Muslim-friendly local makeup brands

It’s now easier than ever for Muslim women to find halal and Muslim-friendly makeup brands in stores and online. More and more of such local makeup brands are pork- and alcohol-free, and in addition, local halal makeup brands with halal certificates from the Indonesian Ulema Council are available too to give Muslim women more peace of mind.

Achieve a bold or natural look with these 9 Indonesian halal and Muslim-friendly makeup brands below.

Note: we can search the Indonesian Ulema Council webpage to check if any product – including makeup, food, drinks, and more – is certified halal in the country.

Some makeup brands in this list include alcohol variants that are deemed permissible by the Indonesian Ulema Council, originate from pure oils, and are believed to have no effect on a person’s mental state or behaviour when applied.

1. Wardah – the pioneer of halal makeup in Indonesia

wardah beauty makeup
Wardah’s makeup includes liquid and creamy foundations, cover cushions, lipsticks, contouring powder, blusher, eyeshadow palettes, highlighter, and brow pencil.
Image credit: @wardahbeauty

One of Indonesia’s biggest cosmetic brands, Wardah is known for its affordable prices, and caters to women of all ages, from students to professionals. It’s paved the path for halal cosmetics in Indonesia since its 1995 founding by Nurhayati Subakat, when its products were initially sold in salons before being mass-produced more widely in 1998. Today, Wardah offers a huge selection of cosmetics, skincare, and even hair care products.

wardah beauty eyeshadow eyexpert palette
Wardah EyeXpert palette

Image credit: @wardahproduk via @alifahratu

Some of their all-time best-sellers include the Wardah EyeXpert classic eyeshadow palette (Rp. 47,500, ~USD3.37). It has pans comprising a lighter nude shade, a pinkish shade, and a brown for users to create a variety of eye looks. A mirror is also included in its compact packaging, making the shades easy to apply on the go. Reviewers say that the eyeshadow is easily blendable, with high colour payoff.

wardah beauty intense matte lipstick
Wardah’s Intense Matte Lipstick

Image credit: @wardahbeauty

Wardah’s Intense Matte Lipstick (Rp. 48,500, ~USD3.44) comes in 15 different shades from light nude to burgundy, so you can find the right shade for you.

wardah beauty exclusive flawless cover cushion
The Exclusive Flawless Cover Cushion by Wardah

Image credit: @toserba_wonorsobo

Other than being the pioneer of halal makeup in Indonesia, Wardah was also quick to bring in cushion foundations into the local market to offer women more lasting skin coverage. It’s launched two different series of cushion foundations – the first being the Exclusive Flawless Cover Cushion, Rp. 138,000 (~USD9.79), that comes in four different shades – light beige, honey beige, sandy beige, and natural, and provides a dewy finish with high coverage.

wardah beauty instaperfect minerlight bb cushion
Instaperfect Minerlight BB cushion by Wardah

Image credit: @look.byceline

Whereas, ladies who prefer light to medium coverage or a more natural look can go for the Instaperfect Minerlight Matte BB Cushion (Rp. 177,000, ~USD12.56). Coming in four colours, it provides a dewy finish fit for most daily occasions.

Price range: Rp. 19,000-Rp. 382,000 (~USD1.35-USD27.11)

Website | Instagram

2. BLP Beauty – inclusive makeup for different skin tones

blp beauty makeup products
Image credit: @BLPBeauty

Founded in 2016 by former makeup artist Elizabeth Christina, famously known as Lizzie Parra, BLP Beauty’s inclusive makeup offers a wide range of foundations, powders, and concealer shades to match the different skin tones found in Indonesia.

In addition, all of its makeup products are lightweight, which means that their formulation doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, making it apt for women who spend hours out and about in the heat and humidity.

blp beauty's foundation shades
BLP Beauty’s foundation shades

Image credit: @BLPBeauty

For starters, try their Face Base foundation (Rp. 189,000, ~USD13.41) that offers an impressive 12 shades, ranging from cool to warm, with beige in between. The everyday liquid foundation has a finish that’s neither too matte nor too dewy, light to medium coverage, SPF to prevent sun damage, and a fragrance-free formula.

cheek stain by blp beauty
Image credit: @BLPBeauty

Complement it with BLP Beauty’s cheek stain (Rp. 129,000, ~USD9.16), a natural-looking version of a blush that you can dab on with your fingers for an instant flush of color, giving the effect of healthy-looking skin. Its highly pigmented liquid formula comes in 4 colours – Butterscotch (brown beige), Peach Melba (light coral), Pink Guava (light pink), and Cherry Tart (deep mauve).

blp beauty cheek stain swatches
BLP Beauty cheek stain swatches

Image credit: @BLPBeauty

What’s more, the cheek stain can be worn on its own, or paired with a powder blush to achieve a bold look, and even used as an eyeshadow – giving you more wear out of a single product.

