Pizza restaurants in Jakarta

Nothing brings the family together like pizza can. This classic Italian cuisine has become an inseparable part of many Indonesian family outings, thanks in large part to the enduring popularity of pizza restaurants in Jakarta such as Pizza Hut.

As much as we love our famous pizza restaurants in Jakarta, however, there’s much more to pizza than just Pizza Huts and Domino’s. For pizza fans looking for a change of pace these 8 pizza restaurants in Jakarta might just have what you’re looking for.

1. Pizza Maru – Korean pizza with green tea in the dough

pizza maru cheesy maru oppa
Cheesy Maru Oppa with green tea dough, chicken, broccoli and cherry tomato
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Like the best of K-dramas, Korean pizzas can get slightly over-the-top with their ingredients but they’re no less tasty than even the most authentic of Italian pizzas. If you’re curious, head down to Pizza Maru, a Korean pizza chain that has shaken up the local pizza scene since 2019.

For starters, give the Cheesy Maru Oppa (Rp. 125,000, ~USD8.47 for a large pizza) with chicken, mushroom, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes a go. For the health-conscious, you’d be glad to know that this pizza uses green tea dough mixed with barley, oat, and other healthy ingredients.

seafood chicago pizza pizza maru
Seafood Chicago Pizza with shrimp, smoked beef, double mozzarella, and string cheese
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If that’s not a concern to you, the decadent Real Chicago Pizza (Rp. 160,000, ~USD10.85) with double mozzarella and string cheese might be more your speed. Pizza Maru adds their own touch to this Chicago-style pizza by adding sugar icing on top without overwhelming the savory nature of the pizza.

garlic ganjeong chicken pizza maru
Garlic Gangjeong Chicken with sweet gangjeong sauce
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While pizzas are the main attraction here, their Garlic Gangjeong Chicken (Rp. 78,000, ~USD5.29) is not to be missed. We especially like that the chicken isn’t drowning in the sauce as can be the case with other Korean fried chicken chains.

If you’ve been looking for something to keep you company on your K-drama watching sessions, Pizza Maru is also available for delivery through GoFood.


2. Sliced Pizzeria – New York-style pizza with fancy truffle toppings

special truffle pizza sliced pizzeria
Special truffle pizza with mozzarella, truffle puree and truffle oil
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If your induction into Americanized pizza has so far been limited to Pizza Hut and Domino’s, you’re missing out on the greasy pleasures of New York-style pizzas. For a taste of the thin and gigantic slices iconic to the Big Apple, try out Sliced Pizzeria which has several outlets in South Jakarta.

pizza restaurants in Jakarta sliced pizzeria
Pizzas on display in Sliced Pizzeria Pondok Indah
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The highlight of the menu is the Special Truffle (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.39 per slice) complete with that unmistakable earthy smell of truffles. If you’re looking for something meaty, the Carnivor (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.05 per slice) with beef bacon, pepperoni, and minced beef is always a reliable option.

This growing pizza chain also follows in the footsteps of Pizza Hut by frequently experimenting with limited-time menus so it’s worth checking back in often to see what’s new.

If you want the full New York experience of pizza, Sliced Pizzeria is available for order through both Grab and GoFood.


3. Pizzza Dealer – the fresh-faced newcomer with unique, sweet pizzas

glazed pizza pizzza dealer
The sweet Glazed pizza with cream cheese, mixed berries, and honey
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First opened on New Year’s Eve 2020 in the hip hangout spot Pelaspas Dharmawangsa, Pizzza Dealer – never forget the third Z – is another joint bringing New York-style pizza to Jakarta. What separates them from the pack, however, is their more creative choice of toppings.

