Desserts to order from home businesses in and around Jakarta

Savory snacks are delicious, but some days just call for comforting sweet treats such as brownies, tiramisu, or cookies. They’re especially great for celebrating your much earned me-time after a hectic day or week at work.

If you’re not much of a baker, and you want an alternative from dessert cafes, we’ve put together a list of 8 dessert home businesses in and around Jakarta. To give the home chefs time to prepare your goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth, order several days in advance. You can have the sweets delivered to your house, or you can contact the owner directly to arrange a pick-up.

1. Dapur Nyokap Gue – mom-style lapis legit and buttery rolls

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Dapur Nyokap Gue cranberry lapis legitCranberry lapis legit 
Image credit: @dapurnyokapgue

Mom’s homemade cakes are on offer at Depok-based Dapur Nyokap Gue – which literally means “my mom’s kitchen” – from assorted cookies to the intricate lapis legit.

The classic buttery lapis legit (starts at Rp. 250,000, ~USD17) – which is a painstakingly made soft cake made of thin layers – is available with a fruity twist: Cranberry Lapis Legit (starts at Rp. 275,000, ~USD19).

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Dapur Nyokap Gue Prune rollPrune roll
Image credit: @dapurnyokapgue

You can also get soft Prune Rolls (Rp. 175,000, ~USD12). Other flavors include chocolate and cheese. Other than cakes, fans of popular cookies such as Nastar (Rp. 110,000, ~USD8) and Sagu Keju (Rp. 85,000, ~USD6) will also be delighted to have snacks you can munch on while you work or binge-watch Netflix shows.

As cakes are usually made per order and require time to prepare, it’s recommended that you order 5 days in advance via Whatsapp


2. Madam Seroja – Manadonese klaapertaart and bite-sized putu Belanda

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Madam Seroja klaapertaartKlaapertaart
Image credit: @madam.seroja

Klaapertaart is a Dutch-influenced Manadonese dessert that’s made of a mix of coconuts, flour, milk, and butter. Madam Seroja’s signature dessert is klaapertaart (starts from Rp. 85,000, ~USD6), and it’s sprinkled with a generous amount of shredded cheese, which adds a subtle savory flavor.

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Madam Seroja putu BelandaPutu Belanda
Image credit: @madam.seroja

Aside from klaapertaart, you’ll also find other snacks with a Dutch touch, such as a set of 9 Putu Belanda (Rp. 70,000, ~USD5) – which look like mini tarts – and onbitjkoek, or honey cake (Rp. 70,000, ~USD5).

To order, send a message via Whatsapp to 081398903161 or 08119194808.


3. Atorie Bakes – brownies, matcha cookies, and kinako snickerdoodles

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Atorie Bakes browniesBrownies
Image credit: @atoriebakes

Atorie Bakes’s brownies are soft on the inside, and baked to a nice crisp on the outside – which contributes to the cake’s ideal texture. They’re also not too sweet, and go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Brownies are available in a half-pan (8 pieces) for Rp. 120,000 (~USD8) or full pan (18 pieces) Rp. 200,000 (~USD14).

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Atorie Bakes cookies
A matcha white chocolate chip cookie and a kinako snickerdoodle
Image credit: @atoriebakes

Cookies that are on sale are matcha white chocolate chip cookies and the uniquely-flavored kinako snickerdoodles, which are made of kinako (roasted soybean flour) that gives the cookie a soft nutty taste. Prices start from Rp. 42,000 (~USD3).

Deliveries are made on Mondays and Fridays, and orders are welcome 3 days in advance via Instagram DM. 


4. Toko Kue Troli – original and matcha tiramisu for afternoon tea

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Toko Kue Troli tiramisuTiramisu
Image credit: @tokokuetroli

The word “dessert” may instantly bring cakes and cookies to mind, but let’s not forget other sweet treats such as tiramisu. Fans of soft sweets that melt in your mouth will want to try Toko Kue Troli’s specialty item.

For Rp. 75,000 (~USD5) a box, you can treat yourself to a box of Original Tiramisu that fuses cheesy and chocolatey flavors. For something different from the classic Italian taste, go for the Matcha tiramisu (Rp. 25,000, ~USD2), which is served in a personal-sized cup for you to enjoy as a late afternoon snack or after a meal.

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Toko Kue Troli matcha tiramisuMatcha tiramisu
Image credit: @tokokuetroli

Toko Kue Troli also offers savory snacks such as Choi Pan – shrimp and yam-filled steamed dumplings – for Rp. 7,000 (~USD0.5) each, as well as Cottage Pie (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3).

