Jakarta’s COVID-19 cases hit new record

There’re only a few more days left of Jakarta’s PSBB transition, but 404 new COVID-19 patient cases were reported on Sunday, 12th July, 2020, the highest spike to occur in a day so far. 

At the same time, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and attractions have reopened with health and hygiene measures in place, so Governor Anies urges residents to keep practicing physical distancing and other protocols.

Jakarta is the region with the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia

Indonesian COVID-19 map as of 12 July 2020
Indonesian COVID-19 map as of 12th July 2020
Image credit: Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force

As of 12th July 2020, Jakarta has had 14,517 confirmed COVID-19 cases, which is about 19 percent of the total number of cases in Indonesia. The national capital is now number two nationwide, after East Java (16,658 cases), and there are continuous concerns regarding the increasing number of cases.

Jakarta COVID-19 new record - Anies Baswedan
COVID-19 update video
Image credit: Pemprov DKI Jakarta

Over the weekend, Jakarta hit new records twice – 359 cases on Saturday (11th July) and 404 on Sunday (12th July). The surge in the number of cases, as Governor Anies Baswedan noted in a video published on 12th July on the Jakarta Provincial Government’s Youtube page, is largely the result of “active case finding,” in which community clinics actively reach out to communities to conduct tests instead of waiting for people to come to them. However, he noted that the number is still very high.

66 percent of Jakarta’s COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic

Jakarta COVID-19 new record - Rapid test
Image credit: DetikHealth

Active case finding efforts have also revealed that 66 percent of Jakartans testing positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic. This shows why mass testing is necessary, as asymptomatic people are less likely to feel the urgency to go to a healthcare facility to get tested.

The fact that many people who tested positive don’t show symptoms means that we have to be extra careful. In the video, Governor Anies strongly urged Jakartans to keep wearing face masks, maintain a safe distance, wash hands frequently, and make sure that the places where we carry out our activities are operating at 50% capacity.

Take extra precautions during this critical phase

Jakarta COVID-19 new record - Jakartans wearing masks
Image credit: CNN Indonesia

It’s best to be safe than sorry when it comes to COVID-19. Although our go-to coffee shops and favorite museums have reopened, we should still be careful and continue to practice physical distancing and wear masks. With more people reentering public spaces, it’s even more important that we keep each other safe. 

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Cover image adapted from: CNN Indonesia

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