Price range: Rp. 89,000-Rp. 238,000 (~USD6.32-USD16.89)

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3. Luxcrime- for a high shine look

luxcrime ultra highlighter
Luxcrime’s Ultra Highlighter series

Image credit: @lucxrime_id

For high-coverage makeup that creates a glowing look, Luxcrime is the halal makeup brand to check out. Its Ultra Highlighter series comes in 4 colours- thunderstorm (champagne gold with warm undertones), stardust (rose gold with neutral undertones), milky way (pearly white with silver undertones), and pegasus (lilac with neutral undertones), each priced at Rp. 139,000 (~USD9.87).

luxcrime ultra highlighters on two models
Luxcrime Ultra Highlighters can be used on the face and body

Image credit: @luxcrime_id

Like its name, it gives the skin extra illumination, and has a creamy formula with a smooth, dewy finish. Apply it on your cheekbones, nose bridge, and inner corners of your eyes to brighten the face.

It can also be used on the body – apply it on your shoulders, collar bones, or legs, and you’re all set with a tropical island holiday look.

luxcrime 2nd skin luminous cushion foundation
The 2nd Skin Luminous Cushion foundation with swatches

Image credit: @luxcrime_id

To complement the glowing look, you can use the Luxcrime 2nd Skin Luminous Cushion foundation (Rp. 179,000, ~USD12.71) for medium but buildable coverage, and a smooth effect resembling Instagram filters. Available in 5 colours – Vanilla (light neutral), Honey (light medium), Cashew (medium neutral), Chestnut (warm tan), and Toffee (warm deep), it includes an application puff, and contains SPF 25 to fend off UV rays.

luxcrime lip gloss and eye makeup
Luxcrime’s lip gloss and eye makeup

Image credit: @luxcrime_id

Price range: Rp. 89,000-Rp.437,000 (~USD6.32-USD31.02)

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4. Esqa Cosmetics – both halal and vegan

esqa cosmetics makeup
Image credit: @esqacosmetics

Esqa prides itself as being halal, vegan, and cruelty-free, which means their products are not tested on and do not contain any ingredients derived from animals. In addition, these cosmetics are free of harsh chemicals such as parabens, reducing skin irritation.

esqa cosmetics eyeshadow
Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes

Image credit: @esqacosmetics

Like many local cosmetic brands, Esqa too offers a wide range of products, but their eyeshadow palettes and cushion blushers stand out for their high levels of pigment, easy blendability, and variety of colors.

Esqa’s Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes are available in three variants; bronze, pink, and peach, each priced at Rp. 245,000 (~USD17.39). Each palette includes 9 eyeshadow colours and 4 texture choices: glitter topper, pressed pearl, matte, and satin.

All the palettes include an attached mirror, and come in travel-friendly sizes, perfect for carrying around for last-minute touch-ups. Their aesthetically pleasing signature gold packaging can also be seen on Esqa’s radiant cushion blushes.

esqa cushion blusher
Radiant Cushion Blushes in 5 shades

Image credit: @esqacosmetics

The radiant cushion blushes (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.65) come in 5 colours – Capri (coral), Ravello (orange-brown), Santorini (baby pink), Venice (terracotta), and Positano (deep mauve). Each includes a puff, attached mirror, and uses the same cushion technology as cushion foundations, offering us an alternative to conventional powder or tubed liquid blushers that can be applied more evenly.

Although cushion makeup is synonymous with foundations, and while the invention of cushion blushers has been around globally for a while, Esqa is one of the first local brands to bring cushion blushers into the local market.

Price range: Rp. 100,000-Rp. 575,000 (~USD7.10-USD40.81)

Website | Instagram

5. Rosé All Day Cosmetics- for a no-makeup makeup look

rose all day makeup
Image credit:

With office-friendly shades offering a no-makeup makeup look, Rosé All Day Cosmetics provides a range of skincare and makeup that is suitable for daily use. This young brand with cruelty-free, halal ingredients is available via malls and resellers in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali, but also via online order.

rose all day cosmetics chill pill
Image credit:

Rosé All Day’s lip gloss pill series (Rp. 149,000, ~USD10.58 each) comes in nude brown, light pink, and deep berry, with creative packaging, concentrated, long-lasting pigment, and vitamin E for hydration.

rose all day dont forget sunscreen
Image credit:

Rosé All Day’s DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN (Rp. 190,000, ~USD13.49) includes SPF 50 that is safe for daily use, contains hydrating and soothing chamomile and apple extracts, and is non-comedogenic. In addition, it has a non-greasy formula, which feels light on the skin especially in our hot weather, making it suitable to use every day on its own or before makeup. It also comes in travel-friendly packaging, without the worry of leakage.

Price range: Rp. 99,000-Rp. 290,000 (~USD7.03-USD20.58)

Website | Instagram

6. Dear Me Beauty – gender-inclusive makeup

dear me beauty makeup
Image credit: @dearmebeauty

Halal and cruelty-free local brand Dear Me Beauty has in many ways changed the way locals view makeup with its gender-inclusive advertising, showcasing both male and female models using their products.

dear me beauty perfect eyebrow contour
Image credit: @dearmebeauty

The Perfect Eyebrow Contour (Rp. 89,000, ~USD6.32), for both men and women, comes in 3 colours – Granite Grey (charcoal), Downtown Brown (dark brown), and Brunette Storm (light brown).

