Indonesian musicians hold online concerts to support COVID-19 healthcare staff

Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Indonesia, our daily routines have drastically changed. Jakarta, which is usually a busy city that doesn’t know how to give itself a break, is now forced to take it easy. 

To help fight the pandemic, most Jakartans have been self-isolating for 2 weeks – meaning that besides adjusting to new work arrangements, we have also had to give up going to concerts and other forms of public entertainment activities.

Indonesian musicians raise funds for frontliners’ personal protective equipment

Jakarta based band Reality Club
Reality Club, a Jakarta-based band who will be performing online
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That being said, we can ease our boredom caused by staying at home by listening to our favorite bands’ records online and find other ways to keep ourselves busy. We can also reduce the workload of healthcare staff who do their best despite the lack of proper personal protective equipment. 

The limited availability of PPE distributed to COVID-19 hospitals has been a growing concern not only among healthcare professionals, but also the general public. In solidarity with those on the frontline, a number of Indonesian musicians have decided to livestream  a series of “home concerts” that you can attend online, as a way to crowdsource funds for proper PPE. 

Konser Nyanyi Di Rumah Flyer
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20 Indonesian musicians, such as Dipha Barus, Eva Celia, Mondo Gascaro, Reality Club, and many more are participating in Konser Nyanyi Di Rumah (Singing Concert At Home), in which 50% of the proceeds will go to hospitals to purchase PPE for frontliners. The remaining 50% will go to the musicians and crew, whose sources of income – including public performances – have been affected by social and physical distancing. 

The string of concerts started on Sunday, 29th March 2020, and will continue until Tuesday, 7th April 2020. You can contribute to the fundraising event by purchasing e-tickets that range from Rp. 15,000 (~USD0.92) to Rp. 150,000 (~USD9.18) and tuning in on the concert date.  

Go to this page to check the performance schedule and buy your e-tickets. After that, you’ll get a link to the video streaming platform. 

Tonight’s slot is for Jakarta-based band Reality Club who’ll start performing at 7PM.

Helping each other out in these hard times

Indonesian musician Mondo Gascaro
Mondo Gascaro, one of the featured musicians holding an online concert
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Self-isolating is important to minimize the workload on medical workers. Staying put can make us feel helpless, but even when the pandemic situation is as grim as it is, it’s still possible for us to help those who need it – be it medical staff who are working non-stop, or musicians and other gig workers whose livelihoods are hit hard by recent events.

Konser Nyanyi Di Rumah is an example of a crowdfunding initiative that can get people eager to help involved, while also giving them something they love in return.

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Cover image adapted from: @realityclub and @evacelia

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