Frozen snacks around Jakarta

Working from home might increase our cravings for snacks. Since it might not be a good idea to order food too often since we’re still encouraged to minimize contact with others, more Jakarta restaurants and shops have started including frozen snacks in their menus. You can buy your favorite snacks in bulk and store them in the fridge or freezer, so you can fry or steam them whenever you want.

Here’s a list of 8 frozen snacks ranging from chicken puffs to potato donuts that you can stock up at home. Do note that some prices may differ across platforms.

1. Cute pillow-like chicken puffs from Maoo Pastel Ayam

Maoo Pastel Ayam
Image credit: @maoo_id

Curry puffs, locally called pastel, are among the most popular savory snacks in Indonesia. There are different types of fillings, but Maoo Pastel Ayam specializes in chicken puffs.

Their circular shape distinguishes these puffs from the semi-circular ones commonly sold in shops. Maoo sells individual frozen puffs for Rp. 9,000 (~USD0.63) each and sets of ten puffs for Rp. 75,000 (~USD5.27). For an additional spicy kick, you can request for cabai rawit (bird’s eye chili). 

These cute chicken puffs can be ordered through GoFood, Tokopedia, and Shopee.

2. Semarang-style spring rolls from Lumpia Semar

Lumpia Semar
Image credit: @lumpia_semar

Spring rolls are popular across Asia, and different regions have their own takes on this snack. Semarang-style spring rolls, or lumpia, are filled with bamboo shoots (rebung) and typically chicken.

Lumpia Semar offers two different sets that each come with 5 pieces of spring rolls: regular-sized (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.16) and mini (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.46). Not only are they tasty, but they’re also preservative-free.

Order from Lumpia Semar via WhatsApp at 087806775140.

3. Fish and shrimp siomay for the perfect afternoon snack from MM Juice

MM Juice
Image credit: @makanbareng

MM Juice sells a variety of filling meals, but one of its more sought-out dishes is its signature siomay. The satisfying portion comes with a generous amount of peanut sauce that’s drizzled with sweet soy sauce.

You can choose from three different frozen siomay sets: Siomay Ikan (fish), Siomay Udang (shrimp), or Siomay Kembang Tahu (bean curd). Each set costs Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.52), and it comes with boiled potatoes, boiled egg, bitter gourd, cabbage, and of course, peanut sauce.

MM Juice’s frozen packs are available through GoFood and GrabFood.

4. Wholesome home-style risoles from Risoles Oma Heng

Risoles Oma Heng
Image credit: @risoles.omaheng

Similar in shape to lumpia, risoles is a Dutch-influenced Indonesian fried snack that’s usually filled with a chicken and vegetable stew (ragout), though there are many different variants such as smoked beef mayo.

Risoles Oma Heng offers ready-to-eat-snacks such as classic and smoked beef mayo risoles, cheese croquettes, fried mac and cheese, and donuts. If you want to fry your own, their frozen risoles are available starting from Rp. 9,500 (~USD0.67) each. For the best result, leave the frozen risoles at room temperature for a while before frying them.

You can order these risoles on GoFood, GrabFood, or through WhatsApp at 0819881168.

5. Enjoy South Sumatra’s most popular snack from Pempek Cawan Putih

Pempek Cawan PutihImage credit: Zomato

Pempek is a celebrated South Sumatran dish. It’s basically fried fish cake that comes in different shapes and sizes, and it’s usually served with a vinegar-based sauce and diced cucumbers. Pempek sauce can be quite spicy, so if you want to carefully control how much spice you dip the fish cakes in, it might be a good idea to have the sauce in a separate bowl.

From Pempek Cawan Putih, you can choose from Lenjer, Kapal Selam (which means “submarine” due to its shape), Pempek Adaan, or Pempek Keriting – among others. Each pempek starts from Rp. 9,000 (~USD0.63) per piece.

Get your favorite types of pempek via GoFood or GrabFood.

6. Bite-sized chicken and shrimp dimsum from Dimsum Si Menur

Dimsum Si Menur
Image credit: @dimsumsimenur

Bite-sized snacks are convenient because you can eat them while you’re doing something else. Dimsum is one of those snacks.

Dimsum Si Menur offers vacuum-packed chicken and chicken-shrimp dimsum. A pack of 12 chicken-shrimp dimsum costs Rp. 55,000 (~USD3.87), while 16 pieces of chicken dimsum cost Rp. 75,000 (~UDS5.28). The soft yet chewy texture of the siomay complements the richness of the chicken or shrimp filling.

Order Dimsum Si Menur’s frozen goodies from GoFood or GrabFood.

7. A simple Sundanese tapioca snack from Cireng Salju Bangka

Cireng Salju Bangka
Image credit: @cireng_salju_bangka

Cireng is short for “aci digoreng” (fried tapioca), and it’s a popular snack from West Java. This humble snack is chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside – making it super addictive.

10 pieces of frozen cireng and a choice of rujak (spicy palm sugar), peanut, or seblak (a type of Sundanese vegetable dish) sauce starts from Rp. 12,800 (~USD0.90) at Cireng Salju Bangka. Cireng is also tasty without any condiments as it already contains salt and spring onions.

Go to GoFood or GrabFood to enjoy this simple Sundanese snack at home. 

8. Potato donuts that go perfectly well with coffee from Filosofi Kopi

Filosofi Kopi
Image credit: @filosofikopi

Donuts need no introduction, but potato donuts – locally called donat kentang – are popular in Indonesia because of their unique savory flavor and slightly crunchy texture. 

While Filosofi Kopi, as is apparent in its name, is a coffee shop, it also sells packs of frozen potato donuts. A pack of 10 donuts is Rp. 45,000 (~USD3.17) while a set of 10 donuts and a 1L bottle of iced coffee is Rp. 125,000 (~USD8.81). Each pack includes a small pack of icing sugar to be sprinkled on the donuts.

Filosofi Kopi is available on GoFood and GrabFood.

Frozen snacks around Jakarta 

Whether you want to try snacks from specific regions in Indonesia or prefer more mainstream ones, do consider the items featured on this list. It’s always a good call to have frozen snacks sitting in the fridge so that you pop them in the pan or pot whenever the mood strikes.

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Cover image adapted from: @maoo_id, @risoles.omaheng, @lumpia_semar, and @filosofikopi

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