Lady Gaga dons face mask by Indonesian designer

When it comes to her wardrobe, no pop star could raise eyebrows the way Lady Gaga does on a daily basis. One look at her iconic meat dress is enough information that the US singer-songwriter absolutely does not mess around in the business of fashion.

As such, it speaks volumes that among all of the eccentric pieces she wore during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), she wore a metallic face mask by Indonesian couture designer Mety Choa.

Lady Gaga wore a metallic mesh face mask from Maison Met

lady gaga facemask indonesia
Lady Gaga’s all-metallic ensemble
Image credit: @megustachannel

The metallic mask in question first appeared when Gaga walked on stage to accept her award for Artist of the Year. She came out with a silver ensemble consisting of a sleek catsuit with a feathered cape from Italian fashion house Valentino and a metallic mesh face mask which believe it or not, was her most understated look of the evening.

Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, revealed in an Instagram post that it was designed by Maison Met, a couture label by Mety Choa. While the metallic face mask is just one of several Gaga wore throughout the evening, it’s also the only one Gaga wore twice on stage.

lady gaga indonesian designers
Lady Gaga accepting the Tricon Award
Image credit: @nicowar_

As she came back once again to receive the Tricon Award recognizing her achievements in the world of music, film, and fashion, the same mask returned with a different, more regal ensemble – a dark but shining crinkled gown with extremely high shoulders.

lady gaga diana putri facemask
Lady Gaga wearing Diana Putri’s face mask while posing with Ariana Grande
Image credit: @dianamputri

Interestingly, Choa isn’t the only Indonesian designer working with Gaga. In an Instagram post, designer Diana M Putri also shared a photo of Gaga wearing one of her specially designed face masks backstage.

This one sported a black and pink color scheme complete with metal spikes and a radiating sun-like motif inspired by Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica.

It’s a testament to Indonesian couture that even fashion icons such as Lady Gaga have recognized our homegrown talents. While this is Choa’s first collaboration with the musician, her designs have been put in the global spotlight several times before.

Jasmine Sanders & Lele Pons have sported Indonesians’ designs

Indonesia’s contribution to the world of fashion is far more than just batik – we’re no strangers to the world of modern high fashion with local designers such as Tex Saverio and Peggy Hartanto turning into global household names. With her increasing influence, it’s probably only a matter of time until Choa belongs in that echelon.

indonesian designers dress jasmine sanders
Jasmine Sanders wearing Choa’s dress for the Art of Elysium gala
Image credit: @maisonmet

Earlier this year, the cover model for the Sports Illustrated 2020 swimsuit issue Jasmine Sanders wore one of Choa’s dresses to a gala.

lele pons dress indonesian designers
Lele Pons at the 2019 Grammys red carpet
Image credit: @maisonmet

Meanwhile, internet celebrity Lele Pons graced the 2019 Grammys red carpet wearing one of Choa’s dresses.

Choa might have only formally started her Maison Met label in 2017, but she’s already giving Indonesians plenty to be proud of in the global fashion scene.

Lady Gaga wore a face mask by Indonesian designers

With 2020 being officially declared the year of COVID-19, it’s no surprise that face masks became the definite fashion statement on this year’s VMA.

It’s pretty heartening then to see our talents being part of that, as Mety Choa and Diana M Putri’s names are now sitting right next to prestigious labels such as Valentino.

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