Jakarta’s M Bloc is to expand by 2021

In 2019, M Bloc Space in South Jakarta’s Blok M area became an instant hit among the city’s arts & culture enthusiasts. The compound, which includes a music venue, dining and drinking spots, as well as stores, was effortlessly welcomed by those seeking an all-in-one hangout spot. 

However, when the COVID-19 wave reached Jakarta, M Bloc had to temporarily suspend most of its on-the-spot activities that made it popular and was closed to visitors until it reopened with extra health and hygiene measures in June.

Despite the pandemic that’s causing many businesses across the country to slow down significantly, M Bloc recently announced that it is currently working on its expansion.

Jakarta’s all-in-one cultural hub 

M Bloc 2021 - stalls
Image credit: @mblocspace 

One of the unique features of M Bloc is that its compound made use of a defunct row of buildings with a distinct vintage architectural style. In the past, the buildings were a housing compound under Peruri (Perusahan Umum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia), where Indonesian banknotes were printed.

M Bloc 2021 - cafe situation
Image credit: @mblocspace 

Fast forward to 2019 and it became an urban cultural compound for young people with an affinity for all things creative to chill out and stay up-to-date with pop culture. Here, you can buy records, find unique knick-knacks, watch live gigs, or eat and drink with friends.

M Bloc 2021 - A man shopping
Image credit: @mblocspace

Located just minutes away from the Blok M MRT station and Transjakarta bus stops, M Bloc is pretty convenient. So plans to expand this space make sense as it can easily become the arts and lifestyle hub that has it all. 

M Bloc Space 2.0 is slated to open its doors in 2021

M Bloc 2021 - m bloc expansion press conference
Image credit: @mblocspace

As reported by The Jakarta Post, M Bloc’s expansion will include the addition of a M Bloc Market, a Museum Gallery, as well as a Community Hall

M Bloc Market is designed to cater to those looking for eco-friendly products and fresh produce offered by small businesses, where the Community Hall will be dedicated to workshops and a variety of educational activities related to the creative industry.

M Bloc 2021 - expansion map
Image credit: @mblocmarket

As a nod to the compound’s history, the Museum Gallery will showcase Peruri’s Indonesian bill printer and other artifacts.

By the project’s completion, M Bloc will have become a 8,000-square-meter compound in one of South Jakarta’s busiest neighborhoods. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the revamped compound

M Bloc 2021 - construction process
Image credit: @mblocspace

The pandemic definitely has had a huge impact on how we perceive time, so the wait for the revamped space might feel super long. But M Bloc has set up a special Instagram account for M Bloc Market, which documents the construction process, giving us the chance to see what’s being done.

Give them a follow if you can’t wait to hang out in its new spaces, and hopefully its opening will take place in a pandemic-free Jakarta. 

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