Synchronize Fest 2020 is canceled 

COVID-19 has made 2020 a tough year for many, including Indonesian music fans as live performances have all but vanished in the country. Many musicians and event organizers have turned to online shows or drive-in concerts to keep the spirit going, but as the pandemic persists, it might be a while until large-scale festivals can make a comeback.

Synchronize Fest, an annual music festival that showcases Indonesian artists performing a wide variety of genres, is one of the events that will unfortunately be canceled due to the pandemic.

No Synchronize Fest this year

Synchronize Fest canceled - 2017The Synchronize Fest 2017 stage
Image credit: Synchronize Fest Official Website

On Sunday, 7th September 2020, @synchronizefest announced that it won’t be holding its festival this year. Originally slated for three days in the first week of October, the annual music event has been called off by organizers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Synchornize Fest canceled - announcement
Image credit: @synchronizefest

The good news is that ticket holders are given two options: refund and non-refund. “Non-refund” means that your ticket will be valid for the next festival season, so you won’t have to go through the booking process all over again. This is particularly convenient for regular attendees who don’t want to miss the next festival season – hopefully when the pandemic is under control. Another advantage to this option is you’ll get a free Synchronize Fest t-shirt as a souvenir.

To get a ticket refund or to convert your ticket into a “non-refund” ticket, go to the festival’s official website any time from 18th to 25th September. 

Synchronize Fest canceled - Instagram comment 1
Image adapted from: @synchronizefest

Instagrammers took the news of the cancelation well. @dinz_42 thinks that it’s a wise decision, and hopes that the pandemic will be over by next year so that Synchronize Fest can carry on.

Synchronize Fest canceled - Instagram comment 2
Image adapted from: @synchronizefest

Sharing a similar sentiment as @dinz_42, @muscuria also expressed their appreciation for the team’s decision, and hopes to go next year.

Memories from past festivals 

Synchronize Fest canceled - crowdsurfing
The enthusiastic crowd at Synchronize Fest 2018
Image adapted from: Synchronize Fest Official Website 

Images taken at previous festivals prove that Synchronize Fest is a widely anticipated event among lovers of music. The broad range of genres also make it a melting pot where fans of pop, jazz, heavy metal, and more can share the same excitement.

Synchronize Fest canceled - Didi Kempot
Image credit: @synchronizefest 

If you missed last year’s festival or want to relive the moment, you can watch its recorded performances on Demajors TV’s YouTube channel. Artists include popular musicians such as Gigi and Jamrud, the late campursari legend Didi Kempot, as well as independent scene warriors such as The Trees and The Wild, Endah N Rhesa, and Reality Club.

Synchronize Fest canceled - Tweet 1
Image adapted from: @SynchronizeFest

@oyonka, who went to last year’s festival, posted footage of Didi Kempot’s performance on Twitter. He expressed his excitement for next year’s festival while sending good wishes to the organizers.

Synchronize Fest canceled - Tweet 2
Image adapted from: @SynchronizeFest

@MojangKembang_ also shared a memory from Synchronize Fest 2020, in which she got to see Stars and Rabbit up close. Even though she’s sad about this year’s cancelation, she recognizes that it’s for the best. 

Keeping each other healthy 

As disappointing as the cancelation may be, it’s definitely a good call. We can still support our favorite musicians while keeping each other safe by staying at home. The festival will hopefully unite music lovers again after the pandemic is over.

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Cover image adapted from: @synchronizefest and Synchronize Fest Official Website

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