Korean fried chicken in Jakarta

As the country that first popularized the idea of mukbang, a livestream where the host simply eats, South Korea does not mess around when it comes to food. Their fried chicken in particular might’ve originated from the US but we’re not being hyperbolic when we say that Korean fried chicken has actually surpassed the original.

Crunchy and well-seasoned, Korean fried chicken works both as a full meal or even as a snack. The next time you’re looking for something to accompany you through your K-drama binging sessions, remember these 8 Korean fried chicken restaurants in Jakarta,  all with home deliveries from both Grab and GoFood.

1. Chir Chir – indulgent Korean fried chicken with a generous amount of cheese

chir chir cheezy chir chiqueen
Chir Chiqueen with boneless chicken tenders, potato wedges, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes in a decadent mix of mozzarella and cheese fondue
Image credit: @aj.makan

With Chir Chir, foodies are guaranteed two things: generous portions and equally generous amounts of cheese. This South Korean chain is best known for the dine-in only Chir Chiqueen dish (Rp. 199,000, ~USD13.48 for a family portion), a decadent plate of boneless fried chickens bathed in melted mozzarella and cheese fondue that’s guaranteed to wreck your diet plans.

chir chir korean fried chicken
Chir Chir Chicken Bowl with steamed rice and toppokki, available through Chir Chir 2Go outlets
Image credit: @chirchirindonesia

Recently, Chir Chir has also entered the cloud kitchen game with Chir Chir 2Go delivery-only outlets popping up all over the city. These outlets serve a truncated version of the chain’s menu but you won’t find us complaining as long as we can have some of their garlicky seasoning at home.

chir chir garlicky fried chicken
Garlicky Fried Chicken with soy garlic sauce and crunchy garlic flakes
Image credit: @spiceupyourpalette

As dine-ins are still fairly risky at the moment though, our pick falls to their Garlicky Fried Chicken (Rp. 159,000, ~USD10.86) that’s available for delivery. We especially like how the saltiness of garlicky seasoning and the garlic flakes is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the special soy sauce.

For those with a thing for spicy food, the Spicy Topokki (Rp. 129,000, ~USD8.74) with cajun-battered chicken and toppokki, or Korean rice cakes, served in a bowl of fiery sauce is there to test your mettle. Those looking for a less guilt-inducing option should opt for the Roasted Chicken (Rp. 169,000, ~USD11.45) also available with the garlicky seasoning.


2. Kyochon – sweet and savory honey-glazed Korean fried chicken

kyochon honey korean fried chicken
Honey Whole Chicken with sticky honey sauce
Image credit: @aurelmunchies

As one of the biggest Korean fried chicken chains in the world, Kyochon is probably the most recognizable name on this list. Unlike Chir Chir which leans more into the world of fusion cuisine, Kyochon prefers to stick to the tried and true with their chickens.

Quality over quantity is the philosophy here with the chain offering only three types of seasonings, the original Soy Garlic, Honey, and the spicy Red seasonings. We’re partial to the Honey Fried Chicken (Rp. 199,000, ~USD13.47 for the whole chicken) as the mix of fried chicken and sticky honey sauce is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory.

kyochon mix gangjong chicken
Mix Gangjong light bites with Original sauce and spicy Red Gangjong
Image credit: @kyochon_id

If you’ve got the fear of missing out, try out the Kyochon Mix Wings (Rp. 119,000, ~USD8.06 for twelve pieces) for a taste of all three seasonings. The bite-sized boneless Mix Gangjong (Rp. 85,000, ~USD5.75) with both Original Gangjong and spicy Red Gangjong is also perfect if you’re just looking for some light snacks.

With several outlets spread in shopping malls across the city, Kyochon is also quite likely the one closest to where you live.


3. Young Dabang – Korean fried chicken given an Indonesian twist

young dabang sweet chili chicken
Sweet Chili Chicken with a side of fries and salad
Image credit: @eatandcapture

A favorite for regulars of Senopati’s nightlife scene, Young Dabang is famous for their Friday night karaokes where workers from the nearby Sudirman CBD come to unwind. Off-key singalongs aren’t the only pleasures available here, as the food too measures up to the best Korean restaurants in the city.

