Kumulo Creative Compound in BSD

For mall-loving Jakartans, the COVID-19 pandemic came as a bit of a wake-up call. With social distancing measures a necessity, enclosed spaces aren’t really the best idea. 

The silver lining: the new Kumulo Creative Compound in BSD, Tangerang, housing dozens of homegrown brands in uniquely designed microshops spread around an open-air plaza – and bringing a literal breath of fresh air to hip Jakartans.

Open-air retail experience with microshops forming a village-like structure

Kumulo’s ambiance is a welcome departure from indoor shopping malls
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

Kumulo takes its name from cumulus clouds – those white, fluffy things we see when we’re not inside our favorite shopping malls – and the name suits Kumulo to a T.

Photo opportunities abound in Kumulo’s picturesque setting
Image credit: @jennieaprilla

Instead of the rows of shops we’ve grown accustomed to, Kumulo adopts a village-like structure with various microshops spread around the grounds.

On especially sunny days, crowds mingle around the steps to take shelter from the heat
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

Painted in a greyish white hue, these small shops resemble the titular clouds with the surrounding plaza giving you just as much room to breathe as the open sky above.

Weekend visitors get to see a glimpse of the all-too-fleeting sights of Kumulo past sunset
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

Aside from being pretty to look at, there’s a sustainable angle at play as well, with the microshops using modular, prefabricated houses that preserve more of the existing land compared to typical on-site construction.

For two-wheeler enthusiasts, Kumulo also provides plenty of bike racks to park your ride
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

Spaces inside are a little bit tight but with so much room outside that even cyclists and pets can have their own fun, we don’t really mind. The way Kumulo is designed, we can enjoy ducking in and out of shops in quick succession until we find something that catches our eye among Kumulo’s rather eclectic selections.

A curated list of artisanal homegrown brands

Tea-based ice cream specialist Manatea Softserve has a shop in Kumulo if you need to cool off for a bit
Image credit: @makanbarengprincess

The ‘Creative Compound’ part isn’t just for show as in lieu of big-name brands we’re all familiar with, Kumulo instead hosts a smattering of niche, artisanal homegrown brands curated by Kumulo’s team. The items on offer cover almost everything under the sun, with F&B, fashion, homeware, and even body care products.

From teas, herbs and spices, to grains, Naked Inc. has everything you need for your kitchen
Image credit: @ardan_achsya

Continuing with Kumulo’s sustainable credo, one of our favorite tenants in Kumulo is the zero-waste grocery store Naked Inc. You’re going to have to bring your own jars if you’re looking to stock up on all the herbs, spices, and grains they have to offer but it’s a small price to pay in helping to ensure there’s less plastic floating in our ocean.

Shuga’s signature Frozen Smores has a dark chocolate mousse filling inside a roasted marshmallow
Image credit: @via.manda

If you’re looking for a more guilty pleasure, drop by Shuga and try out their signature and highly sought-after Frozen Smores before they’re sold out. Especially empty tummies on the other hand should head to one of our favorite Jakarta pizza joints, Sliced Pizzeria, and grab one or more of their New York-style slices.

Aside from the all-natural bodycare products, Pourie also carries bathwear and accessories in its store
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

While the distinctive fragrant aroma of The Body Shop, a mainstay of every shopping mall in the capital, is nowhere to be found, Kumulo has a couple of alternatives. Both Pourie and GoodVibes follow the same ethical and all-natural philosophy as the longstanding brand and for our money, are just as pleasant to the nose.

The FlexSpace out back once hosted the pop-up plant market Tren Semusim
Image credit: @kumulo.bsd

In addition to the long-term tenants, Kumulo also has the FlexSpace dedicated to limited-time pop-up markets and other special events. In the past, they’ve held collaborations with Jakarta’s art museum Museum MACAN and the plant pop-up market Tren Semusim where you’ll find everything you need to inject a little bit of greenery to your work and living space.

Kumulo Creative Compound gives us a new shopping experience in Jakarta

It’s regrettable that it took until the COVID-19 pandemic for Kumulo Creative Compound to roll out their spin on retail therapy but we’re glad they’re here nevertheless. With bright open spaces sitting next to a bevy of niche, artisanal local brands, it’s the perfect destination for those looking for a change of pace from the crowded and sometimes suffocating feel of Jakarta’s shopping malls.

Do note that while Kumulo’s grounds seem ripe for a picnic, you’re not actually allowed to sit on the grass. If you’re looking to take a breather, the open-air shopping center The Breeze next door has plenty to spare.

Address: The Breeze BSD City, Unit Lake Level 77A, Sampora, Kec. Cisauk, Tangerang, Banten 15345
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10AM-6PM | Sat–Sun 8AM -7PM
Website | Instagram

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