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8 Plant Shops In Indonesia With Online Delivery That Will Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Private Garden

Plant shops in Indonesia

In the past six months or so most of us have been cooped up in our kosts, apartments, or houses, and some days probably felt us more isolated than others. 

Having plants in our living quarters might be a good way to rejuvenate the atmosphere. To help you get started on your home garden, we’ve compiled a list of 8 plant shops in Indonesia that offer various types of plants including low-maintenance ones, pots, tools, as well as other gardening needs.

1. Pottum – elegant terracotta pots in various types and sizes

Plant shops Indonesia - Pottum 1
OPAL (top), BLUM 10 (middle), and ACRI 15 (bottom)
Image credit: @pottum_

Nice plants deserve beautifully crafted pots such as the terracotta ones available at Pottum. Their earthy color goes well with green – amplifying the coziness of your home garden.

The pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from the small cone-like BLUM 10 (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.37) to the more conventional ACRI 15 (Rp. 75,000, ~USD5.06).

Plant shops - Pottum 2
Image credit: @pottum_

Information on new batches are updated on Pottum’s Instagram stories, so don’t forget to follow them if a pot you’ve been eyeing is currently out of stock.

Place your orders through Instagram DM, WhatsApp, or Tokopedia anytime from Monday to Saturday from 9AM till 5PM.


2. Urban Little Garden – indoor plants that fit small to large spaces 

Plant shops Indonesia - Urban Little Garden 1Euphorbia milii and peace lilies
Image adapted from: @urbanlittlegarden.katalog and @urbanlittlegarden.katalog

Filling your home with plenty of greens will make the atmosphere relaxing, and if you happen to have lots of space – such as a patio – you might as well go with the big ones. Urban Little Garden can indeed make your house feel like an urban garden with its stock of lush selections.

The Euphorbia milii (starts from Rp. 300,000, ~USD20.23), also known as the crown of thorns, is one of the plants that’s ideally placed outdoors. It comes with a sturdy terracotta pot so you won’t need to repot it. Alternatively, those looking for a more tropical vibe can opt for the peace lily (Rp. 400,000, ~USD26.97), which has big juicy leaves. 

Plant shops - Urban Little Garden 2
Sansevieria trifasciata variegata
Image credit: @urbanlittlegarden.katalog

Kost or apartment dwellers, don’t feel left out. There’re also smaller plants such as the sansevieria trifasciata variegata (Rp. 185,000, ~USD12.47), or variegated snake plant, that are ideal to place on your dining table or desk.

Simply send Urban Little Garden a WhatsApp (081319751588) message containing a screenshot of your desired plant along with your details. 


3. Primrose Garden – fresh herbs for cooking

Plant shops Indonesia - Primrose Garden 2
Chocolate mint
Image credit:

If the quarantine has made you think about growing your own cooking ingredients, Primrose Garden offers chives (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.36) and herbs such as Greek thyme (Rp. 52,000, ~USD3.50) and chocolate mint (Rp. 40,000, ~USD2.70) – which has a stronger smell than regular mint.

Collectors in search of beautiful rare plants whose leaves have unusual patterns or colors can pick up the philodendron Birkin (Rp. 650,000, ~USD43.81) and the philodendron paraiso verde (Rp. 1,250,000, ~USD84.25), also available here.

Plant shops - Primrose Garden 1
Philodendron Birkin and philodendron Paraiso Verde 
Image adapted from: Fab.Outlet and Fab.Outlet

In addition to plants, Primrose Garden also stocks growing media – which are the mix of materials you put in pots to help your plants grow healthily – pest repellents, organic fertilizer, as well as pots and tools. They even provide gift wrapping services (Rp. 20,000, ~USD1.35) for those of you who want to surprise a fellow gardener friend if you order instant deliveries via Gojek or Grab.

You can shop through WhatsApp, Tokopedia, or Shopee


4. Grow and Grow – fresh plants delivered in terracotta pots 

Plant shops - Grow and Grow 1
Get your parijoto in a polybag or in a NOKU pot
Image adapted from: @growandgrowid.catalog

Beginner gardeners who still don’t have a pretty pot collection to house their plants can easily ask Grow and Grow for an upgrade. Instead of having your order delivered in a polybag or standard plastic planter that most plant shops in Indonesia provide, you can also get it in a terracotta pot that goes well with the plant. For example, a parijoto, or medinilla speciosa in a polybag costs Rp. 125,000 (~USD8.42). By adding Rp. 100,000 (~USD6.73), you’ll have a nice NOKU pot to go with it.

Plant shops - Grow and Grow 2
Cotyledon and lipstick plant

Image adapted from: @growandgrowid.catalog and @growandgrowid.catalog

There are many types and sizes of plants on offer – from small cotyledon succulents (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.37) to lipstick plants (Rp. 100,000 , ~USD6.73) that are perfect to hang in your home.

