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8 Indonesian Youtubers To Subscribe To For A Supply Of Entertainment, From Comedy To Horror & Everything In Between

Indonesian Youtubers to subscribe to for a daily dose of entertainment

Making a living off Youtube is a relatively new profession for most Indonesians, yet you can find local Youtubers in all genres. From gaming reviews to horror stories to investment 101 tips to prank videos to celebrity lifestyles to educational podcasts, you can find just about any genre being touched on by Indonesian Youtubers from different generations. 

To get your creative juices flowing and seek inspiration from their quirky ideas, check out this list of 8 Indonesian Youtubers to find out why millions are smacking their like and subscribe buttons: 

1. Deddy Corbuzier – TV host-turned-podcast master

Image credit: @mastercorbuzier 

Celebrity podcasts are some of the most-watched Youtube videos by Indonesians, as locals enjoy a daily dose of celeb goss. One popular podcaster who never fails to bring in a large number of viewers is television presenter-turned-Youtuber, Deddy Corbuzier

His Close The Door podcast features celebrity guests but is not limited to celebrity news, where Corbuzier is known to ask controversial questions to his guests that even the media are oftentimes afraid to ask. One such example is when Corbuzier discussed and invited the Lemos and Hermansyah families on separate occasions, and attempted to mediate their family feud.  

Corbuzier’s Youtube video with Krisdayanti and her husband, titled Klarifikasi or Clarification.
Image credit: Deddy Corbuzier

Due to Crobuzier’s connection to the entertainment industry and background as a television presenter, he doesn’t hesitate to ask and discuss various topics with his guests, and does a commendable job at digging out information from them. 


2. Atta Halilintar – highest number of subscribers in Asia

Image credit: @attahalilintar 

When speaking about Youtubers, we certainly cannot miss out Atta Halilintar. He is Asia’s no. 1 Youtuber – which means he has the highest number of subscribers not only in Indonesia but in the whole of Asia, at a whopping 27.5 million and counting. 

One of Halilintar’s daily vlogs, in which he buys all the food from a stall to give to the less fortunate
Image credit: Atta Halilintar 

From documenting how he kills time by editing videos and recording songs in a private karaoke booth at home after being diagnosed with COVID-19, to buying up all the food in a warteg to distribute to passers-by for iftar, Halilintar never runs out of over-the-top antics to keep viewers entertained and amazed.


3. Tasya Farasya – most-watched beauty vlogger

Image credit: @tasyafarasya 

Beauty vlogger and enthusiast, Tasya Farasya, is one of the most-watched beauty vloggers in Indonesia. Farasya uploads reviews of makeup, beauty, and hair-care products on her channel. But what makes Farsya different from other beauty vloggers is that she doesn’t sugar-coat her makeup reviews and provides honest reviews of products. 

In addition, she is a talented makeup artist and can be seen doing out-of-the-box makeup looks with tutorials that she uploads on Youtube for her fans to learn with.

A still from Farasya’s makeup tutorials
Image credit: Tasya Farasya 


4. Boy William – Indonesia’s James Corden

Image credit:@boywilliam

Boy William is known as Indonesia’s James Cordon for his show on Youtube called Nebeng Boy that is inspired by James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke. In the show, Boy invites public figures from different professional backgrounds and interviews with them in his car.  The result: you get to see the casual side of Indonesia’s political figures and off-the-cuff revelations from celebrities.

He’s even interviewed President Joko Widodo, and chatted with him about everything from music to politics – who would have known that President Jokowi is a fan of rock music? He revealed to William that he enjoys listening to Metallica and Lamb Of God in his free time. 

Boy William with President Jokowi on Nebeng Boy
Image credit: Boy William 

Catch up on the likes and dislikes of your favourite celebrities through William’s videos that are often always on Indonesia’s Youtube trending list. 


5. Fadil Jaidi – popular prank videos

Image credit: @fadiljaidi

New Youtuber Fadil Jaidi started his channel back in 2020 as a way to keep busy during the pandemic by recording his own pranks on his father. His prank videos quickly went viral and boosted his popularity. 

A still from Jaidi’s Youtube video- waking his parents for Sahoor with a ridiculously loud drum
Image credit: Fadil Jaidi 

You will enjoy his videos if you are looking for something comical, a change of vibe from the more serious videos out there on Youtube. His popular prank videos entail him waking up his father for Suhoor with drums, a fake tattoo prank to shock his family, and dyeing his hair red, to name a few. 


6. Nessie Judge – horror stories and true crime that will send chills down your spine

Image credit: @nessiejudge 

Horror and true crime fans will love watching Nessie Judge’s videos as she deconstructs real-life mysteries and horror stories by providing detailed information on the incident. She has explained mysteries such as the death of Elisa Lam in Cecil Hotel, the Hello Kitty murderer, and conspiracy videos. 

Judge is known for her clarity and in-depth research of each mystery and horror case she deconstructs, which her fans appreciate because she goes beyond what we see on television or social media. 

A still from Nessi Judge’s Youtube video about murders in Panama
Image credit: Nessie Judge 

If you like to watch horror and mysterious cases from around the world, you should give Nessie Judge’s videos a try, but be prepared for sleepless nights. 


7. Jess No Limit -gaming videos and reviews

Image credit: @jessnolimit 

If you are into online gaming and want a sneak peek into a particular online game before you purchase it, you can check out Jess No Limit’s Youtube videos. His videos cover himself playing games such as Mobile Legends and has sparring videos as well as tutorials. 

A still from Jess No Limit’s youtube video
Image credit: Jess No Limit 

But what makes Jess No Limit different from other Youtube gamers and is the most-watched gamer in Indonesia is that he keeps his audience entertained through his humour, and allows viewers to watch how he plays his games without hiding any cheat codes or information from them. 


8. Raditya Dika – webseries and investment tips

Image credit: @radityadika 

Stand-up comedian and Youtuber Raditya Dika is best known for his comedy web series and investment tips videos that he uploads to his Youtube page. With his comedian background, Dika has uploaded his comic web series on Youtube that discusses various topics from his wife, Anissa Aziza to debt collectors to horror-comedy, all acted out and produced by Raditya Dika. 

A still from Dika’s web series about debt collectors
Image credit: Raditya Dika 

On the other side, Dika also uploads investment tip videos targeting his younger audience, talking about everything from the stock market to cryptocurrency. Whether it is comedy or business-related, his content gets many viewers curious about money management glued to the screen. 


Indonesian Youtubers gaining recognition for their creativity

Bored Indonesians now have access to so many different videos made by locals, from investment tips to podcasts to comedy to horror, to kill time and deepen our knowledge on certain topics.

If you’re thinking of creating your own Youtube channel, it’s worth checking out these 8 Indonesian Youtubers for inspiration too. 

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Cover image adapted from @fadiljaidi , @tasyafarasya, and @jessnolimit  

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