You can order your treat of choice through Instagram DM, Tokopedia, or Shopee through this link. Be sure to check Instagram for the pre-order dates. 


5. Ding & Co – creamy pudding topped with classic Marie Regal biscuits

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Ding & Co Marie PuddingImage credit:

Most Indonesians have grown up eating Marie Regal biscuits, and it’s safe to say that these snacks have stood the test of time as they’re still being eaten today. But one of the current dessert trends proves that even classics can be given a modern twist – such as Ding & Co’s creamy pudding that’s decorated with these familiar biscuits.

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Ding & Co Marie Rum PuddingImage credit:

Based in Tangerang, Ding & Co boasts several delicious puddings such as Choco Marie (starts from Rp. 65,000, ~USD4.50), which is chocolate pudding topped with biscuits. There are also more mature flavors such as the Coffee Marie and alcohol-infused Rum Regal Marie, which both start at Rp. 75,000 (~USD5). You can request for extra vla, which is a Dutch type of custard commonly used for pudding, (starts from Rp. 15,000, ~USD1).

Ding & Co accepts orders from Mondays to Saturdays starting from 9AM to 8PM via WhatsApp at 081290848603 or LINE Be sure to order 3 days in advance at the very least. All products are best consumed within 6 days, and they must be kept refrigerated.


6. In My Hand by Kanani – sweet banoffee pies and large thin cookies

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - In My Hand by Kanani banoffee piesBanoffee pies
Image credit: @inmyhandbykanani

Slightly similar to tiramisu in terms of texture, In My Hand’s Banoffee Pie is an interpretation of the popular English dessert whose main ingredients are bananas and toffee. Those who like soft desserts, but would like a change from froyo or ice cream, should definitely give it a try (Rp. 70,000, ~USD5).

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - In My Hand by Kanani chewy cookiesCrispy and chewy cookies 
Image credit: @inmyhandbykanani

If you’re more into cookies, the wide cookies that are crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside on offer will satisfy your sugar craving. Sold in sets of three (Rp. 55,000, ~USD4), you can choose from three flavors: classic, chocolate chunk, and cookies & cream.

The cookies can last up to 4 days in room temperature, while the banoffee pies can last up to 4 days in the refrigerator, and 7 days in the freezer.

Send a message via Instagram DM to place your order.


7. Doughnuting Bakery – fluffy potato donuts and comforting cinnamon rolls

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Doughnuting Bakery potato donutsPotato donuts
Image credit:

Doughnuting Bakery offers potato donuts that have a more chewy texture compared to regular donuts, and you can choose from four different toppings: icing sugar (Rp. 6,000, ~USD0.40), chocolate sprinkles (Rp. 7,000, ~USD0.50), cheese (Rp. 9,000, ~USD0.60), and Nutella (Rp. 10,000, ~USD0.70).

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Doughnuting Bakery cinnamon rollsCinnamon rolls
Image credit:

Those who prefer cinnamon rolls can select from four flavors: original (Rp. 12,000, ~USD0.80), cream cheese (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1), nutella (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1), or caramel (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1). You can also get a sampler box for Rp. 65,000 (~USD4.50).

Make sure you send in your order before 7PM via Instagram DM to have your donuts or cinnamon rolls delivered the following day. Note that sourdough requires an extra day to prep, so if you’re thinking of getting some bread with your donuts or cinnamon rolls, place your order at least two days in advance.


8. Nastar Istimewa Madam Nana – jars of cookies to keep you munching happily while working from home

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Nastar Istimewa Madam Nana nastarNastar
Image credit: @nastar_madam_nana

Cookies come in different shapes and sizes, and Nastar Istimewa Madam Nana is ready to treat you to variations of classic Indonesian favorites.

At the heart of the menu is Nastar (Rp. 100,000, ~USD7) – pineapple jam-filled soft cookies – that dissolve in your mouth. Once you take one, you’ll need a lot of effort to stop.

Dessert home businesses Jakarta - Nastar Istimewa Madam Nana Ulat susu pandan
Ulat susu pandan
Image credit: @nastar_pandan_nana

Other cookies include Ulat Susu Pandan (Rp. 100,000, ~USD7), which are pandan-flavored milk cookies that are shaped like cute green worms with chocolate chips for eyes, and Kaastengel, or cheese-flavored cookies (Rp. 130,000, ~USD9).

To order, send a WhatsApp message to 085814868498.


Desserts to order from home businesses in and around Jakarta

The next time you’re looking for some sweets to go with your coffee or tea, you should definitely consider ordering some from the home businesses listed above. These desserts can also make nice gifts for friends and family, as sweets rarely fail at turning a frown upside down.

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