SUBO, Jakarta’s first exclusive listening bar

For most people, music has become something of an accompaniment as they go about their activities such as cooking, driving, or exercising. Very seldom do busy urbanites now listen to music to simply enjoy it. For this reason, SUBO was created with an aim to help busy people take the time out to immerse themselves in music. 

Tucked in Cipete Utara, South Jakarta, SUBO doesn’t only cater to music lovers but also photographers for their retro interiors and bar-goers for their innovative cocktails. You will need to sign up for an appointment – so you can both avoid large crowds of people and enjoy the music they offer with minimal distractions. 

Vinyls of every musical genre are available

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At SUBO, you’ll be able to experience music from different generations in their most authentic form because the bar provides a gramophone to play vinyl records from the 1950s onwards and a DJ set to play newer music. 

Vinyls of different musical genres are available, from local music, pop, rock, classical, and everything in between, such as Aerosmith’s album Rocks (1976), and Pink Floyd’s The Wall (1979), to name a few.

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SUBO also has an in-house DJ to play song remixes or any other music of your choice for a birthday party or a group gathering that is limited to your friends and relatives, further adding to the exclusivity that it wants to be known for.

Entry by appointment only

SUBO is a bar that is located in the basement of a house. The space has both indoor and outdoor areas – you can listen to music in the indoor area and feast on SUBO’s wide variety of food and drinks in the outdoor area. 

Entry is by appointment only, so you’ll need to book a slot by messaging the contact number on SUBO’s official Instagram page

The indoor and outdoor areas of SUBO
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Besides music, SUBO also has a variety of books that you can browse while you are here. There’s also a food and drink menu with dishes such as Shirataki soup with Vietnamese prawn, Tom Yum prawn noodle, and meat skewers, priced from Rp.95,000-Rp.150,000 (~USD 6.55-10.33)

Tahu bakso with megono rice
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SUBO offers a wide selection of mocktails and cocktails too, made by an in-house bartender. SUBOs signature mocktail, Youthful Jolly is made from coffee, pomegranate syrup, passion fruit syrup, and sparkling water, and is popular with patrons. Another of its signature cocktails is Stubbornness, made from espresso, white wine syrup, and dehydrated lemon. 

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Experience musical nostalgia in SUBO

The retro look and homey vibe of the bar allows you to reminisce over old-school music in the form of vinyls, while feasting on delicious meals and cocktails curated by SUBOs in-house chef and bartender. Best of all, there is little risk of having to mingle in a crowd, with its thoughtful appointment system that limits the number of patrons every day.

Address: Cipete Utara, Jakarta Selatan
Opening hours: Wed–Mon 1PM-3PM, 4PM-6PM & 7PM-9PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Telephone: 812 6218 1947
Email: [email protected]

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