Sandwich shops in Jakarta serving fulfilling snacks

For us 9-to-5 office workers, there’s nothing more tiring than working around 3PM. This is when the post-lunch sleepiness starts to kick in and we begin hankering for snacks to perk ourselves up.

We’re never going to say no to gorengan but when that’s not enough, these sandwich shops that have recently popped up all over Jakarta are worth a try for their unique flavors. From Korean-inspired spicy bulgogi to the fancy lobster sandwich, these sandwich shops in Jakarta are all available for orders from Gojek and Grab.

1. Jiwa Toast – affordable sandwich and coffee combo

sandwich shops jiwa toast
Crispy chicken mentai toast served with es kopi susu
Image credit: @jiwatoast

Jiwa Toast is probably the most well-known on this list courtesy of their numerous outlets and association with Kopi Janji Jiwa. As with their sister company’s unique Cocopresso—espresso topped off with coconut water—Jiwa Toast also has some interesting sandwich fillings on offer.

sandwich shops jiwa toast spicy bulgogi
Spicy Bulgogi Toast
Image adapted from @jiwatoast

Of particular note is their Spicy Bulgogi sandwich with beef slices and a generous helping of spicy sauce served with egg and cheese. Those who can’t handle the heat won’t be left out, and can go for their Crispy Chicken Mentai priced at Rp. 32,000 (~USD2.18).

As every Jiwa Toast outlet is paired with a Kopi Janji Jiwa coffee shop, you can also get a combo of iced coffee or tea and a sandwich for only Rp. 38,000 (~USD2.62). For details on its outlets – there’re over 100 of them – in and around Jakarta, you can check their location listings here.


2. Stack – premium sandwiches in cute, sliding concept packaging

sandwich shops stack jakarta
Se’i Stack, a combination of smoked beef and sambal matah, paired with onion rings
Image credit: @stack.jkt

Stack first wowed us with their signature sliding packaging and their classy joint in the trendy Senopati neighborhood. But luckily for us, Stack’s appeal isn’t just limited to the surface as their fancy sandwiches are worth the price of entry.

sandwich shops stack jakarta lobster
Lobster Stack with Creamy Mushroom sauce
Image credit: @stack.jkt

The main draw is their Lobster Stack available with a choice of three sauces—lemon butter, creamy mushroom, or Singapore chilli—served in their signature Topside Bun (Rp. 85,000, ~USD 5.79). Also notable is the Wagyu Sando Stack with Australian wagyu at Rp. 190,000 (~USD12.95).

For those looking for a full meal, each sandwich can be paired with a side dish for an additional Rp. 25,000 (~USD1.72).


3. Let’s Toast – sweet French toasts and savory sandwiches

sandwich shops lets toast
Original Egg Sandwich with a mix of sriracha and lemon mayo
Image credit:

At a glance, Let’s Toast might not seem all that different compared to Jiwa Toast. But, their combination of sriracha mayo and lemon mayo on every single one of their savoury toasts will draw spice-seekers, and their selection of sweet French toasts doesn’t hurt either.

sandwich shops lets toast boba toast
Boba French Toast slathered in cheese foam
Image credit:

The Smoked Salmon Egg Sandwich (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.89) is the headliner, offering an affordable version of typical gourmet fare. For those looking for sweeter snacks, the Boba French Toast (Rp. 30,000, ~USD2.05) should keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

If you’re looking to experiment, Let’s Toast allows you to add additional toppings to your order. So if you’re looking to mix smoked salmon, chunks of tuna and crispy chicken together, no judgments here, you’re welcome to do so.


4. Cali Deli – flavorful Vietnamese banh mi

sandwich shops cali deli
Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi
Image credit: @calideli.madameching

When it comes to banh mi, the Vietnamese-style sandwich, first impressions are important. Fans of the meal look out for a fragrant aroma plus fresh ingredients in the bread, and in this regard, Cali Deli passes with flying colors.

The highlight is their signature Calideli Love (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.14), toasted banh mi with black pepper beef and fresh vegetables. Truer to their Vietnamese roots is the Lemongrass Chicken (Rp. 55,000, ~USD3.79) sandwich featuring chicken marinated in lemongrass sauce just the way they do it in Vietnam.

Compared to the typical American subs, these banh mi are much more flavorful and typically spicy. Do note that Cali Deli’s banh mi comes in sizes of 17 cm, so like those in Vietnam, they might each qualify as a full meal on their own.