As a double-ended eyebrow tool, with a triangular-shaped tip on one end and a brush on the other, it helps blend the hairs easily. You’ll get medium coverage, but it’s buildable so you can switch up your eye look from natural to bold.

dear me beauty airy poreless liquid foundation
Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation

Image credit: @lippiejunkiss

Sun damage happens to everyone, regardless of gender, so combining it with foundation saves us time and gives us extra protection. The liquid Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation (Rp. 179,000, ~USD12.71) is light on the skin, providing medium to full coverage with a matte finish.

Its mattifying formula helps absorb any excess oils and helps cancel out excess shine on the face, perfect for combination or oily skin types. In addition, it contains SPF 18 that helps defend the skin from UVA and B rays, and comes in 15 shades to match the various skin tones of Indonesian men and women.

Price range: Rp. 79,000-Rp. 516,000 (~USD5.61-USD36.62)

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7. Mad For Lipstick – for a matte lip look

mad for lipstick
Image credit: @madforlipstick

As the brand name suggests, Mad For Lipstick offers 12 different shades of matte lipsticks (Rp. 135,000, ~USD9.58 each) that range from bright to deep shades of mauve, pink, and red.

Although the lipsticks have a matte formula, which is often said to be drying on the lips, Mad For Lipstick products contain Vitamin E to prevent lips from drying or looking chapped.

mad for lipstick swatches
Image credit: @madforlipstick

Moreover, the long, thin application wand makes it easy to apply and even overdraw on the lips to create the illusion of fuller lips. In addition to being halal, they are cruelty- and paraben-free, for more peace of mind and safety for regular users.

mad for lipstick packaging
Image credit: @madforlipstick

Mad For Lipstick offers bundle packages, perfect for lipstick lovers who can get a number of different lipstick shades in a one-time purchase, and which also make a good gift idea.

Price range: Rp. 135,000-Rp. 199,000 (~USD9.64-USD14.20)


8. Dermalogy Mazaya – combo products suitable for beginners

mazaya cosmetics 3 in 1 cushion foundation
Image credit: @mazayaindonesia

For newbies to makeup, it can be troublesome to carry and keep track of different single-use products in your makeup pouch. Halal brand Mazaya Cosmetics offers a 3-in-1 cushion foundation that includes shading, highlighter, and an all-in-one compact cushion in one item, making it easy for beginners to apply makeup on the go.

mazaya super cushion 3 in 1
Mazaya Super Cushion 3-in-1

Image credit: @mazayaindonesia

The Mazaya Super Cushion 3-in-1 (Rp. 148,000, ~USD10.50) comes in 3 shades; ivory, natural, and beige, with different shades of highlighter and shading, according to the shade of the foundation. It provides light to medium coverage, which makes it convenient for beginners as it helps them avoid thick, cakey makeup.

mazaya cosmetics lip markers
Mazaya lip markers

Image credit: @mazayaindonesia

Easy to apply even for newbies, the Mazaya Lip Marker (Rp. 52,000, ~USD3.69)‘s foolproof marker pen structure is available in 4 colours of red, brown, orange, and maroon. It has a matte formula, contains aloe vera extract for moisture, and is transfer-proof, making it easy to use under a mask.

Price range: Rp. 18,000-Rp.438,000 (~USD1.28-USD31.09)

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9. Zoya Cosmetics – for a subtle makeup look

zoya cosmetics
Image credit: @zoyacosmetics

Zoya Cosmetics is known for its lip products and blushers in natural shades, making it wallet-friendly for students and young professionals. Its Oh My Tint is a lip tint coming in three colours – deep red, pink, and coral.

oh my tint
Image credit: @zoyacosmetics

For only Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.55) each, the lip tints are high in pigment, long-lasting, and fragrance-free, staying on even after meals and drinks and ideal for those sensitive to smells.

zoya cosmetics blushers
Zoya Cosmetics blushers

Image credit: @zoyacosmetics

Another popular product is the powder blusher (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.19) that come in pink, orange, brown, and mauve. The light to medium pigments help you achieve a subtle makeup look, while the solid powder formula and compact size make them convenient to carry around.

Price range: Rp. 24,000-Rp. 344,250 (~USD1.70-USD24.43)

Website | Instagram

Muslim-friendly makeup for all makeup looks

Today, local Muslim-friendly and halal brands offer a huge variety of makeup products making it convenient for Muslim women to pick their makeup. Moreover, this enables Indonesians from all walks of life to support local makeup brands at an affordable price, be they students, professionals, or homemakers who’re savvy about what goes into their cosmetics.

Here’s to more Muslim-friendly innovations from local businesses from our country.

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