Dalgona coffee challenge in Indonesia

The self-quarantine period is not ending anytime soon, and the itch to go out just gets more and more tempting to scratch with each passing day. The good news is that being holed up at home has the power to trigger our creative side, and since we’re deprived of our usual social interactions, most of us deal with loneliness by sharing our activities online and tagging our friends so that they’ll continue the chain.

A social media trend that very online Indonesians have recently joined is the Dalgona Coffee Challenge. If you use Instagram or TikTok, someone’s successful or failed attempt at whipping up this fluffy coffee may have popped up on your feed. 

A coffee party celebrated alone, together

Dalgona Coffee while working from home - Indonesians join Dalgona Coffee Challenge
Image credit: @f.fahrul.h

Dalgona coffee, which is whipped coffee with a creamy texture on chilled milk, looks like a regular latte in reverse. It’s believed to have been popularized by South Korean influencers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it one of many ways to cope with the extensive self-quarantine period.

Fluffy Dalgona Coffee - Indonesians join Dalgona Coffee Challenge
Image credit: @mariaginting

Indonesians love iced coffee, or es kopi susu, and what we miss even more than the coffee itself is the ability to enjoy it with friends. The Dalgona Coffee Challenge has become the perfect substitute because there’s a sense of group participation even though everyone’s making the coffee and drinking it in their own homes.

Dalgona coffee with chocolate chips - Indonesians join Dalgona Coffee Challenge
Image credit: @abduljabbarsiagan

To spice things up a little bit, you can also add your own touch to the drink. For example, you can sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the whipped coffee.

#Dalgonacoffee dengan kearifan lokal 😀 #samasamadirumah #masakdirumah #dirumahaja #vegan

#Dalgonacoffee dengan kearifan lokal 😀 #samasamadirumah #masakdirumah #dirumahaja #vegan

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Video credit: @mayfitkitchen

TikTok user @mayfitkitchen has even come up with a vegan option so that people with a variety of dietary habits can join in the fun.

Sadly not everyone succeeds, but it’s still fun

Unfortunately, not everyone has come out as victors in the Dalgona Coffee Challenge, but that’s no reason to not post the end result.

This goes to show that apart from being an outlet to soothe our longing to reunite with friends over coffee, the challenge also gives us a reason to test and improve our home barista skills for fun.

Failed Dalgona Coffee but make it aesthetic - Indonesians join Dalgona Coffee Challenge
Image credit: @irmapurid

Instagram user @irmapurid failed at getting the ideal fluff, but that didn’t stop her from uploading a great #aesthetic photo.

Video credit: @oceljoycelyn

Meanwhile, @oceljoycelyn shared her overly foamy Dalgona Coffee on TikTok, confessing that she used way too much water and jokingly blamed the Internet for not telling her how much water she was supposed to use.

cc @hannah next i’ll make it💪🏼 #whippedcoffee #cooking

cc @hannah next i’ll make it💪🏼 #whippedcoffee #cooking

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Video credit: @cigondut

We always know that our expectations don’t always manifest themselves in reality. TikToker @cigondut learned exactly that after hilariously failing at whipping up her coffee.

Make your own Dalgona Coffee

3 Menit 100% Sukses! Resep Dalgona Coffee Tanpa Mixer [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]
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3 Menit 100% Sukses! Resep Dalgona Coffee Tanpa Mixer [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

Video credit: Devina Hermawan

If you want to give the Dalgona Coffee Challenge a shot, you can follow this tutorial by Devina Hermawan, the writer of Indonesian Fusion Foods. Happy stirring, and good luck. 

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Cover image adapted from: @irmapurid and @mariaginting

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