Restaurants offering ready-to-cook meals

While large-scale social restrictions in Jakarta and other cities are slowly being lifted, most restaurants are still limiting their services until further notice. Food delivery services are definitely on offer, but more eateries are jumping on the ready-to-cook bandwagon so you can stock up on your favorite dishes without worrying about them going bad in a matter of days.

We’ve put together a list of 10 restaurants offering ready-to-cook meals available for home delivery so that you can cut down on the time needed to prepare food while working from home. Plus, you can eat your favorite dishes in your own kitchen with your loved ones until it’s safe to eat them at your go-to restaurants.

1. HokBen – Indonesia’s beloved localized Japanese cuisine

HokBen ready-to-cook menuBeef Teriyaki, Beef Yakiniku, and Chicken Teriyaki ready-to-cook sets
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While HokBen offers ready-to-eat sets, sometimes you want to stock up on your favorite dish without having it spoil in a matter of days.

You can choose from three 200g packs of HokBen’s popular halal dishes: Beef Yakiniku (Rp. 74,000, ~USD5.19), Chicken Teriyaki (Rp. 52,500, ~USD3.68), and Beef Teriyaki (Rp. 74,000, ~USD5.19).

HokBen ready-to-cook menu
Image credit: HokBen

Order your favorite dish from your nearest HokBen outlet through GoFood or GrabFood. You can also view the menu and order on their website and Shopee

2. Yoshinoya – prepare your own beef bowls at home

Yoshinoya ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @yoshinoyaid

Rice bowls such as the ones Yoshinoya is known for are ideal for busy people because not only are they convenient, but they’ll also keep you full for quite a while.

For only Rp. 70,000 (~USD4.91) per 160g pack, you can choose from three different halal Yoshinoya beef variants: original, yakiniku, and black pepper. One pack is enough for two portions. If you feel like keeping some in your fridge, you can get three packs for Rp. 180,000 (~USD12.62) or five packs for Rp. 250,000 (~USD17.53).

Order via GoFood, GrabFood, or Yoshinoya Delivery at 1500566.

3. Burgreens – a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes

Burgreens ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @burgreens

Vegetarians and vegans who are tired of salads will be happy to see the creative ready-to-cook Asian dishes Burgreens has to offer.

Among the available options are Vegan Rendang (Rp. 60,500, ~USD4.24), Vegan Gyoza (Rp. 55,000, ~USD3.68), Vegan Bakso (Rp. 64,900, ~USD4.46), and Vegan Sausages (Rp. 82,500, ~USD5.78). If you want to secure your meatless food supply for the whole week, you can get the Nyetok Yang Baik frozen food set that includes seven different items for Rp. 450,000 (~USD31.55).

These frozen ready-to-heat packs are available via GoFood, GrabFood, Tokopedia, and Shopee. You can also check this link.

4. Es Teler 77 – from mie bakso to siomay and otak-otak

Es Teler 77 ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @esteler_77

Es Teler 77 is famous for its noodles and bakso (meatballs), as well as its siomay and signature otak-otak. While you can simply order the ready-to-eat sets through food delivery apps, nothing beats eating them when they’re piping hot.

Choose from single-serve Bakso (Rp. 16,600 , ~USD1.16), Mie Ayam (Rp. 13,200, ~USD0.93), Otak-otak (Rp. 24,000, ~USD1.68), Siomay (Rp. 40,000, ~USD2.80), or Batagor (Rp. 43,000, ~USD3.01) packs.

Es Teler 77 ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @esteler_77

Until it’s safe to eat at an Es Teler 77 outlet, get your these halal ready-to-cook foods on Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, or through the restaurant’s online order system.

5. Bakmi Asoooy – chewy noodles to store in your fridge

Bakmi Asoooy ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @faerustefhanii

Juggling between work and household chores might make you opt for instant noodles for lunch or dinner, but Bakmi Asoooy offers an alternative that’s equally time-efficient.

Bakmi enthusiasts who want noodles that are thicker and chewier than the usual ones you’d find around Jakarta will definitely want to have a few servings sitting in the freezer for their next noodle craving.