The prime example is the Glazed (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.37 per slice) sweet pizza with cream cheese, mixed berries and honey. Honestly, it feels like eating blueberry cheesecake but in pizza form and that is a serious compliment.

pizzas from pizzza dealer
Blow pizza with smoked ham and cheese, Pepperoni, and Holy Cheesus pizza
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Another one that caught our attention was the Choked (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.37 per slice) pizza, a combination of artichoke and anchovy with bechamel sauce and mozzarella. We’re still of the mind that anchovies, known here as ikan teri, rightfully belong in sambal terasi, or shrimp chilli paste, but this one’s so good we’re willing to overlook this digression.

pizza restaurants in Jakarta pizzza dealer
Pizza Dealer at Pelaspas Dharmawangsa at night
Image credit: @luizvladi

As Pelaspas is known as a popular hangout spot, Pizzza Dealer also serves alcohol if you want to kick back with a couple of beers until midnight. If you prefer to do this at home, they’re also available for deliveries through GoFood.


4. Pizzeria Cavalese – Italian pizza with a dash of local flavor

piedmont pizza pizzeria cavalese
Piedmont pizza with mushrooms, truffle oil, and runny egg yolk in the middle
Image credit: @pizzeriacavalese

Sunter in North Jakarta might not be known for the food but nestled away in a row of shophouses in front of the Sunter reservoir is Pizzeria Cavalese. Make no mistake, this unassuming place serves one of the best pizzas with local flavor in town, complete with a wood-fired oven.

To wit, start with the Piedmont (Rp. 109,000, ~USD7.36 for a large pizza) pizza with truffle oil, mixed mushrooms, and truffle oil. Even before you get a taste of the thin and perfectly crunchy crust, the sight of the runny egg at the center is enough of a feast.

pepperoni stellata pizzeria cavalese
The star-shaped Pepperoni Stellata pizza
Image credit: @pizzeriacavalese

For the adventurous, try out the Balinese Chicken Betutu (Rp. 98,000, ~USD6.62 for a large pizza) spicy pizza but make sure there’re napkins on hand to wipe off all of your sweat. Not to be outclassed is the Pepperoni Stellata (Rp. 105,000, ~USD7.10), a pepperoni pizza on a unique star-shaped pie that’s just as lovely to look at as the Piedmont pizza.

Cavalese has since expanded with a second location, and chose Mall of Indonesia, also located in North Jakarta, as the site. If you live nearby, Cavalese is available for deliveries through GoFood.


5. Mamma Rosy – pizza recipes passed down through generations

karnivora pizza mamma rosy
Karnivora pizza with smoked beef, marinated garlic beef, and paprika
Image credit: @chronicfoodaholic

Plenty of restaurants might claim to be authentic but precious few can back it up with actual proof, one of them being Mamma Rosy in Kemang. The story goes that Italian expat Daniel Vigone wanted to open an Italian restaurant and actually invited her mother, Rosa Vignolo, the titular Mamma, to be the chef of the restaurant.

golosa pizza pizzeria cavalese
The Golosa pizza with mozzarella, bacon, and chicken
Image credit: @the.lucky.belly

As such, you can expect authentic Italian cuisines in this place but slightly modified to suit local tastes and ingredients. Take the classic Margherita (Rp. 82,000 ~USD5.54) pizza for example, which uses a wood-fired oven just like how they do it in Naples but uses basil sourced from Indonesia.

Other than classic Italian recipes, Mamma Rosy also serves several original creations, such as the Karnivora (Rp. 134,000, ~USD9.05) pizza with smoked beef, marinated garlic beef, and paprika. Do note that as it’s an authentic Italian restaurant, plenty of the dishes on offer contain pork.

mamma rosy homemade ravioli
Mamma Rosy’s takeaway homemade ravioli
Image credit: @mammarosy_jkt

Before you leave, make sure to also grab some of their fresh, homemade pastas and sauces to bring just a little plate of Italy to your kitchen. If you don’t feel like going out, you can also have them delivered via GoFood and Grab or through the online grocery store HappyFresh.


