South Shore Beach Lounge in Yogyakarta

While it might seem that Bali has got the market cornered in terms of beach clubs and lounges, the rest of Indonesia does have some aces up their sleeves. Along the southern coast of Java is where you’ll find the South Shore Beach Lounge, a little slice of Greek-inspired haven that seems to be airlifted straight out of Santorini.

With an infinity pool sitting on a cliff that overlooks the Indian Ocean, you won’t find yourself missing Bali’s ambiance while sipping on the lounge’s original cocktails.

Beach lounge on the southern coast of Java

south shore beach lounge jogja - stairs
The entrance steps are decorated with welcome messages in various languages
Image credit: @southshore.yk

To the more superstitious locals, the southern coast of Java that’s said to be the home of the fabled Queen of the South Nyi Roro Kidul is rife with mystical tales. But from our observation, the only thing mystical about the South Shore lounge might be its gorgeous views.

south shore beach lounge jogja - sea view
South Shore’s cliff top location offers a great vantage point of the Indian Ocean
Image credit: @marveniameiyen

Perched on a cliff right above the Ngandong Beach, the lounge rewards visitors with an unparalleled view of the ocean and the small Watulawang coral island just off the coast.

south shore beach lounge jogja - white staircase
While the ocean view is the spotlight, the venue itself actually looks great in photos.
Image credit: @mohammadjundi_

This stunning vista is then complimented by the equally gorgeous open-air lounge that makes an ideal sunset-viewing spot along the southern coast.

south shore beach lounge jogja - sunset
With cocktails for company, you can’t help but feel the least bit melancholic when seeing the sunset
Image credit: @abudhiarto

Sightseers in particular would enjoy the infinity pool, which while on the small side, gives you a perfect view of the ocean. With South Shore’s original cocktails in one hand and crimson sky on the horizon, we dare say there’s no better place to spend your weekend evenings than on South Shore’s premises.

Various classic cocktails and Yakult soju

south shore beach lounge jogja - pool
If you’re looking to take cover from the sun, there’s a small indoor bar by the pool
Image credit: @southshore.yk

In the style of Bali’s beach clubs, an outing to South Shore wouldn’t be complete without a glass of liquor to keep you company. Now, while classic cocktails such as Frozen Margarita (Rp. 110,000, ~USD7.67) are always a safe choice, we think you’re better served trying out their repertoire of craft cocktails.

south shore beach lounge jogja - bar drinks
The decadent Chocolate Martini and the Virgin Mojito cocktail
Image credit: @southshore.yk

We particularly like the Chocolate Martini (Rp. 135,000, ~USD9.41), a decadent cocktail-dessert hybrid of vodka and chocolate syrup that works well as an after-dinner treat. For fans of everything Korean, the Soju Yakult (Rp. 230,000, ~USD16.03) can be enticing but do moderate your intake as even though it’s refreshingly sweet, it’s still quite a potent drink.

south shore beach lounge jogja - drink
The Dirty Monkey smoothie, an eclectic mix of banana, peanut butter, and milk topped off with cinnamon powder.
Image credit: @southshore.yk

Mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages are also available with a selection as varied as their liquor. We can’t say the same about the food though, which is currently limited to just small plates and pastas, so we recommend filling up someplace else first if you’re thinking of dropping by.

RSVP-only with two packages available

south shore beach lounge jogja - seating
The sun can get pretty intense around lunchtime, hence we recommend booking the dinner session if you can
Image credit: @arisda2810

At the moment, South Shore only accepts reservations with seven days’ notice and mandatory deposits. Lunch reservations, dubbed the Silver Package (Rp. 100,000, ~USD6.97) come with a Rp. 70,000 (~USD4.88) food voucher and last from 12PM to 3PM.

Meanwhile, dinner reservations or the Gold Package (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.46) come with a Rp. 100,000 (~USD6.97) food voucher with sessions running from 4PM to 7PM. With even more gorgeous views and friendlier weather, we think the Gold Package is worth the surcharge.

south shore beach lounge jogja - view
The deposit covers access to the beach, where you can get a closer look at the Watulawang coral island
Image credit: @southshore.yk

Access to the beach below the club is included in both packages but if you’d like to dip inside the pool, you’ll have to pony up an additional Rp. 100,000 (~USD6.97) when you arrive. There are no refunds available for the deposits though, so make sure you’ve cleared up your schedule before making a reservation.

South Shore is a new beach lounge on the southern coast of Java

Located in Gunungkidul regency, South Shore is about 2 hours’ drive away from the Yogyakarta city center.

Still, with one of the best sunset views in this part of the country, it’s not a bad idea to arrange a day trip to the beach lounge, especially when you take small detours into the many attractions along the way.

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Cover image adapted from South Shore Yogyakarta and @southshore.yk/@tjioherlin

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