Get a pack of three portions of Bakmi Karet with chicken for Rp. 60,000 (~USD4.21) or five for Rp. 100,000 (~USD7.01) through GoFood or GrabFood. You can also contact the restaurant directly at 089636306743.


6. Steggo – juicy wagyu cubes for a fancy meal at home

Steggo ready-to-cook menuImage credit:

Spending a lot of time at home can get boring and frustrating after a while, so you shouldn’t be afraid to get yourself some fancy food like juicy wagyu steak like the one available at Steggo.

Wagyu tenderloin is available starting from Rp. 60,000 (~USD4.21), and you can add STEGGSAUCE sweet sauce (Rp. 65,000, ~USD4.56 per bottle). Alternatively, you can order the SUGOI packs of marinated beef saikoro (cube steak) starting from Rp. 120,000 (~USD8.41).

Go to Tokopedia, Shopee, or Bukalapak to check out what else is in store. If you’re not too confident about prepping your own steak, you can head over to Steggo’s Instagram page for tips. 

7. Kitchen by Dough Darlings – wholesome dishes made easy

Kitchen by Dough Darlings ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @kitchenbydoughdarlings

Kitchen by Dough Darlings makes life easier for those of you who want to have some of the most beloved Indonesian meals ready in the fridge, but are too drained to cook.

You can enjoy dishes such as Oxtail Soup (Rp. 199,000, ~USD13.95) that’s enough for two or three servings, Ikan Cakalang (Rp. 49,000, ~USD3.44), or a choice of Chicken or Beef Meatballs (Rp. 39,000, ~USD2.73 & Rp. 49,000, ~USD3.44).

Go to Kitchen by Dough Darlings’ Tokopedia page to check out the other frozen packs. You can also order directly from the restaurant at 081286869082 or 081806955069.

8. Bakerzin – delicious pasta and rice based-dishes

Bakerzin ready-to-cook menuImage credit: @bakerzinjkt

Whether you want Fettucini Carbonara (Rp. 27,000, ~USD1.89) for one or a hearty portion of Nasi Briyani (Rp. 200,000, ~USD14.02) for two, Bakerzin will come through for you. One of the best things about portions for 1 or 2 people is it minimizes the chance of spoiling the food.

Note that the ready-to-cook menu is under BOGA KITCHEN on Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, GoFood, and GrabFood. The Bakerzin menu is combined with other Boga Kitchen sister restaurants, so it’s a good idea to browse on Instagram first. You can also contact the Boga Kitchen via WhatsApp at 085289000868 if you have further questions.

9. Seroeni – treat yourself to mouthwatering Peranakan delights

Seroeni ready-to-cook menuImage credit:

Seroeni is known for its delicious Peranakan-inspired dishes, and it’s ready to keep your bellies full at home with its wide variety of frozen packs until the pandemic tides over.

You can choose from a classic Chicken Corn Soup (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.15), Kungpao Chicken (Rp. 65,000, ~USD4.56), or Orange Marmalade Beef (Rp. 95,000, ~USD6.66).

To order, go to Seroeni’s e-store, Tokopedia page, or contact your nearest outlet through WhatsApp.

10. Restoran Sederhana – stock up on popular West Sumatran food

Sederhana ready-to-cook menu
Image credit: @sa.sederhana

As it’s one of the most popular West Sumatran restaurants, Sederhana’s popular dishes in ready-to-heat form are adding variety to our home dining choices.  

You can go on GoFood, GrabFood, or use WhatsApp to order Rendang, Dendeng Balado, Gulai Tunjang, or the bestselling Ayam pop. Prices start at Rp. 80,000 (~USD5.61). Click here for the price list.

Restaurants offering ready-to-cook meals

When you’re out of ideas of simple dishes to cook, be sure to check out the ready-to-cook meals from restaurants listed above. Ready-to-cook meals don’t only save you plenty of time, but they’re also great for diversifying your stay-at-home food plan. 

As much as you miss eating these meals at your favorite outlets, wait a while longer and take good care of your health.

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