To see the variety of plants, pots, standing planters, and growing media that are currently available, go to Grow and Grow’s Instagram catalog. You can place your order directly through WhatsApp, or you can head over to their Tokopedia page.


5. – cute little pots and equally adorable succulents

Plant shops - 1
Image credit:’s specialty is cute little succulent pots. This Bandung-based shop’s products are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space at home, but still want some green low-maintenance roomies to have around.

The monochromatic waterlily, edelweiss, and bellflower pot series are only sold in sets. Prices range from Rp. 159,000 (~USD10.73) to Rp. 359,000 (~USD24.23) with succulents, and Rp. 129,000 (~USD8.71) to Rp. 259,000 (~USD17.48) without.

Plant shops - 2
The Clover and Waterlily pot series

Image adapted from: and

Those who want to buy individual pots can go for the colorful sunflower and clover series, or the hexagonal black and white pineapple series. Succulent-filled pots start from Rp. 62,000 (~USD4.18) to Rp. 77,000 (~USD5.20) each, while single pots range from Rp. 47,000 (~USD3.17) to Rp. 62,000 (~USD4.18).

At the time of writing, only the pots are available for purchase through WhatsApp or Shopee. Follow on Instagram to be the first to know when they restock the adorable succulents. 


6. Floribunda Nursery – seasonal fresh-cut flowers and leaves, and a variety of succulents

Plant shops - Floribunda Nursery 1
Succulents and a flower arrangement made up of fresh-cut flowers and leaves
Image credit: @floribundanursery and @floribundanursery 

Unleash your inner florist and order local fresh-cut flowers and leaves from Floribunda Nursery. Try your hand at putting together an impressive flower arrangement to add an artistic touch to your home garden.

Those of you who want something easy to nurture can alternatively choose from the colorful and uniquely shaped succulent options on offer. 

Floribunda Nursery’s 2020 catalog
Floribunda Nursery’s 2020 catalog
Image credit: Floribunda Nursery

The availability of plants and flowers at Floribunda Nursery may change according to the season, so do spend some time browsing their 2020 catalog or Instagram – meaning that there’s always something to look forward to.

You reach Floribunda Nursery through WhatsApp for pricing information and placing orders.


7. Kinibotanica Houseplant Studio – for interior design enthusiasts keeping to a minimalist aesthetic 

tropical indoor jungle set from Kinobotanica
The tropical indoor jungle set 
Image adapted from: @shop.kinibotanica

Kinibotanica Houseplant Studio can make your home look like a spread in an interior design magazine. Their sleek pots and curated plants will surely attract those with an eye for the minimalist aesthetic.

With the Tropical Indoor Jungle Set (Rp. 1,285,000, ~USD86.64), which includes six types of plants, six concrete pots, teak standing planters, and two types of growing media, you can instantly fill your living space. 

Philodendron lemon lime and licuala grandis
Philodendron lemon lime and licuala grandis

Image adapted from: @shop.kinibotanica and @shop.kinibotanica

But to experience the joy of gradually building your little garden, you can buy individual plants such as the philodendron lemon lime (Rp. 35,000, ~USD2.36 or Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.05 including a terracotta pot) and the licuala grandis, otherwise known as the ruffled fan palm (Rp. 125,000, ~USD8.43 or Rp. 400,000, ~USD26.97 including a concrete standing set).

Use WhatsApp to directly order your dream plants and accessories any time during the week. You can also enjoy free delivery for most purchases made on Tokopedia and Shopee.


8. Inn & Props – exclusive plant collection and rustic baskets

Begonia maculata and Thai caladium
Begonia maculata and Thai caladium
Image adapted from: @innandprops and @innandprops

If you see yourself as a collector, Inn & Props is where you can get your hands on plants with rare colors and patterns. Think of how cool your home will look with a begonia maculata, aka the polka dot plant, or a bicolor Thai caladium.

Plant shops - Inn & Props 2
Jaring baskets
Image credit: @innandprops

As this shop caters to serious buyers, you’ll need to DM them on Instagram to ask for the price of each rare plant and to make a purchase. You can also keep tabs on the “ready stock” story highlights to see if the plant you want is in store.

For rustic baskets such as the Jaring basket (Rp. 245,000, ~USD16.52), as well as growing media such as coconut fiber (Rp. 15,000, ~USD1), you can shop at their Tokopedia page.


Plant shops in Indonesia with gardening supplies

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gardener, keeping plants around is bound to have a positive effect on your environment. Not only can these plants from plant shops in Indonesia improve the air quality in your home, but they also look naturally elegant.

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Cover image adapted from: @shop.kinibotanica and @pottum_

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