Indonesian products by local brands & makers

Looking for gifts can quickly become a frustrating mission. Striving to impress someone through an object that you think embodies his or her character can be nerve-wracking, because personal taste isn’t so easy to figure out.

Luckily, there are many Indonesian products by local brands and artists that provide delightfully unique gift options from colorful scarves to artisanal soap bars that look like dessert. The products listed below aren’t only nice to look at, but they’re also functional. 

1. Kandura Studio – unique ceramic cups and mugs for coffee lovers

Kandura Studio
Image credit: @kandurastudio

Kandura Studio took its name from the word kenduri, which means “a big feast.” This is why the Bandung-based studio specializes in making ceramic products that celebrate the spirit of sharing food and drink. 

The studio’s creators experiment with designs and glazing techniques without forgetting to keep functionality in mind when creating their homeware. In order to maintain the quality of their products – which include cups, coffee drippers, and plates, among others – they produce in small batches.

Pictured is the Lombien set. A set of a cup and a saucer starts from Rp. 250,000 (~USD17.75), and comes in several cute colors and sizes: 90ml, 220ml, and 270ml. It’s the perfect present for those who love collecting cups and mugs for tea or coffee.


2. Ardneks – eye-catching colors and unforgettable designs

Image credit: @ardneks

Kendra Ahimsa, more commonly known as Ardneks, is a Jakarta-based artist whose work is a colorful treat for the eyes. With strong links to the local indie music scene, as he is a musician himself, Ardneks’s artwork on his products is influenced by his own music artwork illustration. His ability to mesh pop cultural references together makes his work resistant to easy categorization. 

The fact that Ardneks’ work is hard to pinpoint makes it something that can be appreciated no matter where you’re from. Apart from his A3 prints (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.65), he also sells coastal bags (Rp. 290,000, ~USD20.58), t-shirts (Rp. 250,000, ~USD17.75), and multi-purpose fabric (Rp. 315,000 to Rp. 325,000, ~USD22.36 to ~USD23.07). Ardneks also releases limited-edition products, so be sure to follow his Instagram page for new release announcements. 

He also provides cute and unique packaging materials, so you won’t need to go elsewhere to get wrapping paper.

Ardneks mask
Image credit: @ardneks

As part of #MaskerUntukIndonesia, Ardneks recently co-designed this bright and cheery mask (Rp.39,900, ~USD2.83) that’s a timely gift for your fashionable friends to run essential errands outside in style. For every one you buy, three will be donated to those in need.


3. Phantasien – historical fantasy meets popping colors

PhantasienImage credit: @_phantasien

Illustrator Anindya Anugrah, or Phantasien, draws inspiration from illuminated manuscripts and other historical visual references. Her historical fantasy characters are at once ancient and modern, and translate well onto her imaginative merchandise. 

Her cute plush keychains, which are sold for Rp. 35,000 (~USD2.50) a piece. It’s great for casual gifts, so you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to get it for someone you care about.

Phantasien tote bagImage credit: @_phantasien

Phantasien also makes reversible tote bags (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.87) each, cute sling bags (Rp. 300,000, ~USD21.29) each, and artsy reversible bucket hats (Rp. 280,000, or ~USD19.87) each


4. Studio Tanda – artistically designed jewellery for your loved ones

Studio Tanda 2Seen Rings (silver and gold, center) and On You ring (right)
Image credit: @studio.tanda

Run by two Bali-based artists, Tika and Andre who combined their visual arts training with the art of jewellery, Studio Tanda offers sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver gifts. 

Their Seen Collection looks like a mini portable exhibition. The detail that goes into the small design on the Seen Ring (starts at Rp. 580,000, ~USD41.16) and the Seen Necklace (Rp. 420,000, ~USD29.81) is what makes each piece of jewellery remarkable. If you’re into a simpler look, you can get the On You Ring (Rp. 320,000, ~USD23).


5. Petang Hari – manually woven goods with earthy colors

Petang Hari 2Image credit: @petanghari.catalog

Founded by multi-disciplinary artist Sarita Ibnoe, Petang Hari’s products are manually woven, making them each unique. It only makes sense that they’re not cheap, but your friend will never be caught with any of its items looking like someone else’s. Petang Hari’s goods include pouches, bags, bucket hats, multi-purpose fabrics, and tops in deep, earthy colors.

Petang HariWoven Square Pouch
Image credit: @petanghari.catalog

One of the smaller products is the 16 cm by 16 cm Woven Square Pouch (Rp. 259,000, or ~USD18.38), which is available in three colorways. It can be used to store coins or earphones so that they don’t get all tangled up. 


6. Tulisan – beautiful bags that are more durable than they look

Image credit: @mytulisan

Tulisan is the brainchild of artist Melissa Sunjaya, whose products sport colors that are full of life with designs that honor Indonesia’s rich natural environment. To ensure high quality, the products are made in small batches. They’re definitely not cheap, but they’re made to last. 

Pictured is the casual yet beautiful blue capri Hobo Tote (Rp. 1,398,000, ~USD100) with anadiantum design. It’s also available in light pink, and you can choose from three designs. Made from strong water-resistant, polyurethane coated canvas, the bag is light yet durable and can withstand all types of weather -perfect for those who are always on the go. It also comes with a matching pouch and dust bag.

Other Tulisan products include pouches, clutches, wallets, and a variety of bags. 


7. Imagery Bags – sleek water-repellent bags and carry goods

Imagery Bags
Image credit: @imagerybags

Imagery Bags is a Bandung-based brand that offers a range of bags and accessories with sleek designs. The highlight of its products is that they’re all water-repellent, which is important if you get around the city by bike or motorcycle, so you won’t need to fear your electronics and essentials getting completely soaked. 

Imagery Bags 2
Image credit: @imagerybags

Sling bags, backpacks, and smaller accessories such as pencil cases and dopp kits are the brand’s focus. The colors aren’t flashy, giving it a casual-yet-professional look suitable for students and workers alike.

One of the brand’s most popular products is the Sherman Canvas Bag (Rp. 359,000, ~USD25.50), which can function as both a tote bag and a backpack. It can fit a 13-inch laptop and you can pick from three different colors – black, navy, and olive. 


8. LUEUR – artisanal soap bars with natural ingredients

Image credit: @lueur_handmade

LUEUR makes artisanal soap bars that look so cute you’d think they’re slices of cake. The bars contain natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, milk and coffee, as well as natural colorants. 

There’s something for every type of skin – dry, sensitive, or acne-prone. They’re even safe for babies and children. You can get the Avo Cocoa (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5.39) for dry and mature skin, or the Creamy Honey (Rp. 70,000, ~USD5) for any type of skin. 

LUEUR also makes customized soap, so you can choose the fragrances and colors that your giftee likes. It also provides a gift box for an additional (Rp. 8,000, ~USD0.58). 


Local Indonesian products by local brands for your loved ones

Local brands and artists have plenty of Indonesian products that will make your loved ones happy. There’s something unique for every occasion and since all their catalogs are available online, you can browse and purchase from the comfort of your home. 

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Cover image adapted from: @lueur_handmade, @petanghari.catalog, @kandurastudio, and @_phantasien

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