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High School Student Rescued National Flag From Garbage Dump, Commended By Police For His Patriotism

High school student rescued Indonesian national flag

After an unorthodox Eid celebration where Muslims in Indonesia had to silaturahmi over Animal Crossing as many couldn’t get together in person, this year’s Independence Day celebration was also relatively muted due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the threat of COVID-19 failed to put a dent on our patriotism, as proven by Riau high school student Amar Hawari. Spotting an Indonesian national flag near a garbage dump, Hawari rescued the red and white flag and the story went viral on social media.

High school’s student patriotic act merits police award

students rescues flag
Amar picking up the flag from the garbage dump
Image credit: @jokersupriadi

As reported by GoRiau, 18-year-old high school student Amar Hawari was strolling around the neighborhood of Selat Panjang when he saw an Indonesian national flag floating in a shallow river near a garbage dump early Saturday morning.

In a video first shared by Instagram user @jokersupriadi, Amar wasted no time jumping into the river to pick up the flag. Despite the foul smell and the dirty black river, the flag was still in great condition and Amar brought the flag home to wash and safekeep it.

Amar’s patriotic act, where he showed no visible distaste for having to wade through the muck, soon went viral with the video garnering more than 20,000 views as of writing. Praise from netizens quickly poured in, and garnered the attention of the local police department.

Flag rescue mission recognized with award from police

student rescues flag award
Amar holding his honorary award
Image credit: @iskandar_nopianto

Recognizing Amar’s selfless patriotism, the Meranti Police Department thanked Amar and bestowed him with an honorary award. Police superintendent Eko Wimpiyanto met Amar personally in the very same garbage dump, with Amar bringing along the now-pristine flag.

Amar’s scout instructor, Iskandar Nopianto, was also quoted as being proud of his protege’s actions. It seems that when it comes to standing up for Indonesia, Amar took the lessons to heart.

students rescues flag praised
Image credit:

On Instagram, netizen @rdhoye17 praised Amar not just for his admirable nationalism but also for bringing fame to the city of Selat Panjang where Amar lives.

More than one way to show your love for Indonesia

In a pandemic when even flag-raising ceremonies are somewhat restricted, it’s hard to properly express our love for Indonesia.

It’s been a long time since patriotism meant brandishing bambu runcing against colonialists, but as Amar showed us, even the smallest acts can inspire others to take good care of our country.

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Cover image adapted from @iskandar_nopianto and @iskandar_nopianto

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