6. Pizza e Birra – pizza sports bar perfect for after-work drinks

calabrese pizza e birra
Calabrese thin crust pizza with salami, black olives, tomato, and fresh basil
Image credit: @pizzaebirra

It’s not just families that can be brought together with pizzas. Even Indonesian fans of Liverpool and Manchester United, one of the most historic rivalries in the English Premier League, agree that Pizza e Birra is the place to go if you want to watch a sports game with your friends.

pizza e birra margherita
New York-style Margherita pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil
Image credit: @ismaya

With a huge variety of pizzas from New York-style pizzas to super thin crust pizzas, this sports bar is more of a jack-of-all-trades option. That’s not a knock on their quality though as their Calabrese (Rp. 105,000, ~USD7.11) thin crust pizza has a pleasantly crunchy texture not unlike authentic Italian pizzas.

beer pizza e birra
Selection of beer from Pizza e Birra
Image credit: @pizzaebirra

Being a sports bar, we’re also a huge fan of their selection of craft beers, including Bali-based Stark and Anderson Valley from the United States. If you want to prove how well you can hold your liquor, try your hand at the pool tables available at several outlets after chugging a few bottles of beer.

While most of the sporting world has been mostly put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still order their pizzas through both GoFood and Grab for an impromptu nobar session, short for nonton bareng, or to watch a game together, with your friends.


7. Henk’s Pizza – giant square pizza the size of your TV

42 inch henk's pizza
42-inch Meat Mania pizza with cheese, sausage, smoked beef, and pineapple
Image credit: @henkspizza

If you’re looking for something to spice up your friend’s birthday, try presenting them with giant square pizzas from Henk’s Pizza. Their biggest size, 42 inches with 100 individual slices, is probably enough to feed one whole kampung while still leaving some for leftovers.

28 inch pepperoni henk's pizza
A more moderately sized 28-inch Pepperoni Passion pizza
Image credit: @jsfood_diary

For toppings, they stick mostly to the classic, such as the Meat Mania (Rp. 800,000, ~USD54.20 for a 42-inch pizza) with sausage, smoked beef, and pineapple. If pineapple’s no good for you, try the Super Meat Mania (Rp. 800,000, ~USD54.20 for a 42-inch pizza) which substitutes the pineapple with pepperoni.

henk's heart shaped pizza love
Heart-shaped Pizza Love
Image credit: @henksbaker

For an atypical romantic dinner, Henk’s also serves heart-shaped Pizza Love (Rp. 300,000, ~USD20.26 for a large pizza) complete with heart-shaped pepperonis. Truth be told, we might actually prefer this over some typical romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Honestly, we can’t even begin to imagine the kind of oven needed to cook a pizza of that size but we sure are glad it exists. If you’re interested, Henk’s is available for deliveries through GoFood but note that the bigger sizes can only be ordered through direct messaging.


8. Toscana – gourmet pizza in a classy, intimate setting

4 salami pizza toscana
4 Salami pizza with tomato, mozzarella, and 4 different kinds of salami
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A humble and often greasy pizza might not be something you’d typically find in a gourmet setting. But that’s exactly what you’d find in Toscana in Kemang, where pizzas are served on clothed tables with elegantly folded napkins in a dimly-lit room.

toscana pizza restaurants Jakarta
The romantic mood of Toscana
Image credit: @toscanaresto

As with Mamma Rosy, the food on offer here isn’t halalcertified but if you have no dietary restrictions, go for the 4 Salami (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.15) pizza. As hinted by the name, this pizza has 4 different types of pork salami, each with different seasonings, and is cooked inside a wood-fired brick oven as can be expected from an authentic Italian restaurant.

toscana wood fired oxen
Wood-fired brick pizza oven in Toscana
Image credit: @toscanaresto

In line with their fine dining reputation, they have a rather excellent wine list and there’s also complimentary bread once you’re at the table. Here’s a tip, try asking for a pesto to go with your bread as a dipping sauce. 

While Toscana is available for deliveries through GoFood, do understand that the delivery menu selection is limited.


Pizza restaurants in Jakarta other than Pizza Hut and Domino’s

We’d never say no to a whole pie of Stuffed Crust pizza but we love pizzas so much that we feel it’s a crime to not try other pizza joints. From pizzas so Italian we can’t even correctly pronounce the name to Korean-style pizzas with sugar icing, there’s much more to pizza restaurants in Jakarta than just Pizza Hut.

The next time you’re hankering for some pizza, be adventurous and drop by or order from any of the 8 pizza restaurants in Jakarta listed above.

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