Lady helps neighbors by offering food amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Being cut off from social life for a long period of time will make anyone feel gloomy and lonely, especially after three or four weeks of self-quarantine. 

The good news is that community care still thrives despite physical distancing orders. An 84-year-old Indonesian woman helped her neighbors out by offering them free food at her gate, impressing netizens with her generosity and proving that we do try to take care of each other. 

It’s the wholesome gesture that counts

indomie packs hanging on a gateImage adapted from: @brotherwoodbdg

On Saturday, 4th April, 2020, a photo of several bundles of instant noodle packs hanging on a green gate went viral. According to the caption of netizen @brotherwoodbdg who shared the photo on Instagram, this creative way of sharing food supplies was initiated by an 84-year-old woman. 

Whoever needed noodles could take them for free, and it was also mentioned that in just two hours, 16 people – mostly ojek drivers and kaki lima sellers – had already benefited from the heartwarming gesture.

Inspired by the much-needed wholesomeness, the woman’s neighbors started to bring some of their own instant noodle supply to hang in front of her house. Someone even left a note saying that they hoped to add rice, too. 

Netizens have their faith in humanity restored

netizen comment 1
Image adapted from: @brotherwoodbdg

Netizens quickly poured their thoughts and emotions in the comment section, with most of the reactions being extremely positive. Instagram users @dionnebarbra and @okke.evriana both said how they were moved (terharu) by the news. 

netizen comment 2
Image adapted from: @brotherwoodbdg

Instagrammer @lily.ha hoped that whoever took the instant noodles really needed them – signalling to the hoarding tendencies that have been rampant in Indonesia, as well as other countries. She simply wanted to remind everyone to have others’ needs in mind.

netizen comment 3
Image adapted from: @brotherwoodbdg

Meanwhile, @dyahwidyasari suggested that there should be a note telling people to take the noodles so that those who need them won’t hesitate to do so.

netizen comment 4
Image adapted from: @brotherwoodbdg

And of course, when words fail, heart and thumbs-up emojis take the wheel.

Look out for each other

While we hope that the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia improves for the sake of those who need a helping hand, there’s no harm in finding even the slightest bit of solace in knowing that even in times of trouble, members of communities still look out for each other.

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