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8 Jakarta Family-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes With Play Areas & Games Perfect For Kids

Restaurants & cafes in Jakarta your kids will love

Eating out with your family can be a rewarding experience after a long week, but if you have young children, siblings, or relatives, settling on a place that will make everyone equally happy isn’t always easy.

We’ve compiled a list of family-friendly restaurants and cafes in Jakarta that don’t only offer tasty food and beverages, but also a play area and even cute animals such as cats and bunnies to befriend.

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1. Mamain – a cafe with a playground and lots of fun toys

mamain jakarta family friendly 1
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Parents who want to catch up with their friends but also need to stay close to their kids would find Mamain an ideal option. The cafe’s pastel palette gives off a soothing vibe.

mamain jakarta family friendly 2
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While the grown-ups catch up over afternoon snacks and coffee, the kids can explore the playground where there are also lots of toys such as building blocks, toy musical instruments, and kitchen sets for them to choose from. It’s important that you accompany children younger than 4 even though the playground is child-safe.

There are also tables and chairs for the little ones, so they can eat their own meals comfortably. The kids menu features dishes such as Fish and Chips (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.27) and a little Beet Burger in a kid-sized portion that comes with fries (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.27). For drinks, there’s the refreshing Iced Frizzy Aloe Yuzu (Rp. 30,000, ~USD2.18), which is perfect for washing down food and quenching their thirst after spending an hour or two playing.

Address: Jalan Gunawarman #21, 2nd floor, Selong, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12110
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 8AM-8PM | Fri – Sun 8AM-9PM
Telephone: (021) 27932567

2. Brood En Boter – cute and healthy meals for the kids

brood en boter jakarta family friendly 1
Image credit: @broodenboterjkt

South Jakarta’s Kemang area has a reputation for being full of hangout spots that exclusively caters to hip young people, but there’s also Brood en Boter, a café that’s perfect for a casual afternoon snack or relaxed dinner with the little ones.

brood en boter jakarta family friendly 2
Organic Chicken Nuggets
Image credit: @broodenboterjkt

It’s a cozy café that both adults and kids will love as there’s a comfy play area equipped with child-friendly furniture.

brood en boter jakarta family friendly 3
Sausage Cheese Pizza
Image credit: @broodenboter

Kids can choose from cute dishes such as Organic Chicken Nuggets (Rp. 55,000, ~USD3.94) with a serving of rice shaped into a bunny or Sausage Cheese Pizza (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.22) shaped like a dog’s face – they’re both appealing and healthy.

Address: Jalan Bangka Raya #25, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta 12720
Opening hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 02122716167

3. The Cat Cabin – play with fuzzy cats

the cat cabin jakarta family friendly 1
Image credit: @thecatcabinjakarta

Maybe you and your family have always wanted a pet cat, but can’t keep one at home. Come hang out with some pretty cool cats, including which include Persian and Himalayan breeds,  at The Cat Cabin instead. 

the cat cabin jakarta family friendly 2
Image credit: @muthiakenny

In the first hour, you’ll be charged a fee of Rp. 60,000 (~USD4.22) on weekdays and Rp. 70,000 (~USD4.92) on weekends, and Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.51) for each additional hour you spend playing with your new fuzzy friends. While the cats have been domesticated and are used to humans, you should keep an eye on young children when they play with these animals.

As for food, there are dishes such as Lasagna Fusilli (Rp. 40,000, ~USD), Nasi Goreng Pak Jenggot (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.46), and drinks such as Unicorn Tears (Rp. 37,000, ~USD2.60) – soda with strawberry ice cream and blue curacao – and Lavender Latte (Rp. 37,000, ~USD2.60), which is a cafe latte with lavender syrup.

Address: Jalan Kemang Raya #31, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta 12720
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat – Sun 10AM-10PM | Closed on Mondays
Telephone: 02171795243

4. Tamani Kids Cafe – Tamani’s special branch for children

tamani kids cafe jakarta family friendly 1
Image credit: @velladenisha

While Tamani is a well-known Indonesian cafe chain that has multiple branches in the city, the Tamani Kids Cafe in Kemang is one children will love since there’s a playground that has a ball pool, slides, and other equipment. 

tamani kids cafe jakarta family friendly 2
Image credit: @andgilina

The playground ticket is Rp. 48,000 (~USD3.37) per child on weekdays and Rp. 58,000 (~USD4.08) per child on weekends without additional fees so the little ones can play as long as they like. 

Crispy Dory and Fries (Rp. 52,000 , ~USD3.65) and Chicken Little (Rp. 41,000 , ~USD2.88) are the cafe’s recommended kids’ meals, and there’s a variety of refreshing fruity drinks on offer such as Jeruk Kelapa (Rp. 41,000, ~USD2.88), or orange juice with coconut, and Lemon Lime Squash (Rp. 41,000 , ~USD2.88).

