Sop Wijilan in Jogja 

The COVID-19 pandemic might have made us realize how much we took the ability to eat out for granted. Dining at open-air restaurants or cafes are the best alternative for foodies to satisfy their cravings during this time, provided that no social restrictions are in place.

Sop Wijilan in Yogyakarta, or Jogja, an outdoor restaurant best known for its sop ayam (chicken soup), offers visitors just that. Guests have the option of dipping their feet in a river while they munch on the various dishes on offer.

Sop Wijilan is a special chicken soup from Wijilan Village

Sop Ayam Kampung Wijilan
Sop Ayam Kampung Wijilan
Image adapted from: @sopwijilan

Sop Ayam Kampung Wijilan, or Wijilan Village-style chicken soup, is the best-selling food item on the menu. It’s a light soup that consists of chicken and vegetables which is served with a plate of warm rice and some fried tempeh. You can get this wholesome dish for Rp. 8,000 (~USD0.54).

The nearby Wijilan Village is a culinary hotspot in Jogja. Not only is it known for its sop ayam, but it also boasts some delicious gudeg, or traditional Jogja jackfruit stew.

Ayam Tampah
Ayam Tampah
Image credit: @sopwijilan

Other than sop ayam, you can also go for another chicken-centric dish, namely the glorious Ayam Tampah set that’s served on a bamboo tray. For Rp. 27,500 (~USD1.87), you’ll get fried chicken served with rice, sambal, fried tofu and tempeh, satay, fresh vegetables, as well as a bowl of sayur asem – a type of vegetable soup popular across Java. 

Mie Ayam - Sop Wijilan Jogja
Mie Ayam
Image credit: @sopwijilan

Noodle lovers can also get some Mie Ayam (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1.02), or chicken noodle soup, which also comes with some fried pangsit (wonton). 

Cool off by dipping your feet in a river 

Sop Wijilan - eat in the river
Image adapted from: @jogjafoodhunter and @jogjafoodhunter 

Sop Wijilan is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 7AM until they run out of food to serve. It’s a relaxing weekend getaway for those of you who want to breathe in some fresh air or indulge in a riverside meal.

The best bit is you can even eat your food in the river. Cool off and feel the current run through your toes while you try some OG Wijilan soup. 

Tweet 1 Sop Wijilan
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As unique as the river idea may be, some netizens have their worries. Instagram user @hertin106, for example, wants to know if there are any leeches in the river. It’s a totally understandable question because nobody wants to have creatures sucking their blood while they’re having lunch.

Tweet 2 Sop Wijilan
Image adapted from: @jogjafoodhunter

@fathan3110, on the other hand, is more worried about the environment. He’s scared that if Sop Wijilan goes viral, and more people visit, the river could end up being polluted. This, too, is a totally legit concern – it’s important that guests don’t forget about preserving the environment.

Stay safe while traveling, even outdoors

Foodies who live near Sop Wilijan might want to check it out once the weekend rolls in, but let’s not forget that the pandemic is not over yet.

Even though the restaurant is outdoors in the open air, it’s crucial that you practice physical distancing and the necessary health protocols such as wearing a mask and frequent handwashing.

Address: Jalan Wonosari KM 11, Bintaran Kulon #145, Srimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul, Yogyakarta
Opening hours: Sat & Sun, 7AM till stock runs out

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