Indonesians celebrate Ramadan and Eid on Animal Crossing

The beloved “quarantine game” for Nintendo Switch gamers, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only has it delighted fans with its wholesome features, visuals, and soothing soundtrack, it has also shown how much room it has for creativity.

Sharing design codes is one of the fun bits of the game, and Indonesian ACNHers have made some cool designs with a local touch. While playing the game alone is already a joyful experience, what makes the Animal Crossing series so popular is that it allows you to share the joy of the game with your loved ones via online play.

It’s no surprise that Indonesian ACNHers have brought Ramadan and Eid celebrations to their in-game islands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it’s not the same as meeting in person, you can still “see” your friends and family without risking each other’s health.

ACNH’s online gaming feature brings people together

ACNH has become so popular even to non-players since its Nintendo Switch release that you might have probably come across memes or screencaps on social media. But to quickly summarize what the game is about, players get their own island which they can share with up to 10 cute animal characters

The only real “task” is to decorate your island, – you can do this by growing flowers, or even trying your hand in the “stalk market” by buying and selling turnips. You can also catch seasonal fish and bugs. And of course, you can invite or visit other players. 

So to soothe the loneliness of Ramadan and Eid spent in quarantine for players who practice and celebrate these traditions, ACNH has become an ideal gathering place.

Tarawih on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @piipiipau

Twitter user @piipiipau made a prayer room on her island – complete with praying mats and a podium – where she and her guests pretended to do the tarawih evening prayer together.

Indonesians spend Malam Takbiran on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @piipiipau

The night before Eid, or what Indonesians typically refer to as Malam Takbiran, @piipiipau posted a video of her along with two guests running through the island while banging on tambourines.

Sharing the spirit of Eid festivities

It’s hard to spend a celebration that’s usually spent with family and friends during quarantine, but the wholesome greeting card-style screenshots taken by players may warm your heart.

Eid Mubarak greeting on Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image credit: @andrahaha

Avid ACNHer @andrahaha shared an adorable Eid greeting featuring his and his siblings’ avatars on Twitter with the caption “Eid Mubarak from the Semesta family.” 

Eid greeting on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @alkupra

Another Twitter user, @alkupra, also posted an Eid e-greeting card that shows his avatar accompanied by his fellow islanders. 

Indonesians celebrate Eid with friends on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @alvxb

Meanwhile, Instagram user @alvxb shared a screenshot of his ACNH-self enjoying an Eid feast with a number of his friends.

Queueing for Wudhu on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @alvxb

Even in the game, the gang of friends doesn’t forget to practice social distancing while lining up for wudhu, or ritual cleansing.

Indonesian sarung on Animal Crossing
Image credit: @msofyan

Getting a fresh outfit for Eid is part of the Indonesian Muslim tradition, but with nowhere to go this year, designing a new sarung on ACNH is probably as close as you can get. Twitter user @msofyan shared the design code for a Wadimor sarung so that other players celebrating on their virtual islands can use it too.

Ramadan and Eid on Animal Crossing during quarantine

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and online video games, have made quarantine a bit easier to bear. While it can’t fully substitute meeting your family and friends, it can still bring joy, and most importantly, it can keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Cover image adapted from: @alvxb, @piipiipau, @msofyan, and @alkupra

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