Address: Jalan Kemang Raya #5A, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta 12730
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 11AM-6PM | Fri – Sat 11AM-8PM
Telephone: 0217198077

5. Harlequin Bistro – a fancy cafe with a surprisingly huge playground

harlequin bistro jakarta family friendly 1
Image credit: @harlequinbistrokemang

The weekend has finally rolled in and if you want to hang out with your friends and family in a fancy, but also a neighborhood restaurant, then pop by Harlequin Bistro. Though it’s adorned with pretty chandeliers and other classy decor, you’ll be surprised that it’s also totally kid-friendly.

harlequin bistro jakarta family friendly 2
Image credit: @harlequinbistrokemang

There’s a huge playground with a pretend-ship – complete with toys – where kids can spend hours playing while you socialize with the grown-ups.

Treat yourself and your family to some exquisite dishes such as King Prawn Aglio (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5.27) and the bistro’s signature Harlequin Oxtail Soup (Rp. 139,000, ~USD9.77). Wash it down with an assortment of iced tea from Rp. 25,000 (~USD1.76).

Since the place can get a bit crowded on weekends, try to book a day or two in advance.

Address: Jalan Kemang I #10A-B, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta 12730
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 10AM-10PM | Fri – Sat 10AM-12AM
Telephone: 02122707276

6. My BunBun – befriend some adorable rabbits and birds

my bunbun jakarta family friendly 1
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Cat Cabin is the place to go for cat lovers, but if you think you’re more of a bunny and bird person, then My BunBun is right for you. Snuggle up to some adorable bunnies and befriend colorful birds at this cafe. You can also meet some cute guinea pigs.

my bunbun jakarta family friendly 2
Image credit: @mybunbun

With a minimum food and beverage purchase of Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.52), you’ll get to play and take pictures with the sweet animals. The animals have been tamed and trained to be social, and they’re exceptionally well taken care of by the friendly staff.

my bunbun jakarta family friendly 3
Image credit: @mybunbun

To be in tune with the cafe’s theme, order some cute BunPao (Rp. 40,000-Rp. 45,000, ~USD2.81-USD3.16) with an assortment of fillings ranging from strawberry to red bean. Fruity drinks such as Kiwi Refresh and Pineapple Punch (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.52 each).

To make a reservation for 8 people or more, there’s a downpayment of Rp. 500,000 (~USD35.15).

Address: Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2, The Plaza Block 9AJ, Kapuk Muara, Penjaringan, Kota North Jakarta 14460
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10AM-9PM | Closed on Mondays
Telephone: 0818802201

7. Twin House Cipete – a spacious cafe with a beautiful outdoor area

twin house cipete jakarta family friendly 1
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It can be hard to find eateries with large outdoor areas in Jakarta, but Twin House offers a relaxing ambience along with a spacious yard where kids can have a blast playing tag.

twin house cipete jakarta family friendly 2
Mac n Cheese with Buttermilk Chicken
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This place is easily loved by both adults and kids as the cafe’s design is hip and homey at the same time – whether you go for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

There are also delicious dishes available, such as a hearty Mac n Cheese with Buttermilk Chicken (Rp. 70,000, ~USD4.91) that’s a favorite for all ages and Shirataki Goreng Kampung (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.21), which is stir fried shirataki with Indonesian-style chicken and meatballs.

Address: Jalan Cipete Raya #4B, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, South Jakarta 12410
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 8AM-10PM | Fri – Sat 8AM-11PM
Telephone: 081931173518

8. Pingoo Restaurant – see Humboldt penguins at the Jakarta Aquarium

pingoo restaurant jakarta family friendly jakarta 1
Image credit: @onyoh

Part of the Jakarta Aquarium, the Pingoo Restaurant is an ocean-themed restaurant where you can see and feed actual Humboldt penguins in their enclosure. These Antarctic birds are carefully taken care of by professional keepers, and the aquarium has also won multiple awards for its conservation efforts.

pingoo restaurant jakarta family friendly jakarta 2
Image credit: @pingoorestaurant

Here, there’s a children’s section with mini sets of furniture – perfect for the kids to eat on their own.

The restaurant has a variety of dishes, including seafood specialties such as spaghetti with Seafood Tomato Cream (Rp. 85,000, ~USD5.96) and Spaghetti Vongole (Rp. 85,000, ~USD5.96). The kids menu includes Mermaid Fish & Chips (Rp. 65,000, ~USD4.56) and Pingoo American Hero (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5.26), which is a fritter platter.

Address: Neo Soho, Lower Ground Floor, Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Tanjung Duren Selatan, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta 11470
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 02127893422

Restaurants & cafes in Jakarta your kids will love

With these 8 Jakarta eateries on your radar, you’ll no longer come to a dead end when it comes to deciding where to take your family to eat out at a place that the youngest members of your squad can also enjoy.  

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Cover image adapted from: @velladenisha, @mybunbun, @broodenboterjkt, and @onyoh

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