Young Dabang’s Korean Fried Chicken (Rp. 167,000, ~USD11.31) is available with a variety of seasonings, ranging from the yoghurt-based Cream Sauce to the classic Sweet Chili Sauce. Recently, they’ve also started adding an Indonesian twist to their menu with the K-Prek (Rp. 164,000, ~USD11.10) series, a Korean version of the local delicacy ayam geprek.

korean ayam geprek
K-Prek Korean ayam geprek series with, clockwise starting from the right, sambal matah, sambal korek, sambalado ijo, and sambal tomat
Image credit: @youngdabangid

Here, the Korean fried chickens are crushed and served with various kinds of Indonesian chili sauce, or sambal, from Balinese Sambal Matah to Padangnese Sambalado Ijo. It’s a bit of an acquired taste but we applaud Young Dabang’s boldness in introducing this menu.

young dabang spicy topokki
Original Spicy Topokki with rice cakes, soft-boiled eggs, and mandu Korean dumplings
Image credit: @tirapatricia

For a more complete meal, make sure to pair the chickens with the restaurant’s signature fusion Topokki (Rp. 94,000, ~USD6.36 for a small bowl). The sauces on offer are just as eclectic, ranging from creamy Carbonara to the calamari-topped Ojang.

Aside from their main outlet in Senopati, the restaurant has also recently opened a second, delivery-only outlet in Slipi, West Jakarta.


4. Cham Cham Chicken – galbi chicken inspired by the hit Korean film Extreme Job

cham cham galbi fried chicken
Galbi Chicken with sweet and salty galbi sauce inspired by the comedy film Extreme Job
Image credit: @chamchamchicken

As foodies, our pick of the best Korean movies of 2019 isn’t the Oscar-winning Parasite, it’s the feel-good cop comedy Extreme Job. This tale of undercover detectives inadvertently resurrecting a fried chicken restaurant isn’t just laugh-out-loud hilarious, it also has the chicken menu they accidentally came up with, the Korean fried chicken with galbi sauce.

Now, Jakartans can also have a taste of that recipe thanks to Cham Cham Chicken located at Green Lake City, Tangerang just past the border of West Jakarta. Their Galbi Chicken’s (Rp. 156.250, ~USD10.58 for a whole chicken) combination of sweet and salty is exactly how we’d imagined it to be.

cham cham onion cream chicken
Onion Cream Chicken with a sour yoghurt-based sauce and slices of onion
Image credit: @chamchamchicken

We’re also a fan of their sweet and sour Onion Cream Chicken (Rp. 200,000, ~USD13.55 for a whole chicken). The mix of creamy yoghurt-based sauce and onion slices is surprisingly refreshing without any of the unpleasantness associated with onions.

Make sure to top off your meal with additional kimchi, or Korean fermented vegetables, and topokki if you’re looking for a fuller meal. 


5. 88 Korean Kitchen – contemporary Korean food from an actual Korean chef

88 korean kitchen buldak chicken
The restaurant’s Buldak (Fiery) Super Spicy Chicken lives up to its name
Image credit: @snapmunch

Started by the popular Korean-born chef/YouTube personality Jun Chef, 88 Korean Kitchen in Senopati is a favorite among Korean expats of the area. If that’s still not authentic enough for you, even the karaoke lounge on the restaurant displays hangul lyrics on screen.

As such, it’s no surprise that the restaurant’s Signature Fried Chicken (Rp. 170,000, ~USD11.51) is as crispy and perfectly seasoned as it should be. We love the chicken enough as is but if you’re looking to add more flavors, the chicken comes with a selection of 3 dipping sauces, sweet and spicy, soy garlic, and creamy white radish.

88 korean kitchen rice ball
The Rice Ball with tobiko, seaweed, and sesame oil is a delightful treat on its own
Image credit: @terkenang.rasa

For those looking for more heat though, the Buldak Super Spicy Chicken (Rp. 190,000, ~USD12.86) is as spicy as advertised but with just a hint of sweetness to balance the flavor. The chicken also comes with a serving of fragrant Rice Balls mixed with seaweed and sesame oil, which for our money is good enough to stand on its own.


