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8 Jakarta Cafes To Get Your Morning Coffee While Working From Home

Jakarta cafes for those working from home

There are many things that we take for granted in times of relative calm, and swinging by our favorite coffee shop before work is one of them. Now that many people are advised to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ordering a cup of coffee sounds like a luxury.

The good news is that several Jakarta cafes have joined forces to keep local businesses running using the #ngopidirumah (drinking coffee at home) and #dirumahaja (just stay at home) hashtags so that you can still get your morning coffee delivered to your home. Order directly from these cafes or via Gojek or GrabFood.

1. Say Something Coffee

Say Something jakarta cafes
Roasted Hazelnut Latte
Image credit: @diary_kuliner_enak

Using beans from West Java, Aceh, and Toraja, a cup from Say Something Coffee will give you the gentle kick you need to start the day. The coffee is strong enough to wake you up, but it’s not so strong that it’ll make you jittery.

Fans of sweetened lattes can try the Iced Roasted Hazelnut Latte (Rp. 45,000 , ~USD2.75) or the Hot Vanilla Latte (Rp. 40,000, ~USD2.44), while those who prefer straightforward black coffee can go for an Espresso (Rp. 18,000, ~USD1.10) or a Long Black (Rp. 30,000, ~USD1.83). For a stronger boost, get an additional espresso shot for Rp. 9,000 (~USD0.55)


2. Anomali Coffee

Anomali Coffee 1
Image credit: @anomalicoffee

With several shops across Indonesia – mostly in Jakarta – Anomali Coffee is an established local coffee chain that serves fresh coffee from several regions across the country. Let your taste buds travel to Bali, Flores, or Sumatra from your home by sipping on their selection of Single Origin Coffee (from Rp. 28,000, ~USD1.72). Fans of Es Kopi Susu Gula Aren (iced coffee with milk and palm sugar) can also get Anomali’s special take on it (from Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.58).

Anomali Coffee 2 brew your own coffee at home
Image credit: @anomalicoffee

Those who prefer to prepare your own cup can also order Anomali’s beans and grind them yourself. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can ask the staff to grind the beans for you when you place your order here


3. Dua Coffee Shop

Due Coffee Shop Jakarta cafes
Image adapted from: @duacoffee

While Dua Coffee Shop has staples like good old Cappuccino (from Rp. 32,000, ~USD2) and Mocha (from Rp. 36,000, ~USD2.25), it also offers a line of signature drinks. There’s the refreshing Klavee (Rp. 36,000, ~USD2.25), which fuses coconut water and espresso, as well as a filling Cereal Star Latte (Rp. 40,000, ~USD2.50), an iced caffe latte served with a scoop of ice cream and star-shaped cereals.

In addition to caffeinated beverages, Dua Coffee Shop has recently introduced three new rice bowl sets: Beef Semur Rice Bowl (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.19), Chicken Kungpao Rice Bowl (Rp. 32,000, ~USD2), and Chicken or Dory Katsu Mayo Rice Bowl (Rp. 32,000, ~USD2).


4. Common Grounds Coffee Roaster

Common Grounds Coffee Jakarta cafes
Image credit:

Common Grounds Coffee has a number of branches in Jakarta, but due to the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, it recently announced that only its Citywalk Sudirman shop will remain open for the time being. You can still order Niko’s Cold Brew (Rp. 48,000, ~USD3.01) or a Machiatto (Rp. 38,000, ~USD2.38)

Don’t worry if you live quite far away from that branch because you can also order Common Grounds’ unique blends via its online shop or Tokopedia to brew at home. 


5. Pigeonhole Coffee

Pigeonhole Coffee Jakarta cafes
Image credit: @andii.prasetiyo_

Pigeonhole Coffee is offering special sets as a part of the #ngopidirumah campaign. The first set, Dirumah A (Rp. 130,000, ~USD8.15), includes 2 hot or iced coffee drinks and 2 pastries of the day, and are available at the Bintaro and Menteng branches. Dirumah B (Rp. 150,000, ~USD9.41), on the other hand, is only for the Bintaro branch, and includes 2 hot or iced coffee drinks as well as 2 meals of your choice. There are 5 meals to choose from, ranging from Creamy Chicken Butter Rice to Mie Ayam Truffle

Apart from these sets, regular items on the menu such as the White Jamocha (from Rp. 40,000,~USD2.51) and Sonic Boom (Rp. 42,000,~USD2.63) are still available. However, there’s a required minimum transaction of at least Rp. 150,000 (~USD9.41).


6. Shoot Me In The Head

Shoot me in the head coffee Jakarta cafes
Image adapted from: @timotiusluk

Fans of black coffee with a fruity aftertaste will love the Long Black (Rp. 28,000, ~USD1.76) at Shoot Me In The Head, or SMITH. There are other tasty coffee drinks such as the Yin Yang (Rp. 46,000, ~USD2.88) – a mix of espresso, vanilla extract, milk, and activated charcoal – and Aga’s Signature (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.63), which is a unique combination of espresso, raspberry syrup, brown sugar, and tonic water.

If you want a hearty breakfast, you can also order dishes such as Creamy Teriyaki (Rp. 56,000, ~USD3.51) and Mie Goreng (Rp. 42,000, ~USD2.63).

As part of their ongoing campaign, customers can get a free Not So Coffee – SMITH’s take on the trendy es kopi susu – for every beverage purchased, as well as free Nasi Goreng for every meal purchased. 


7. Kopi Janji Jiwa

Kopi Janji Jiwa Jakarta cafes
Image credit: @kopijanjijiwa

Working from home shouldn’t stop you from getting your dose of es kopi susu. One of the Jakarta iced coffee cafes you can turn to is Janji Jiwa, which offers a range of coffee-based beverages such as Es Kopi Susu (Rp. 18,000, ~USD1.13) and Soy Coffee Latte (from Rp. 25,000, ~USD1.57).

You can also try the Dolce Series, which include Teh Dolce and Kopi Dolce at a reduced price (from Rp. 18,000 to Rp. 14,000 each) until the 29th of March if you order via Gojek or GrabFood. 


8. Gordi

Gordi Coffee Jakarta cafes work from home
Image credit: @muthikautsar

Those who might be new to the world of remote work might find it especially hard to get started in the morning, so you might need an extra strong coffee. Gordi has a selection of straightforward espresso-based coffee beverages (from Rp. 23,000, ~USD1.44), as well as  hot or iced versions of the mysterious Curator’s Choice (Rp. 63,000, ~USD3.95).  

Gordi Coffee jakarta cafes
Paket Peduli care package
Image credit:

As frustrating as working at home can be, none of us would be able to enjoy our favorite coffee and food without the help of delivery workers. Gordi can help you express your gratitude to the people who risk their health to do their job by getting them a Paket Peduli (Rp. 25,000, ~USD1.57) along with your order. The Paket Peduli (care package) includes Nasi Ayam Sambal Bawang or Nasi Goreng Ayam with iced tea.


Jakarta cafes for those working from home

Make sure you frequently check each shop’s Instagram page for updates, such as which branches will remain open and for how long. That way, you’ll know which of these Jakarta cafes can provide you with your morning coffee while you’re working from home. Given the current situation, please don’t forget to tip the delivery workers generously.

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Cover image adapted from: @timotiusluk, @muthikautsar, and @anomalicoffee

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