Kopi Yor’s Banana Indomilk Coffee gets a boost from Jungkook

Tokopedia’s interview with BTS from two weeks ago was filled with plenty of memorable moments. But one that caught the attention of Indonesian viewers was member Jungkook’s adorable review of local brand Indomilk’s banana milk

BTS fans in Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian ARMY, began scouring minimarts and online shops to get their hands on the drink. Now, local coffee chain Kopi Yor is trending as its Banana Indomilk coffee, originally launched in February 2020, is in the spotlight again all thanks to Jungkook.

Jungkook giving his approval to Indomilk’s banana milk

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As part of an event meant to promote Tokopedia’s online sale event, the e-commerce giant held an interview with the brand’s ambassador BTS. During the interview, Jungkook, known for his love of banana milk, was given Indomilk’s banana milk to try. His approval of the drink became a sort of rallying cry for Indonesian ARMYs.

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Proving that K-Pop fans are indeed a force to be reckoned with, the moment quickly went viral on Twitter. Indomilk’s tweet featuring Jungkook got over 30,000 likes and was followed by replies about how the milk has been sold out in minimarts across the country.

Not wanting to be left out, Kopi Yor capitalized on the moment and used the BTS connection in their Instagram post, which was then picked up by popular food account Jakarta Food Bangers.

Kopi Yor’s Banana Series featuring Indomilk

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The three drinks included in Kopi Yor’s collaboration with Indomilk
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The coffee chain’s banana-flavored drinks, made in collaboration with Indomilk, were first launched back in February. The series actually consists of three drinks, with one of them being coffee-based.

Fans of Kopi Yor’s usual coffee offerings should gravitate towards the Kopban (Rp. 22,000 ~USD 1.50), consisting of coffee mixed with banana Indomilk and topped off with vanilla ice cream. Those with a fondness for chocolate might be interested in Cokban (Rp. 18,000 ~USD 1.23) with the chocolate substituting for the coffee.

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Bosuban flanked by Kopban and Cokban in the background
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Meanwhile, if you’re looking to fulfill your craving for sweets, Bosuban’s (Rp. 24,000, ~USD 1.64) decadent mix of banana Indomilk and gula aren, or palm sugar, topped off with boba and vanilla ice cream is there for your sugary pleasure.

Mixing them with coffee might not be Jungkook’s preferred way to drink milk but we’re willing to bet even the BTS member would approve of Kopi Yor’s little experiment. As with Ali Kopi’s alcohol-free Kopi Baileys, we’re on board with these unique coffee offerings to power us through the work day.

Standing out in Indonesia’s coffee boom

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Es Kopi Yor in the foreground
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Apart from the banana milk coffee, Kopi Yor also has a history of mixing other unique flavors into their coffee. If you’re looking for a switch from your usual ice coffee mixed with gula aren, the chain’s signature Es Kopi Yor (Rp. 25,000 ~USD 1.71), ice coffee topped off with kopyor, a genetically modified coconut that is favored for its sweeter profile, warrants a try.

kopi yor unique coffee
Es Kopi Uma as part of the chain’s Kurma series
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During this year’s Ramadan, Muslims around the country were also treated to the chain’s limited-time Es Kopi Uma, a mix of coffee, milk, and kurma, or date palm fruits. It’s a tradition for muslims to eat kurma for breaking fast, but it’s rare to see kurma being served this way in a drink.

Unique flavors more than just a gimmick

As BTS is widely acclaimed for incorporating a wide variety of sounds in their music, Kopi Yor should also be equally praised for mixing in unique flavors with their coffee. If you’re ever in the mood for a unique caffeine experience, you already have your answer.

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