boba Gyoza, adventurous foodies will want to try out the boba-fied dishes on this list.

1. Ichiro Ramen Market – ramen and gyoza with boba on top

boba on ramen and gyoza
Image credit: @keluarmakan

Ichiro Ramen Market is ready to make your jaw drop with its Boba Ramen and Gyoza. Instead of regular sweetened tapioca pearls, Ichiro Ramen tops its dishes with garlic-flavored boba which complements the taste of these iconic Japanese dishes.

Ichiro Ramen Market offers many different combinations of toppings and broths, but in case the boba component is enough of a surprise and you prefer to keep the noodle part simple, go for the Superior Chicken Ramen (Rp. 39,900, ~USD2.93) or Dry Abura Ramen (Rp. 43,000, ~USD3.15). There are four levels of spiciness, so you might want to keep it at level one or two if you can’t handle too much chilli.

There’s also gyoza, with either shrimp or chicken filling. Give the Teppan Gyoza (Rp. 51,000, ~USD3.74) a go and watch as the boba sizzles on a hot plate, alongside 10 pieces of decadent gyoza and a generous helping of special in-house sauce.

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2. Hong Tang – boba and its buddies in a bowl

hong tang cold boba dessert in a bowl
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There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of treating yourself to a cold dessert on a sweltering hot day. But instead of getting the usual grass jelly drink, ice cream or bubble tea, head to Hong Tang for a treat that combines all three in one bowl.

There are set combinations with four “bases” to choose from – Grass Jelly, Soya, Taro, and Ice Pudding. Each base has a basic bowl with various combinations of toppings, and boba is featured heavily in all of them because its chewiness complements the softness of the other components. Prices range between Rp. 37,000 (~USD2.71) and Rp. 45,000 (~USD3.30).

You can also create your own bowl by combining your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. One scoop of ice cream costs Rp. 15,000 (~USD1.10) and toppings such as boba, coconut jelly, mochi, and durian range from Rp. 5,000 (~USD0.37) to Rp. 15,000 (~USD1.10).

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3. Ban Ban – cream cheese and boba on toasted brioche

cream cheese boba brioche snack
Image credit: @banban.tea 

Ban Ban might be known for its cheese tea and selection of bubble teas, but it also claims to be the first store in Asia to put boba on toast.

Try the Boba Pan (Rp. 29,000, ~USD2.13), which combines boba and cream cheese on a thick slice of brioche. The mild sweetness of the cream cheese really brings the bread and the boba together, making this a unique dessert with a balance of flavors and textures. 

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4. Benedict – boba French toast and cake with Earl Grey buttercream

boba french toast with buttercream
Boba French Toast
Image credit:

Classy French toast and cake are boba-fied at BenedictFor a unique spin on a classic French toast for brunch, you’ve got to try the Boba French Toast (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.40), which comes with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting and your favorite chewy black pearls on top.

boba cake on a plate
Boba Cake
Image credit:

When you feel like having something sweet after a meal or just fancy an afternoon snack, then give the Boba Cake (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.40) a try. The aromatic earl grey buttercream between layers of brown sugar cake already sounds great, but it gets even better with cream cheese frosting, crumble, and of course, boba.

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5. Pan & Co. – fluffy pancakes with boba and brown sugar syrup

fluffy pancakes with boba and brown sugar syrup
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Fluffy pancakes that jiggle when you move the plate very rarely disappoint. They’re soft and melt in your mouth, and even though the pancakes already taste good as is, they go well with a lot of different toppings – including boba.

Pan & Co.’s Chizu Boba (Rp. 59,000, or ~USD4.33) is layers of fluffy pancakes doused with a light cheese cream, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar syrup, and boba. Whereas contrasting textures is key to making boba toast work, the secret to boba pancakes is combining just the right amount of softness and chewiness.

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6. Devon Cafe – black truffle soft-serve ice cream with boba

black truffle soft serve ice cream with boba
Image credit: @devoncafe.jakarta

Reminiscent of Japanese-style parfaits, Devon Cafe’s Black Truffle Bobba (Rp. 55,000, ~USD4.03) is basically a soft-serve ice cream tower turned up to 11.

The luscious black truffle soft-serve is topped with salted milk foam, truffle honey, and corn flakes for an added crunch. If you’re wondering where boba fits into this, take a peek at the bottom of this confection –  the mini pearls act as the foundation.

And when you’re feeling super fancy, you can add on shaved Himalayan truffle for Rp. 30,000 (~USD2.20).

Address: Senayan City, Lower Ground Floor, Jalan Asia Afrika #19, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta 10270
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 9AM-10PM | Sat 9AM-10.30PM
Telephone: 02172781590


7. Hokkaido Baby – boba milk tea cake and cheese tart

boba milk tea cake
Boba Milk Tea Mini Cake
Image credit: @jktfoodlova

Hokkaido Baby enters the boba dessert game with its Boba Milk Tea Cake and Boba Milk Tea Cheese Tart.

The Boba Milk Tea Cake is available in two sizes, the 12CM Picnic Cake (Rp. 250,000, ~USD18.33) and the 7CM Mini Cake (Rp. 46,000, ~USD3.37). It’s a great birthday cake idea for fans of boba.

boba milk tea cheese tart
Boba Milk Tea Cheese Tart
Image credit: @hokkaidobaby 

For those who want a smaller dessert, try the Boba Milk Tea Cheese Tart (Rp. 27,000, ~USD1.98), which adds a unique touch to the already delicious mini cheese tart. You get the best of two very fashionable desserts.

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8. Baiza Sushi – a salmon and boba combo actually works

boba on roasted spicy salmon sushi
Roasted Spicy Salmon Boba
Image credit: @baizasushi

Ramen and gyoza aren’t the only savory dishes that our city’s snack joints have paired with boba. Baiza Sushi takes the trend even further by adding these chewy pearls on top of sushi, making them look like oversized ikura.

For Rp. 48,000 (~USD3.52), have a taste of the Roasted Spicy Salmon Boba. The fish, rice and boba are bound to start a party in your mouth, and it’ll be unlike any other sushieating experience you’ve ever had. The boba isn’t given any additional flavor, so it won’t disrupt the taste of the roasted salmon. It’s there to add texture to the sushi dish.

boba on salmon salad
Salmon Salad Boba
Image credit: @baizasushi 

To taste the salmon and boba without being distracted by the texture of rice, try the Salmon Salad Boba (Rp. 62,000, ~USD4.55).

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Boba snacks in Jakarta that are not bubble tea

Boba isn’t always destined to be with sweet treats such as ice cream and cake – you’ll be surprised by how well it can blend with savory snacks as well. Expand your palate and try these unique boba-fied desserts and dishes next time you go on a snack hunt in Jakarta.

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Cover image adapted from: @keluarmakan and @jktfoodlova