5. Liang Sandwich Bar – flakey Taiwanese-style pancake sandwich with Jay Chou’s stamp of approval

sandwich shops liang sandwich bar
Chicken Bolognese Sandwich
Image credit: @liangsandwichid

With a cardboard cutout of Jay Chou standing in front, it’s impossible to mistake a Liang Sandwich Bar outlet for anything else. This trickles down to the menu as well, as they use scallion pancakes inspired by Taiwanese street food instead of bread.

sandwich shops liang chicken sandwich
Liang Chicken Sandwich
Image credit: @liangsandwichid

These pancakes give the sandwich a chewy yet crispy texture reminiscent of roti cane. While they offer classic variations such as Cheese and Egg Sandwich (Rp. 28,000, ~USD 1.93), it’s the more unique offerings that warrant a taste.

Their signature sandwich is the Liang Chicken Sandwich (Rp. 38,000, ~USD2.60), consisting of chicken ham slices, lettuce, and egg topped off with their signature sweet and savory Liang sauce. Also of note is their selection of hot soya-based drinks, headlined by the signature JC Soya (Rp. 19,000, ~USD 1.31).


6. Smorrebrod – drool-worthy grilled cheese sandwiches

sandwich shops smorrebrod
Classic Grilled Cheese
Image credit: @smorrebrodjkt

They might share their name with Denmark’s traditional open-faced sandwiches, but Smorrebrod is actually a local sandwich shop that began from appearing in pop-up markets before opening their outlet in Gandaria City Mall. Their offerings hew closer in style to classic American grilled cheese sandwiches with extra emphasis on the cheese.

sandwich shops smorrebrod grilled chicken
Grilled Chicken Grilled Cheese sandwich
Image credit: @smorrebrodjkt

For that purpose, they use their own blend made up of 4 cheeses – think KFC’s 11 herbs and spices, but for cheese. There’s no denying the result though as mouth-watering aptly describes their Classic Grilled Cheese sandwich (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.09).

As a more gourmet offering, they also offer Patty Melt (Rp. 95.000, ~USD6.52) consisting of Australian ground beef patty and red cabbage slaw. Meal combos are also available with the addition of Bonbon tater tots and drinks for an additional cost starting at Rp. 15,000 (~USD1.03).


7. Kempi Deli – fresh, 5-star sandwiches from Kempinski hotels

sandwich shops kempi deli
Avocado crab sandwich with sourdough bread
Image credit: @parmasharydita

Located in Grand Indonesia, Kempi Deli is managed by Kempinski Hotels that also operates the iconic Hotel Indonesia right next door. They serve sandwiches with generous ingredients with several interesting fillings as well.

You don’t often see avocado in a savory dish, but the Avocado Crab Sandwich (Rp. 105,000, ~USD 7.23) is just too good to pass up. Pork lovers shouldn’t also miss The Cuban (Rp. 95,00, ~USD 6.55) which uses the more tender pork neck instead of the more popular pork belly and mixes them with gherkins, tomatoes, ham, and cheese

In addition, do note that all prices are slashed by 25% past 8PM and 50% past 9PM, but that’s only for in-store purchases. If you’re in the area during those hours, there’s no reason to pass up on Kempi Deli’s scrumptious offerings.


8. Burgushi – East meets West in this burger-sushi hybrid

sandwich shops burgushi
Beef Monster with two beef patties and sunny side up
Image credit:

Rice-based burgers are rare enough in Indonesia but Burgushi stands in a league of their own for their unique looks. For buns, they use rice fried in a way that makes them resemble Japanese katsu, which is then enveloped in nori to achieve that sushi-esque look.

sandwich shops burgushi salmon mentai
Salmon Mentai with salmon, kyuri, and kani with mentai sauce
Image credit:

Menus are evenly divided between American and Japanese fare, with Beef Mozarella (Rp. 37,000, ~USD 2.54) and Salmon Mentai (Rp. 45,000, ~USD 3.09) sitting side by side. Ditto for the side dish as you get a choice between Nori Tempura and French Fries available for combo meals with drinks for an additional Rp. 20,000 (~USD 1.37).

The rice katsu, a little too small for the patty, makes it a bit of a challenge to eat without getting messy but the addition of the enveloping nori manages to keep the ‘burger’ from falling apart.


Sandwich shops in Jakarta with unique fillings

Sandwiches haven’t always been considered a popular snacking option for Jakartans, but that has changed with the introduction of these modern sandwich shops in Jakarta with unconventional fillings. The next time your afternoon slump starts to kick in, you know where to look.

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