6. Jean’s Chili Chicken – affordable buldak specialist

jeans cheese chili chicken
Cheese Chili Chicken with boneless fried chicken in sweet chili sauce and melted mozzarella
Image credit: @chilichick.id

Originating from Sydney, Australia, Jean’s Chili Chicken might score low on the authenticity chart but their taste measures up well to the other Korean fried chickens on this list. As can be guessed by the name, Jean’s specializes in buldak, or fire chicken in Korean.

The chain’s signature is the namesake’s Jean’s Chili Chicken (Rp. 98,000, ~USD6.64 for a large portion) with their homemade sweet and spicy chili recipe. If you’re feeling indulgent or just a fan of cheese in general, upgrade to the Cheese Chili Chicken (Rp. 112,000, ~USD7.59) with a generous dollop of melted mozzarella on top.

jeans chili chicken egg roll
Chili Chicken Egg Roll with minced chicken and mozzarella stuffed inside fluffy omelette
Image credit: @chilichick.id

We’re also a fan of their side dishes, especially the surprisingly tender Chili Chicken Feet (Rp. 68,000, ~USD4.61) which somehow packs a bit more punch than the chicken. If you’re not a fan of chicken feet, try out the Chili Chicken Egg Roll (Rp. 48,000, ~USD3.25) with minced chili chicken and melted mozzarella stuffed inside a fluffy egg topped off with mayo and chili sauce.

The chain currently only has one outlet located in Gandaria City Mall in South Jakarta – but here’s to more in future.

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7. DaGo Restaurant – lightly battered Korean fried chicken

dago restaurant volcano cheese buldak
Go for the level 1 Volcano Cheese Buldak if you feel you won’t be able to handle the heat
Image credit: @tummytami

If you prefer your Korean fried chickens to be less battered with a more natural texture, DaGo Restaurant in Panglima Polim, South Jakarta has got you covered. The restaurant’s philosophy is similar to Kyochon in that they tend to go easy on the batter.

dago restaurant korean fried chicken
The classic Yangnyeom Fried Chicken falls on the sweeter side of the spectrum
Image credit: @biteorbye

Their interpretation of the classic sweet chili Yangnyeom Fried Chicken (Rp. 159,000, ~USD10.77) is also unique as the sauce leans on the sweeter side of the spectrum. If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick though, go for the Volcano Cheese Buldak (Rp. 139,000, ~USD9.42).

Interestingly, DaGo’s buldak has 4 different levels of spiciness to choose from. We feel the standard level 1 already packs enough heat without being overwhelming, so even those who can’t handle spicy food can still taste the decadent mix of crunchy fried chicken, chili sauce, and melted mozzarella.


8. Ojju K-Food – Korean fried chicken wrapped in rolling cheese

ojju rolling cheese chicken
Rolling Cheese Chicken Drumsticks with the cheese in the process of being wrapped around the chicken
Image credit: @hangryhangryclub

You can find Korean fried chicken served with melted mozzarella at several other places but we guarantee you none serve it the way Ojju K-Food does. Their trademark Rolling Cheese menu is served on a hotplate where the cheese is melted first before being wrapped around the protein of your choice; drumsticks, wings, or beef ribs.

We prefer the Chicken Drumsticks (Rp. 149,000, ~USD10.10) as the drumstick’s shape suits the serving methods well. The chicken is served with a side of potato wedges and trust us, while the portion doesn’t seem all that big for the price, it’s much more fulfilling than it looks thanks to the generous amount of cheese.

ojju korean fried chicken
Ojju Fried Chicken cooked to golden, crunchy perfection
Image credit: @ojju.indo

If that’s too self-indulgent, the Ojju Fried Chicken (Rp. 140,000, ~USD9.49) is just as good even without the gimmick. It’s cooked to golden, crunchy perfection and is served with two dipping sauces, Cheese and Sweet & Spicy chili sauce.

Just like Kyochon, Ojju’s outlets are located in shopping malls across the city. The chain has even expanded to the satellite city of Depok, specifically in the Margo City shopping mall.


Korean fried chickens in Jakarta with home deliveries

Crunchy and always well-seasoned, bite-sized Korean fried chicken rank pretty high in our list of tasty treats. Make sure to keep an eye on your tummy though as these Korean fried chicken restaurants in Jakarta – all available for delivery – are so good that it’s easy to lose track of how many pieces you’ve gobbled up!

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Cover image adapted from @chilichick.id, @chirchirindonesia, and @chamchamchicken

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