Jakarta PSBB to return on 14th September

Following the large-scale restrictions imposed in the early stages of the pandemic along with multiple phases of transitional PSBB, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has recently announced that Indonesia’s capital will return to a strict PSBB as of Monday, 14th September.

The soaring number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has pushed the city administration to pull what it calls an “emergency brake” on social and commercial activities. 

Back to regular PSBB, back to square one

Jakarta PSBB 14th September - Day 1
PSBB announcement posted on Governor Anies’s Instagram account
Image credit: @aniesbaswedan

On Wednesday, 9th September, Governor Anies Baswedan announced that strict large-scale social restrictions, or better known as PSBB, will be reimposed starting from Monday, 14th September.

This means that the situation in Jakarta will go back to how it was in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public activities will be limited – meaning that dining out, going to attraction spots, attending large religious gatherings, and holding wedding receptions will not be allowed.

Non-essential businesses will be required to prioritize work-from-home arrangements. Offices are only allowed to operate at 25% capacity at a time.

Also, public transportation will only operate from 6AM to 6PM, at 50% capacity. The return of PSBB may also mean that odd-even traffic rationing may no longer be in place soon.

Jakarta PSBB 14th September - Updates 10th sept
COVID-19 updates in Jakarta as of 10th September 2020
Image adapted from: Jakarta’s COVID-19 Response Team

As of 10th September, 11,696 active COVID-19 cases have been reported in Jakarta – with a total of 51,287 cases since the start of the outbreak. Roughly 77% of the available isolation beds for COVID-19 patients are already occupied, and Governor Anies noted that the hospitals’ patient capacity may be maxed out by 17th September – as reported by The Jakarta Post.

“Pulling the emergency brake,” as Governor Anies referred to his administration’s plan to bring back the PSBB, may be necessary in this dire situation. However, this may also put many workers at risk of being furloughed or laid off by employers.

Businesses that will remain open during the upcoming PSBB

Jakarta PSBB 14th September - Day 2
11 business sectors that will remain open during the social restrictions
Image credit: @aniesbaswedan

According to an infographic posted on Governor Anies Baswedan’s Instagram page, 11 business sectors will continue to operate during the second PSBB – they include health services, energy, financial services, communications, logistics, construction, and basic public services.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, and mini-markets will remain open. Additionally, markets and shopping malls will be operating at 50% capacity. Restaurants and cafes are also permitted to operate – provided that they only offer take-out and delivery services.

Curbing the spread of the virus together  

Jakarta PSBB 14th September - Day 3
A public service announcement from Governor Anies regarding COVID-19 prevention and how the government handles cases
Image credit: @aniesbaswedan

Going through another round of large-scale social restrictions will surely cause a series of challenges. It remains to be seen how the Jakarta local government will provide for low-income residents as they have been the ones most affected by the pandemic. 

For the time being, it’s important that those who have more control over the way they work and go about their daily lives during the pandemic stay at home, and continue to practice health and hygiene measures.

Individual actions may have their limits, but let’s do what we can to help each other. Let’s hope that there will be systemic improvements that can benefit us all.

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